Friday, October 31, 2008

The first 2 days...

Since I just started this blog, the following entry will be pretty long, so just bear with me. I want to get you caught up with the events that have happened in the past few days. I will update this site as frequently as I can.

Notification: On October 28th, 2008 @ exactly noon, I was sitting on the couch feeding baby Eva when I got a phone call that would change our life forever. It was the Rear Detachment Notification Captain. He informed me that Rob had been injured in Afghanistan. I remember my blood going cold. I truly thought he was joking. In fact, I asked him “Are you serious?” “Yes, I’m serious.” He had me write down a bunch of numbers, but my hand was shaking so bad and my mind was so numb I don’t even remember writing them down. I just wanted to know how bad he was injured. He then told me Rob had been hit by an IED. WHAT?!? That was the last thing I thought would happen. They don’t even have IED’s where he’s at—or at least I thought they didn’t. He then gave me his list of injuries. I just wanted him to quit talking. This couldn’t be happening. I’m not sure if I was in denial or shock but I just wanted him to STOP. I got off the phone and immediately called my friend Ali. She was on her way over already but I told her to get here as quick as she could. I then called my mom. I have never prayed so hard in my life. At this point, I didn’t know much about how Rob was doing. Just that he was in critical condition and at Bagram AirForce Base in Afghanistan. To be honest, I didn’t want to know the extent of Rob’s injuries. I couldn’t deal with knowing. I just needed to process what had happened and focus on getting through the day. Before long, several of my girlfriends were over at the house answering the phones, making arrangements, etc, etc. It absolutely blew my mind how quickly news of Rob spread. Hundreds of people began praying for him. The power of prayer is an amazing thing. I had a friend of ours pick up Julia from school and she took her to play with her kids. I wanted things to calm down around the house before Julia came home. When she did get home, I pulled her into the bedroom and told her that daddy had been hurt but that the doctors were taking very good care of him and that we needed to say lots of prayers for him. I had also decided with my mom that the girls would be going to Nebraska to stay with my sister in law, Angie for awhile. Julia took the news pretty well and was excited to be able to see her cousins. Rob’s commander, LTC Markert, called me a couple of times during the day to give me updates and answer any questions. At about 11:30 pm, he called again. During this conversation, I asked him if one of the doctor’s could call me. He said he would have him call me as soon as he could.

October 29th @ 12:30 am: I received a call from the surgeon. He asked me how much detail I wanted. It was at this point I decided that I needed to know EVERYTHING. My imagination was getting the best of me and I needed to know the facts. He said that Rob arrived at Bagram 4 hours after the attack. Now that may seem like a long time, but where Rob was at, he was way out in the middle of nowhere. The medics who were onsite did an absolutely AMAZING job. They are the reason by husband is alive now and I cannot wait to meet them and tell them how grateful I am for what they did to save his life. They are heros to me. By the time I talked with the surgeon, Rob had already had his 3rd surgery. At this time, Rob had a small amount of bleeding in his brain and his intracranial pressure was slightly elevated but had gone down some. When he was found, his abdomen was filled with fluid and had to be opened up to relieve pressure. In surgery, they looked over his abdomen and did not find any internal injuries at that time. He had some bruising on his lungs and a chest tube had been put in, but his oxygen levels were also looking better. He also told me that when Rob arrived he had tourniquets on both lower extremities. Unfortunately his legs were too mangled to save. He had to have his right leg amputated about a hand’s length below the knee and the left leg right at the knee. When I found this out, I wasn’t too shocked. I knew that an IED doesn’t just leave scratches. He also has a fracture in his left femur head at the hip. He said that his blood pressures had stabilized and his heart rate had come down. He said when he first got to them it was very touch and go for awhile but he was doing much better now. He said that all the soldiers held a huge blood drive for Rob. Later that morning, I was notified that Rob was now listed as in stable condition. That was such terrific news! He was going to be flown to Launstuhl, Germany later that day. LTC Markert told me the soldiers that had seen him the day before and saw him today said he looked 100% better. I was not planning on telling Julia yet the extent of Rob’s injuries, but she is just way too smart. When she found out we were going to be staying at Walter Reed for awhile, she said “That means daddy has an injury.” Julia has had the opportunity to know our friend Ryan who had been through a similar experience and she understands what happens at Walter Reed. So, when I told her that, yes, daddy has had an injury, she asked me “Did daddy’s legs get chopped off?” “Yes, baby. Daddy lost his legs but he is still daddy and he loves you very very much.” She teared up a little bit and then asked if daddy would be able to still wrestle with her. I told her that, yes, he will be able to do all of these things with her but it will take a while. She then said “But, mommy, Eva won’t know daddy.” I said “You mean she won’t know him with his legs?” “Yes, mommy.” “Baby, Eva won’t know any different and daddy will love you both just like he did before.” I told her “You know how Ryan has a metal leg? Well, daddy will have 2 metal legs.” Julia scrunched up her face and said “well, I’ll be painting those legs peach.” My oh my. Out of the mouths of babes! When Julia went to school, I called her teacher and made sure she saw the counselor. They said she did great in school. I also withdrew her since she wouldn’t be here for such a long time. Later that day, Rob’s mom, Barb flew in and also my mom, Bev and sister in law Angie arrived.

October 30th: I got an update this morning that Rob arrived in Germany. He did great on the flight and needed minimal assistance during the flight. He is still in a medically induced coma to help his body recover and keep his intracranial pressure down in his head. The doctor taking care of Rob called me and said he would be going in to surgery again to clean his wounds, check his abdomen and femur fracture. I had heard earlier about something with his hand that I hadn’t heard before. She said that from the blast, Rob lost his finger right above the middle knuckle but that the rest of the hand looked fine. She said she would call me after his surgery to give me an update. I also asked if I could have someone put the phone up to Rob’s ear so I could talk to him. She said after the surgery she would make that a top priority. A few hours later she called me and said that Rob did great during the surgery. His intracranial pressures remained stable throughout the procedure. He is still on a ventilator but said he is having no problems taking in the oxygen and his O2 sats are remaining good. She did say that they did try to take him off his sedation meds and rub his sternum to get him to react to the painful stimuli but he didn’t. However, she is not overly concerned at this time b/c his brain waves are looking good and until he completely wakes up we won’t be able to assess his neuro status. I was told that at one point yesterday, he did get agitated and moved his arms and legs. This is where prayers really need to come. Rob and I had talked before he deployed that he could handle if he lost limbs but he could not handle being a vegetable. As long as Rob is ROB, we can handle and overcome any other obstacles. So, please continue to pray. This is going to be an extremely long road for Rob, but we know how determined he is and he will perservere. God does not give us more than we can handle and I truly believe this. I’m just so grateful that my husband is here. Things could have been SOOO much worse. I was able to call and talk to Rob. Although he is unconscious, I still feel in my heart that he can hear us. I told him that we love him very much and that Julia can’t wait for him to get better so she can wrestle with him and that in no time we will be out on the boat. Barb also spoke with him and said that everyone is praying for him and thinking about him and want him to get better. The outpour of support has been amazing. Rob is going to have red carpet treatment with all the connections our friends have. Thank you so much to everyone for all their help. A couple of people I want to thank personally are Ali, Nancy, and Kim for going above and beyond with making arrangements for us and contacting doctors and getting updates. There are too many others to mention, but please know you have not gone unnoticed. I’m truly amazed at how many people love and care about us. Today was an extremely difficult day b/c I had to watch as my 7 year old and 9 month old board a plane and head to Nebraska. I have never been away from Eva and Julia and I are extremely close. I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest, but I did it so that they could be taken care while I took care of Rob. They will have so much love there. It’s so hard juggling this tragedy with having small children. But, right now it’s about getting Rob better so that he can wrestle and play with his little girls that are his absolute life. They will come down in a week or so. I know Rob will need to feel them there. I will play it by ear about when they will stay with us in DC. I will update again when I can. We are waiting on information about when/if we will be heading to Germany. Hopefully we can go tomorrow.


Beka Zerbst said...

Thank you for sharing this and please know that you, Rob and the girls are in our prayers.

Chaotic Mom said...


Thank YOU for sharing. I'm awake at night, just praying. Your updates will help us know how specifically to pray, too. No matter where you are, or what you need, you will ALWAYS have a very large group of people who love you and would do anything you needed when asked.

You and Rob are so wonderful and special. We are just blessed for knowing you two.

Jim and I are praying for you, and will always be here for you, too.

Household6 said...

Dena! Great updates...I'm so glad you did! Greg and I will be checking often. Praying, Praying, Praying!


Hutto Haole Wahine said...

Thank you for sharing. You and your husband have already touched so many lives, and they are praying for you.

Nancy said...


What an entry... you have a way with words and I know that everyone truly appreciates hearing all of the details so they can specifically pray for what Rob needs right now. Honestly, your writing makes me feel like I was right there on the couch with you- my heart is breaking.

I am so proud of you for taking the time to update like this... I know it is time consuming, but I also know that when you look back on all this, Rob will be so grateful to know what went on during these early days, and your girls will have such a valuable journal to read and truly understand what a hero their Dad is. And their Mom too!

You're being amazingly strong in the face of all these changes and I couldn't be more proud of you. There's something about situations like this that make you dig deep within yourself and you've certainly done that.

I'm praying for Rob, specifically for his brain right now, and I'm praying for you- that you continue to make the wise and thought out decisions you have been making, and that you are able to find the time to take care of yourself in the midst of all this. You're the most important advocate for Rob right now, and he will need you to stay strong and healthy.

Lean on all of us for anything you need. We are all here waiting for to anything for you guys.
We love you both.

Nancy and Ryan Kules

Lodmell House said...

I am a friend of Heather Spencer. I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your family.

Tamara said... and Rob are in our thoughts and prayers, probably more than you can imagine. I fell asleep thinking about you last night and woke up thinking about you this morning. Jason and I both wish there was more we could do to help. Thank you for posting updates on this blog. We will be anxiously awaiting any information on Rob's progress and hope his return to the states is soon.

erika said...

Dena and family,
I am a friend of Heather Spencer's and I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you (from Florida). I pray that the Lord will continue to heal Rob and that you will be given a peace (and strength) that surpasses all understanding.
God bless you,
erika powell

Marilyn Eve said...


My heart and thoughts are with you, Rob and your familys.

Marilyn, Nancy's Sister.

Praying for you from Australia.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and Rob. I know he will get better and we are asking God to please give him the fortitude to manage this very difficult situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Bender Bunch said...

Dena, Thank you so much for taking the time to share with all of us. When the call came, my heart ached to be with you, holding you. And then even more amazing in the next hours you were like a force to be wreckened with as you went into full force focus on Rob and your girls! You are an inspiration to all of us military wifes. You all have a lot of prayer chains all over the World hard at work to wrap Rob, you, and your families in His warmth. And for those of that can't be there by your side at the moment, words can never express the gratitude to your Mom, Ali, Barb for being right there with you and Rob every step of the way. And to Angie for giving you peace as a mother knowing your girls are being taken so well care-of. And Nancy and Kim for being rocks and voice for you in many ways!
God Bless You Rob - keep fighting Buddy!

We Love You All,
Karen and Craig Bender

Karen said...

We are praying very hard for Rob and your family, Dena. Your strength and (as Michelle Murray would say) "inner hutzpah" is truly amazing. Rob is a lucky man to have such a fighter in his corner.

Rob is a strong man. He has strength of will, spirit, and his love for you and the girls will pull him through.

Sending love and prayers your way...

Anonymous said...


Thank you for updating us on Rob's recovery. We are all terribly upset to hear this bad news. However,for as long as I have know Rob he has always been tough and capable of overcoming any challenge. We are praying for you guys and please dont hesitate to call on us for anything.

Love, Beth and Beau

donna walker said...


Now that I can blow my nose and quick weeping I wanted to let you know taht we are praying for Rob and your family. God works miracles and I know he has one for you. I have forwarded your site to other former members of 1-13 because everyone is so worried about Rob. Even though we all go our seperate ways we will always remain family. If there is ANYTHING you need, please don't hesitate to ask.

Ashley & Joe Grady said...

We have never be lucky enough to meet you and your family, but we wanted to let you know we are here for you. We are friends of the Kules and considered ourselves part of their Walter Reed family. We know how the first phone call is, the updates, the questions and the feelings. We will pray everyday for you and your family, especially that Rob IS ROB. That is always the most important thing.

There are a lot of people that will say if you need anything please let me know and they truly mean it. Sometimes you won't need it until later, but please always keep in mind that if you need something do not hesitate to ask.

Anonymous said...


Thoughts and prayers are with you and Rob.

LTC Vail

Meagan Shaw said...

Hi Dena, I don't know what to say. I want you to know we're thinking of you and praying for you and your family.
Lots of love,



Anonymous said...

We are praying for Rob's recovery and for you and your girls, so that our good Lord gives you and your girls the strength to help Rob get well and for Rob's 100% recovery. I learned about Nancy and Ryan in the newspaper and been checking their story since, and now (thru Nancy's request) we're praying for Rob as we did for Ryan.
The Astaiza Family - Fort Lauderdale, FL

spc jones family said...

we are so sorry to hear about rob we will keep him in are thoughts and prayer if u need anything let us know and we will do what we can. keep us up dated
the jones family

Sarah Barnes, Mesa Az said...

Nancy forwarded me your blog - she is my little sister's best friend since they were very young - thank you for sharing this with everyone and it is clear that, just like Nancy, you are an extremely strong woman, mother and wife - your strength is inspiring to me and I am sure it will be to your husband and will help to bring him home swiftly - you, your daughters and Rob will be in my heart and thoughts

Aunt Nancy said...

Oh sweetie pie...Rob, you and the girls are in our prayers and our thoughts every minute of every day!Through out this healing time may you feel the warmth and love of all the many PRAYER WARRIORS! Dena, with ROB being ROB...he IS a fighter, and with his incredible determination and preservence he will RISE above this all....and, SO WILL YOU! I love you and wish I could give you a GREAT BIG SQUEEZE in person but, know that I am hugging you from here! XoXoX I Love you to pieces, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Steve

Steve Bartek said...

You are a strong and faithful woman who loves God. After reading your blog it is evident that you are already looking at the "bright side" and counting your blessings. You are an inspiration to many! I have been keeping Brooke updated as we get new reports. You and the family will continue to be in our prayers.
Steve Bartek

Anonymous said...

Dena and Rob,
Robin and I are thinking and praying for you and your family. The next couple of months will be harder than we can imagine, but know that the Dakota family is with you every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any help. I am in Korea right now, but Robin is currently in transit to Georgia. She is just an email or a phone call away if you need anything. Stay strong!!!

Robin and Joe Ruzicka

anayllescas said...

Dear Dena, Julia and Eva,

Thanks for letting us know about Rob's recovery. I'm sure it's not the easiest thing in the world to write all that happened to him.
Our prayers go to you and know that we love Rob and he is a TRUE HERO. We love him and are so proud of him.
Ana Yllescas


You and Rob have had an amazing outpouring of support and prayers from your family and friends. Our love, prayers, and support are also here for you in any way you may need it. Don't hesitate to reach out to your "Army Family" in this time of need. We will be praying for Rob, and also for you and the girls. Thank you so much for allowing us to go through this journey by your side. May God’s love surround you at this difficult time. “Cast your burdens on the Lord, and he shall sustain you…” Psalm 55:22

Lisa said...

Dena and Family.

You don't know me, I am friends with Nancy, but your family is in my prayers for you at this challenging time. Thank you for sharing this story for us and leaning on us for strength. We will rally with positive thoughts and strong prayers. ROB will recover, his brain heath will be there and he will be the best dad for his little girls!! Hang in there - you are doing all that you can. Sincerely, Lisa

Chris said...

We are praying for Rob and your family in Northwest Indiana. Thinking of you....

Chris said...

We are praying for Rob and your family in Northwest Indiana. Thinking of you....

Chris said...

We are praying for Rob and your family in Northwest Indiana. Thinking of you....

Chris said...

Oops! Sorry for the multiple comments. Just think of it as multiple prayers!

Dustin and Beth said...

Dustin and I are praying for y'all...we love you so much! Thank you for sharing this information with us!

Dustin and Beth said...

Dustin and I love y'all and are continuing to pray for Rob's recovery! Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. We will continue to keep you, Rob, and the girls in our prayers!

Dustin and Beth Soechting

ZM said...

Thank you for the updates. I'll continue to keep you, Rob, and the girls in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs and blessings, Z

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers your way.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for Rob and your entire family. Know that you can always find comfort in God and that He will never leave nor forsake you!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and your family!

Kris McWilliams said...

Sean and I are praying for you and Rob. Thank you for sharing your story with us and keeping us up to date. Take care of yourself and God Bless!

Patrick Schott said...

Rob, Dena, Julia, and Eva
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I'd also like to extend those prayers to Barb and Otto. I can't imagine how painful this is for them too.

I know that the family has been exchanging information by phone every time someone had new information so this site will really help.

Robert's Uncle Pat

Lori Schott said...

Rob, Dena and girls,

You are all we think about right now! We look forward to continued progress of Rob's health and pray you three women have the strength to help Rob on his recovery. The community of Osceola is so worried about your family and I would say I have received almost 100 phone calls and inquiries about Rob's statis. I just came from a Volleyball game where I would say 30 different people said they would keep you in their prayers. Tonight the national anthem sang at the Volleyball game had a whole new meaning to it!
We love you all!

Uncle Mark, Aunt Lori, and Cousins Macy and Anna Schott

Nate Schott said...

Rob, Dena, Julia, and Eva,
Words can't really explain what you must be experiencing right now. I was talking with Grandpa the other day, and told him you were always more like a big brother to us all than a cousin. I can't really explain the sorrow I feel yet the appreciation for everythin youve done for us and our country. Dena we really appreciate these updates. I keep it up on my computer non-stop and hit refresh every time I walk by. I pray for all of you and know we are with you through this 100%!!!
Tator (Nate) & family

Hometown friends said...

Dena and family - thank you for journaling your experiences, it means so much to us who know you and are praying for you all. Your girls and Rob will appreciate your strength and courage - it seems like yesterday when you were growing up in Osceola - and so many memories come back, I remember Rob attending Annie Jeffrey when he was on his summer (our winter) break! Your faith is obviously very strong - and I know you are felling the strength of the prayers being sent your way. As the familiar poem "Footprints" reads - you are not alone, the Lord is carrying you through the tough times.

God's Blessings
Don and Linda Fuhr

Mary said...

Dena, We're praying and passing the information around. Thanks for keeping us updated. God is good! Blessings to you. Mike and Mary from Stromsburg

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Rob. Thank-you so much for sharing. It's all we are thinking about. You have amazing strength and courage for him, we are proud of you. God Bless you and Rob.
Many prayers,
Cathy Bell

Anonymous said...

Dena, Rob and Girls:

You don't know me and we never may meet. But, your struggles are in my prayers tonight. May the Good Lord speed recovery, and new discovery of a new life with Rob back home in Nebraska. Thank you Rob, for your great sacrafice on our nation's behalf.

Jim in Colorado

Joyce Winfield said...


You, Rob, Julia and Eva are constantly in our prayers. These blog comments show how many people -- family, friends and total strangers -- are also praying for you. We respect and appreciate so much Rob and everyone serving in the military. We know your faith in the Lord will sustain you. He is always with you and Rob and we are here, too.

Much love,
Aunt Joyce and Uncle Doug

Kathy Catalanotto said...

Hello Dena, Rob, Julia & Eva, (& all the family),
You are in our thoughts and prayers.
We are praying for your recovery and strength Rob.
With our love, thoughts & prayers,
Kathy & Chris Catalanotto & fmaily

Don’t Quit
by Don’t Quit
You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. For in just a very little while, “He who is coming will come and will not delay.” Hebrews 10:36-37 (NIV)

*** *** *** ***

If you’re discouraged because of God’s delay in answering your prayers, understand the delay is NOT a denial. Just because the answer or the miracle hasn’t come – yet – that doesn’t mean God isn’t going to answer or that he’s forgotten you or that he doesn’t care about you. It simply means “not yet!”

Spiritual maturity is knowing the difference between “no” and “not yet,” between a denial and a delay. The Bible tells us, “He who is coming will come and will not delay” (Hebrews 10:37 NIV).

The delay may be a test of your patience. Anybody can be patient once. And, anybody can be patient twice. And, just about anybody can be patient three times. So God tests you patience over and over and over.

Why? To see how patient you are?

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If you’re discouraged, turn it around by remembering God teaches you patience during delay. Ask him to transform your discouragement into patience.

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It may seem unbearable and inside you’re basically saying, “God, I can’t take it anymore. I just can’t take it anymore!”

But you can.

You can stay with it longer because God is with you. He’ll enable you to press on. Remember, you are never a failure until you quit.

Don’t quit. Resist discouragement and finish the race God has set before you.

Wendell said...

Dear Dena,
Thank you for so much for sharing. Our hearts go out to you, Rob, Julia and Eva
We are so sorry you are having to deal with this in your lives. Know we are praying for you all and we know the Lord is with Rob to make him stong again! Please let us know what we can do from here, I know you hear that a lot but we are here if you need us. All our love with our Prayers,
Uncle Wendell & Aunt Jonell

natalie yllescas said...

rob you are a true heroe i am so proud of you, i have been praying for you all the time and so has everyone else here in guatemala, we are praying for dena and the girls too you 4 have so much love and support by a lot of people here so just know that if you need anything we are all here for you, i love you sooooooo much rob, you are my heroe
love natalie

Erin Pena said...


You, Rob and the girls are in my heart and my deepest prayers. I haven't spoken to Mike in about a week but I'm sure he is praying just as hard. I know the 6-4 ladies will be there and help you with anything you need.

I'm sending my thoughts all the way from Mass :)

elainehaugen said...

You are all on our prayer chain at Holy Trinity Lutheran in Ankeny, Iowa after being alerted by your friends. We pray for strength, courage, peace and that God will be that which He is, The Devine Healer and that He will use every gift of healing including all the tools of modern medicine.

DUTCH in Atlanta said...

My good friend Paul Franklin of the Canadian Forces has been through the same experience as you. He lost both legs in Afghanistan to a VBIED.

A book about his "The Long Walk Home" has been written about his ordeal; and it is full of hope. If you could give a postal mailing address, I would be honored to send you a copy. In it he addresses the effect on his wife and young son, in addition to his own "walk".

I spent an evening with him this past July; and his is most definitely a glass half full - as opposed to half empty - kind of guy; and is extremely positive and upbeat.

I've emailed him the link to your blog; so don't be surprised if you hear from him here.

Do send me a postal mailing address; and I'll get his book to you right away.

Get well soon; and thank you for your service to our country!

DUTCH in Atlanta, GA

Janet said...

I pray daily for you and the girls, and, of course most especially for Rob. There is no way to repay the sacrifices your family has made, but we stand ready to assist you in any way at any time. I have the beautiful pictures you sent me on the door of my office, so please tell Julia, of course, we remember her at Fisher House. God Bless you on your return tomorrow and call if you need anything. Hugs and help are always available here at Fisher House. Much love and prayers. Janet Grampp

Joan said...

Barb called me the day she got
the call from you. I want you
to know Rob has been in our
prayers and those of so many
people in Omaha and Lincoln since then. You have been so remarkable and strong for your family through this and you and the girls are in our prayers as well.

Thank you for the updates, it
has to be difficult to gather
your thoughts to share with so many.
You do it with the love
and courage of a military
wife that any soldier would be
honored to have by his side.
Let Rob know he is our hero
and we send our love and hugs
to you all.

Joan and Jacob Krause

Bobbie Fondren said...

You, Rob, and the entire family are in our prayers. My son, Jay Fondren, was injured in Iraq on the day before Thanksgiving, 2004. He is an above the knee bilateral amputee. He also sustained serious injuries to his arms and hands. He was at Walter Reed for many months. He is doing great now.

I know the power of prayer. That is what sustained us and helped Jay recover. You are definitely on the top of our prayer list.

Before Jay was awake, I would tell him that he was home and safe, that we were all there, that he was going to be ok. Even though he could not respond, he could hear and he knew that we were there. It helped him mentally to know that we were there and that he was safe. It put his mind at ease. If I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to let me know.
Bobbie Fondren

Anonymous said...


Hang in there. Amy and the little ones and I will be thinking of you often and praying hard for you.

CPT Wayne Keeler

Clayton Hollister said...


Thank you for sharing and for being so strong for Rob and the girls. God Bless

Clayton Hollister
Commander American Legion Riders

The Morrow Family said...

Dena, my son Spc. Lawrence Otwell was a member of your husband's troop and please know that your husband and your entire family are in our prayers. Your strength is a beacon to all of us and gives strength to all of us. Please continue to be strong and know that we are lifting your family up on a daily and hourly basis.

Marcia Morrow

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 11/04/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

brat said...

Prayers and love with absolute faith.

Rightwing Cowboy said...

I want you to know you and Rob will be in my prayers.

Ron said...

As the father of a 1st Bat. soldier on his first deployment, this news about Cpt Yllescas hit me very hard. Of course I can not currently discuss this with my son, so that makes it even harder. I can only pray and send my best for your husbands recovery. I am certain like all the brave Rangers, he was doing the job he wanted to do and he was a hero to all of us.
R Griffin
Proud 1st Bat father