Friday, January 28, 2011

Long time no post!

It's been quite a while since the last time I've written on here. The girls and I have been really busy. The 2nd week in December, Julia and I left for the Snowball Express once again. This year it was in Texas again but we got to leave out of Kansas City. They had a chartered plane for us that only Snowball Families were on. It was so much fun. The pilots and flight attendants all volunteered their time to do these flights. It was pretty much a party on a plane-complete with a silly string fight! While there, we went to the Mesquite Rodeo again and saw Gary Sinese and the Lt Dan Band perform, Southfork Ranch where the TV show Dallas was filmed, a performance of the Nutcracker Ballet, Six Flags amusement park and entertainment from a magician and so much more! We had so much fun. The patriot guard riders were there escorting us on their motorcycles everywhere we went. Dallas once again shut down the interstate for us so we wouldn't have to wait in traffic and the police officers who helped with this were also volunteering their time. This is such an amazing organization. There were so many families there and everyone was smiling. If you get the chance, please go to their website and check it out: Next year it is in Dallas for the last time and Julia and I can't wait to go again! For Christmas, we spent time at my parents house with my family and then we spent a few days at Rob's mom's house. Then Julia and I left for Maryland for a few days to visit some good friends of ours. I thought it would be nice to have some one on one time with Julia while Eva stayed back with Rob's mom. We were in Maryland over the New Year's and came back to Nebraska on the 3rd. The Nebraska winter hasn't been as bad as it was last year, but everytime it snows and I have to pull out the snowblower and shovel, I can't help but think "Man, I sure wish Rob was the one doing this!" :) The winter is definitely not for me. The girls and I are really looking forward to the summer when we can get the boat out again! However, Eva got to experience her first time with "sliding" as she calls it. After finally getting her to get on the sled and go down the hill, she was not impressed with the snow that landed on her face and that was pretty much the end of "sliding" for her. :) But, Julia still had a lot of fun taking several rounds on the hill. The girls also built a snowman in our backyard and had fun decorating him. I started attending a bible study on Wednesday nights at the church we attend while the girls do Awana. It's always an ordeal to get them there (they like to make me feel guilty by crying or saying they don't want to go) but when I pick them up, they loved it and had lots of fun! :) It's funny how kids do that to you! Julia is still doing gymnastics and Eva finally get the chance to try it out on Tuesday when she turns 3. We'll see if she will listen to the teacher and follow the directions. You never quite know where the wind where blow her! It's so hard to believe that my baby will turn 3 on Tuesday! The time has gone by so fast. I'm thinking the 3's are going to be tougher than the 2's--that child keeps me running!!! She is really in love with the movie Toy Story 3 and we have literally watched it hundreds of times. If we're not watching that, we're watching Beezus and Ramona. I love to hear her ask for that movie. When she says it, it sounds like "Jesus and Pneumonia". :) I have no doubt that Rob has had several chuckles up in heaven watching that little Eva. The other day she said to me: "Did I have a mommy and daddy when I was a baby?" I said yes you did. She says "But now my daddy is in the sky." Then she looks up and blows a kiss and says "I love you daddy....but I love Jesus more." Oh, the things they say. So awesome! :) Julia is doing really well in school and loves to write. They had to do a whale report in school and she whipped that out in no time and did an amazing job on it. Thank goodness the assignment was in writing because if it was in math, we'd both be in trouble! I swear 3rd grade math is a lot harder than when I took it! :) When I get the pictures downloaded from my camera, I will try to remember to post them on here from when they went "sliding" and built a snowman. Here are a few pictures from Christmas. Hopefully it won't take me as long to post next time! :)