Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6 Months ago today.....

It's hard to believe that today it has been 6 months since we got the news that would change our lives forever.  "Your husband, Captain Rob Yllescas of 6-4 Cav, Bravo Troop has been injured in Afghanistan."  I can remember that day in vivid detail.  It seems like yesterday.  Yet, it seems like years ago.  When I really stop and think about everything that's happened in the last 6 months, it almost takes my breath away.  I'm proud to say that the girls and I are moving forward.  We've started building our lives without Rob.  Not that there aren't days that it doesn't hurt.  The emotional roller coaster continues.  But, through our faith, family, and friends we're getting through it.  When there are days I'm feeling sorry for myself, I remember the promise I made to Rob before we took him off life support:  the girls and I would be ok.  As badly as I wanted it, Rob and my's destiny was not to grow old together.  In time, I may figure out why God's plan was this for us.  I've thought a lot about Rob's death at such a young age.  I truly believe that some people just know they aren't going to be here for long.  I feel Rob was one of these people.  I just get blown away every time I think about how much he truly LIVED in his short 31 years.  I'm truly blessed to have had him in my life for the 10 years I did.  I'm honored that he chose me to be his wife.  I will keep my promise to him because he would want nothing less.  I can hear him say his favorite saying:  "Suck it up and drive on."  Rob, thank you for being my rock even as one of God's angels.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pictures of Easter

Here are some pictures of Easter.  Enjoy....

Lots happening!

Wow.  We've had a lot going on the past week.  Last Wednesday, the girls and I attended a Proclamation at the State Capitol to recognize the month of April as Military Child Month in Nebraska.  Well, Julia was surprised when a limo came to our house to pick us up and take us to the Capitol!  She has always wanted to ride in a limo so the American Legion riders made this happen for her.  I had to laugh to myself when I was in the limo.  Never did I think I would be riding in a limo with 2 children in carseats!  When we arrived at the Capitol, the American Legion Riders were waiting for us and lined up on the sidewalk as we walked into the building.  After the proclamation, we got back into the limo and headed to Chuck E Cheese with the Riders escorting us!  Since my mom and sister in law had never been in a limo, they and my niece joined us for the ride.  The little girls were so excited all the way there.  Once we arrived at Chuck E Cheeses, the Riders were waiting for us and Chuck E himself came out and greeted the girls as they got out of the limo.  They then presented us with giftcards, stuffed bunnies and food and tokens for Chuck E's.  It was an absolutely amazing day that will never be forgotten.  Julia had an extra bounce her in step the rest of the day.  People are so kind.  They have been more generous to the girls and I than I ever would have expected or imagined!!!  Here is a link to the article that was written about that day in the Lincoln Journal Star:

Then we had a nice Easter Weekend at my parents' house.  Saturday we decorated Easter eggs.  Of course Julia had a blast and Eva tried to be quick and "decorate" herself!!  Sunday we had a small gathering which was perfect and of course the annual Gissler Easter Egg hunt.  We did have a moment when Julia was upset that she didn't find the "Golden Egg".  I feel bad because I didn't catch on, but it was later discovered that Julia was sad because her dad should have been here to help her find the egg.  Bless her heart.  Holidays are hard.  Baby steps, right......

Yesterday was an extremely emotional day for me.  I attended a funeral in Kansas for the infant daughter of our good friends.  This was not unexpected, but it still doesn't make it any easier.  Again, the question "why" always comes to mind but you just have to have Faith.  This was the first funeral I attended since Rob's.  It was extremely hard but there is no way I wouldn't be there.  These friends have been amazing to me and were extremely close to Rob and I.  It seems like so much sadness has happened to our small circle of friends.  We have a bond that will never be separated.  I have absolutely no doubt that Rob is cradling baby Emma in his arms right now and will watch over her until her parents meet her again.  Please keep them in your prayers.  My heart aches for them because I literally know the emotional rollercoaster ride they are on.  

Monday, April 6, 2009

Staying busy

Well, we've been staying busy with the normal routines of life and keeping up a new house.  Last weekend, I went back to my hometown to play in the alumni volleyball game.  I was extremely nervous about this since I haven't played in 13 years!  Surprisingly, it wasn't has bad as I was imagining and we even tied for 2nd!!  (I won't mention there were only 4 teams....).  Anyways, it was great to see old classmates and friends I hadn't seen in awhile.  While we were there, grandpa got the jeep going for the girls.  Both Eva and Julia LOVE to be outside.  Eva could literally be turning blue and she'd come inside kicking and screaming!  When she first got in the jeep with Julia, I thought she was crying.  Oh, no, she was actually BELLY LAUGHING!!  She had a ball!  So, we brought the jeep back to our house and we've gone on "walks" with Julia as the driver.  I'll be glad when the weather decides to warm up enough so we can finally get the swingset and trampoline set up.  I know we will be outside almost all day when the weather turns nice.   After Rob passed away, my brother's work gave us a bunch of gift cards.  One of the giftcards was to an indoor play park called Lost In Fun.  So, this past Sunday, the girls, my nieces, and nephew all went there and they had a blast!!  Eva walked around thinking she was so big playing with all the toys and Julia was running around with her cousins playing on EVERYTHING!!  Nothing like getting all the energy out of the kiddos so they have a long restful night of sleep! :)  Also, I thought this is so funny:  Rob was very into cleaning.  In fact, he cleaned more toilets and mopped more floors than I ever did!  Well, one of Julia's favorite toys she got for christmas one year was a toy vacuum cleaner. Oh, I've been blessed twiced... I've discovered I've got another little merry maid on my hands!  I'm not complaining....the more help the BETTER!!!!!