Sunday, January 4, 2009

Link to our house

I've posted a link to our house I'm selling in Tx.  It's on the right side of the blog.  If you have any questions regarding it, please feel free to email me or my realtor.  The house is a lot bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside.  It's over 2000 sqft.  


T said...

I love the new look of the site! It seems very much like you and the girls. As always, military families around the country continue to pray for you and your family. You can feel Rob's presence and your love for him so much here!

Carol said...

Hi, it is a really beautiful home.

Paige Tyler said...

I would like to rewrite the description of your home Dena-- since I am familiar with it and go inside of it weekly I could do better than that!

Here is a start: All brick home located in an exclusive part of Killeen. Brand new neighborhood and schools are in Harker Heights (top-rated). Home has plenty of yard space for a boat, motorhome or other toys that is protected by a privacy fence. The yard has been meticulously maintained and has a sprinkler system and beautiful trees in the backyard that you can easily hang a hammock or two on for your enjoyment.
The house for sure has 4 bedrooms with the option of making one an office. It has a jack and jill bathroom and a large master bathroom with awesome lighting. It also has a very large walk in closet, seperate shower and spa tub and double vanities. Very spacious.

Living room has a great fireplace and also is an open floor plan so when working in the kitchen, you can see what is going on. The eat in kitchen has an island and a great bar for plenty of seating room. Also has a walk-in pantry and all stainless steel appliances. When that isn't enough, there is a formal dining room for big events.

The home is brand new and still has a warranty on it for those who act quickly.

Portable shed, moulding through out home, great arches in the living room and kitchen, backporch that has an option of being extended, seperate laundry/mudroom that leads into doublecar garage, home alarm system, automatic garage door...........
is that enough? =)
Let's sell this house Dena!!!!

BetteJo said...

I put a link on my blog - to your house - using a picture of your house as a button. I wanted to send you the code in case you wanted to do it but I couldn't find your email. Please take a look - it is on my right sidebar. My email is available on my blog so if you email me I will give you the code to use the button. I was just going to put the code here in the comments but your comments don't allow HTML.
Just trying to help and wishing you well.

kayokat said...

Have you thought about putting an ad in Stars and Stripes? You might also pick up a S&S to get the name/number of a realtor that caters to military families who are PCSing in that area. Not to replace your realtor, just to get it listed in as many places as possible. Just a thought. I wish you luck!

Household6 said...

I wish I knew someone moving to Hood. Regardless it's a lovely house, I'm sure it will sell quickly.

Get some counseling asap. Take it from someone who knows, it's good to talk things out!


Liz said...

The silooks great Dena :) We are thinking and praying for you. I hope the house sells quickly and you are feeling more at home back in Nebraska.

The Bender's said...

Praying and passing on word about your home in Texas. Let's get to work people and get this done!!! Thank you so much for helping out and Dena - you hang in there and will pray for this to be done as soon as possible!


Anonymous said...

Dena, I wish I could buy your house! I love it. If I did that means I'd be back in Texas and Paige would be my neighbor!

Hope you and the girls are doing well.

<3 Erin

Karen said...


You are such a wonderful mother...having Julia attend the Charlie Brown Support Group is a wonderful idea. Be sure to take care of yourself too, okay?

I miss you, friend.

Karen M.

Vicki said...

Hey Dena!
Love the pictures of you and the girls. Our support continues as you embrace the New Year. Hoping there is a buyer out there to help you with the house. Paige did a great job of describing your home.
Glad you are connecting with the grief groups in the community as well as considering counseling. Charlie Brown's Kids is a great group in the Lincoln area. Another is Mourning Hope. We cannot pretend to know what you and the girls are feeling and experiencing but someone who has walked in your shoes can be so helpful in these days, weeks, and months ahead.
Hello to all of your family and as always,
Hugs and prayers,
Mitch and Vicki :-)

Nancy said...

I love you Dena!

Pasaxe said...

Hola. Perdona por escribir en español, pero leer tu blog me ha dejado realmente impresionado. Te escribo desde España y por ahora solo quiero mandarte un abrazo enorme a ti y a tu familia.

La Coruña, Spain

Hi. I'm sorry I started writing in spanish (I'm writing from Spain), but I didn't find words in english. Lots of love for you an your kids

La COruña, Spain

Allison said...

I seriously can't believe some people! Don't let a few comments make you take a step back. I've known you my whole life and this blog is reflective of the real Dena. I was on early this morning and wished I had been able to delete the post myself! Take care of yourself and the girls. Tell Aaron, Shelly, and Megs Hi!

Karen Bender said...

You Rock girl! And know that there are thousands in your corner each and every step of the way!

I just wanted to take this moment and let you know that I can NEVER thank you enough for opening up to me that first day we met at FT Riley GS orientation. From that day, we grew - both of us - through lifes joys, trials, and tragedy as well. You and your family have inspired me for a VERY long time and now you amaze me how in what would be for most their darkest hour, you continue to testify about love, commitment, and Faith. You and Rob are truly a testimony to what Faith, LOVE, and COMMITMENT are and what we know God wants us to continue to build-on.

I love you, Dena. And am SO thankful to have you as a close confidant in this life, through the smiles, the tears, the frustration - It is what God wants for all of us. People need people and am priveledged to need and be needed by you!

Love you,