Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All Partied Out!

Whew!  It's been a busy week for us.  The day after Eva's birthday, was my niece Megan's 4th birthday.  My brother and sister in law decided to wait to do her birthday party until the following weekend, but on her birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese's.  Of course, every child LOVES Chuck E Cheese's, but I was SHOCKED at how much Eva liked it!  I put her on one of the rides and couldn't get her off of it!  She would cry and cling to it every time I would try to take her off of it.  It made me laugh.  There's one ride that when you're on it, it takes a picture of you.  Well, I think I have about 6 pictures of Eva on that ride because she was always on it.  :)  Julia also amazed me at how many tickets she won from the different games she played.  Before, Rob would always have to help her because, of course, Julia would always want to buy some big gift with the small amount of tickets she won and came out with a pencil!!  So, Rob bless his heart, would play and play just so Julia could come out of there with at least a pencil and a lip gloss or something!  Well, that night, she was loaded with tickets and left with several little things that she was really happy with.  She just knew that her daddy would have been so proud of her.   I know he would have been, too!  Then later that week, Julia and Eva both went to the doctor.  First of all, their doctor is an hour away, but that's a whole other issue I have with Tricare (the military medical insurance) right now and won't even get into that right now!!  Anyways, Eva had her one year check up.  She weighs 20lbs 11oz and is 28 1/2in long!  She also had to get her shots (which always break my heart) but she took them like a trooper and after only crying for a minute, was on to bigger and better things.  They said she is right on par with her development and even a little advanced with her comprehension.  Julia's been having stomach problems ever since Rob deployed.  We had her seen while we were in TX and again this time and both can't find anything wrong and feel it is stressed reduced.  Bless her heart.  I bought her some kid's Tums and she says those help her alot.  Later that day, I went and bought Eva her "big girl" carseat.  She looks so little in it but she thinks she is big stuff when she rides in it.  She loves the new "view" from the front!  Then on Saturday, we had Megan's birthday party.  Before the party, I went shopping with my mom and found material for curtains in my new bedroom that she is going to make.  Then we went to the mall and there is an indoor carausol that Megan and Julia wanted to ride (and of course Eva).  So, I got volunteered to go with them.  And boy, I can tell that I'm getting old because the girls LOVED it and I left that thing feeling so sick!!  I definetly don't think I could go on a roller coaster anymore!  Then we all took the girls to the party.  Eva discovered how to blow on one of those party blowers.  It was so funny watching such a little thing be able to do that!  Those are hard to do!  Every time she would do it, we would all laugh because you couldn't help not too.  Then that night we went back to my parents in Osceola.  The next day we went to my great-aunt's 80th birthday party.  It was so nice seeing people I hadn't seen in awhile.  Then AFTER THAT (whew!), we went to my cousin's house for her daughter's one year birthday party.  Of course, Eva went crazy when she saw Amarae's birthday cake and thought she should be able to squish her hands in the cake too!  So, as you can see, we have been REALLY busy!  On top of all that, I'm still doing my usual paperwork and getting ready to close on my house in exactly ONE WEEK!!  I'm so excited.  I'll be going down to TX the 21st with my dad and brothers.  They are going to help bring back my boat and some other things and then I'll stay a few more days with my dad while the packers and movers are there.  Unfortunately, the movers won't deliver our things to our house in Ne until March 5th, but after thinking about it, that will be ok since I can get things done (like putting cabinet locks on ALL my cabinets since Miss Eva loves to rearrange things in the cabinets several times a day & do a little bit of painting).  It will be nice to finally be moved in, though, because by the time we get our things, it will have been over 4 months since we had them.  That's so hard to believe.  Also, after Rob died, I received a note from something called "Project Compassion".  They said they would make an oil painting of Rob for free.  I sent in the pictures and when I was at my parents' house, the painting had arrived.  It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I can't believe someone can be that talented.  It looks exactly like Rob.  It's 16x24.  It is something that the girls and I will always cherish.  Thank you, Project Compassion.


The Bender's said...

Wow...that is a lot of parties! And am thankful you have such a big, loving family to keep you and the girls busy with fun stuff. You are doing a great job with all the paperwork, medical, house, etc...you are amazing girl!
LOOOOVE the photos and yes, Eva blowing on the toy is just adorable! And way to go, Julia! I can't even help Logan get enough to buy anything significant! Too funny!
And so here you on riding rides...the children love them, my head and stomache don't so much anymore! I think I got sick on the swings the last time we were at an amusement park!
Thanks so much for the awesome photos and update! We will be praying that the paperwork slows soon and you can focus on your beautiful home and making it home...you and your family are so creative that I am sure it won't take long!


Karen said...

Wow, Dena. What a busy week! That is amazing that someone painted a picture of Rob. When you have time, can you post a picture of the painting?

How is the house selling in TX going?

Thanks so much for posting. Your daughters are absolutely beautiful and it is always nice to see pictures of them!

Philip said...

Glad to hear that you are staying busy. iam sure Rob was there helping in spirit to win all of those tickets. It sounds like he would have as much fun as a kid while there. Hope everything with the move goes well. Moving really sucks and I hope this is the last time you have to do it in a really long time.

God Bless

Philip Davis

brittneyjackson said...

Wowzer, you guys have had a busy week. I love the pictures Dena. The girls look great. MIss you tons and think about you often. Look forward to seeing you when you come back in town. Love you all!

The Davidsons said...

You certainly have been busy and I thank you for continuing to post your "life happenings" to us. We genuinely wish you all the best and hope that we can see you sometime. The girls are adorable and I know that Rob is so proud of you and them. Take care and know that you are still in our prayers and thoughts.

Todd & Carlie Davidson & family

mike in topeka, ks said...

Those pictures are beautiful.
Also, the ones from Eva's Birthday.
It's great to see you three girls having such a good time. I know Rob enjoyed it from Heaven. I'm sure he is is proud of you.
When my wife left me and my kids, my daughter was 7 yearts old. She went through a lot of stomach problems and all the testing found no physical problem. The doctors said it was stress related and time would heal her. She got better and now is 31 years old and still "My Little Girl". Just keep loving Julia and God will take care of her stomach.
I can see God answering prayers in your life every day. I'm sure He hears your name a lot from all of use who love you and the girls.
Thanks for keeping us posted on how you are doing.
I will never forget Rob's service to our country and his and your sacrifices.
Praise God in all things
Mike from Topeka, KS

Heather said...

Wow.... you have been busy... but that is good helps you move on as well :) Glad things are going so great. I still love seeing the pics and hearing about what you all are getting into these days! Prayers are still with you and your girls! Stay strong!
Heather Sanchez

Nate Schott said...

Hey Dena and girls, I saw an episode about project Compassion on t.v. awhile back, they do an amazing job so I can only imagine what the painting looks like. Dena, I believe with Tricare you have like a $1000 or $1500 allotment per person you can use at any doctor you want each year. Once it is up though you would have to pay so you would have to watch the amount if going out in town and then switch back to Offut or wherever you are going. Tricare makes you drive if you are within like 100 miles of a military installation. Take care.

Nancy said...

Wow- it sure looks like you guys have been busy! I'm glad to hear about that photo/artwork... can you post a picture for us?

Heather said...

Dena~ I don't know how you are still standing after all those parties! Sounds like you and both girls had a blast though! It was funny hearing about Eva on the ride and not wanting to get off. Julia sounds like she is really taking after her Dad, and he was probably up there smiling down saying "Yep, that's my girl!" I have to say, I love the poem you put at the top of the blog. It is so true, live for each and every moment. I have previously read the 'Daddy' poem but it makes me cry every time.
Good luck with the house closing - big step but one that you are looking forward to I am sure. I am so glad to hear your brothers and dad will go to TX to help you out. It is going to be hard, closing that door but you have to know you are opening another one full of adventures and excitement. The Project Compassion is a wonderful deal! I don't know if you can take a picture of the drawing, but I know I'd love to see it if possible. I am sure a picture won't do it justice. What a special thing to have with you for the rest of your life. The girls can know that their Daddy was a handsome wonderful man who looks down on them each and every day! Take care and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and lives with all of us! Blessings to you and your darling daughters!

Heather in Helena, MT

Liz said...

Jeez how did you do all of that?!? I'm glad you all had such a good time. The pics of the girls are too precious and I'm happy to hear the appts went well. Bleh on the drive though.
I think I have seen that project done for a couple of reciepients of Extreme Home Makeover...the artist was really talented. Bless them.
Love seeing the updates...hope the colosing and move goes well.

Anonymous said...

Hello there. Wow, you've been so busy. That's great. And the new house, how fun to get to decorate. On Tricare, I know, as well as a ton of others know, that they can be very difficult to deal with. I hope they can work with you. I have always gotten what i've needed, but it just took a lot of calling, and bugging them to get it. And i'd like to say that not wanting to go on rides has nothing at all to do with age, ha ha. I feel like that sometimes with other things, but I try to justify some other way. Anything to make me feel like i'm not getting too much older. That's about all I have to say right now. Love the pictures. You take care lady.
lacey c.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dena, we continue to follow your blog and your story. It is good to know how you and the girls are getting through things. We wish we could have been at Aunt Sally's 80th b-day party -- it was fun to read your reference to it. We're so happy you have all the support and love from friends and family, and that you found a house you like. We'll keep hoping that your house in TX sells soon, too.


Lisa & Mike Joner

Jenny said...

Hi Dena,
Glad to hear you are doing well and will be able to settle into your new home soon ,BUSY!!! Though you don't know me, I found your blog through Nancy K. I continue to pray for you and the girls. On a silly note, I, too, feel so old when I sometimes get nauseated on the swings (the SWINGS!) or the carousel. How oh how did I ever do a roller coaster!? Can you imagine you are in the mall, you get off the carousel and PUKE at the entrance like a cotton candy filled teenager coming off the zipper! Let's just hope it never comes to that. God Bless.

Kim Decker said...


Whew! You must be tuckered out after that kind of a week. It sounds like you had a great time. The oil painting of Rob looks great...they really did a good job at capturing what he really looked like. I am so glad that someone did that for you. How nice of them!

It looks like we will need to postpone our trip to help you move, unless you want us to come help you paint a little earlier. Just keep us informed. Also, if you need a place to stay, please don't hesitate to stop by our place in KS. You always have a home with us.

Trisha said...

Wow! you have been super busy!
It is wonderful that Eva is doing so well. Please help Julia with relaxation... the Charlie Brown group may have some suggestions. Maybe an auntie can teach her how to crochet. Julia is a very special soul and very intelligent.

Congratulations on your home! It will be wonderful to have your own space!

Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing. I think of you so often Dena.

Hugs from Arizona!