Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ft Hood Memorial Service

Tomorrow's memorial service for Rob at Ft Hood will be at 11am at the 1st Infantry Chapel on the corner of 73rd & Battalion Ave. I know there are some of you from Hood that would like to attend and know the time. We made it safely here to TX. It was hard walking into the house. But, I feel Rob all around me. I just want to get our house sold-that will be one less stress. Hopefully I will be able to soon. I'll update again tomorrow or the next day.


Heidi said...

What you've shared with all of us is truly a gift. I wish you and the family a blessed experience at Ft Hood. I hadn't seen the first part of the slide show until now, and the whole thing brings so much emotion, kind of a small glimpse of the emotions you two must have felt together. Thank you again for writing about the journey with your 'love of a lifetime.'

Anonymous said...

I have read every single blog every single day. Your story has truly touched my heart. Now, after watching the slideshow my heart is sobbing. I have never had the honor to meet you, Rob, Ava, or Julia, but I feel like I know you all. I will be praying for you tonight. Please know that you are always in my heart and in my prayers.

andrea e isa said...

Dena how are you, how are the little girls,, I think it is a good idea to sold the house,, its gonna be easier for you girls !! We keep praying for you and for your future, you´ll see God and a big angel has great things for you and your little kid´s.

God Bless You..

The Bender's said...

Dena, it was nice to hear that even in the painful steps of revisiting a place you and Rob shared as home, you knew Rob was still with you and are able to feel him. It is so sweet to hear how much we know Rob is with God and now the personal guardian angel of his girls. From Julia's amazing Daddy is with Jesus comments, to Megan's seeing him flying away, to your steadfast Faith, well it has made people just stop and know God is with your family. And now for you to feel him all around...beautiful, and lovely.

We are continuing to think of you and pray the business with the house can be handled as quick as possible and with as little to no financial burden on your family.

We love you,

gemmak said...

The slideshow...through all your sadness and heartache you must be so, so completely proud! I watched every moment, absolutely transfixed and with tears rolling down my cheeks, you are an amazing, courageous and inspirational family and Rob is a hero among heros.

Stacy said...

I think of you and your family daily. I continue to keep you in my heart and in my prayers.
Your strength continues to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

It was so great to see you last night! Please let me know if you need anything at all.
Christy S.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the video of Rob's Full life. Thanks also to the woman who pulled the pictures and perfect music together. A picture paints a thousand words!

Following your blogs and praying daily,
Mary Dell Lorenz

Anonymous said...


Please let us know if you need any help packing and/or moving. We get back from Guatemala on January 3rd and would be happy to drive over and help in anyway possible.

Beth and Beau

Anonymous said...

You are truly an amazing person, The slide show makes a person feel like they have known your family a life time.May the lord keep watch over you and your family for the days ahead and that angel be right beside you all to guide you!Our prayers continue to be with you and your family,

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you and your children, and all your extended family.
I saw some pictures of all the people at the funeral and be sure that those of us who couldn´t be there in person we´re there in spirit, praying for you.

Nano said...


I am probably going to repeat what a lot of other people have already said - Thank you for sharing the video. It is truly a gift. Thank's also to Nancy, what a job, such perfect music. A picture does paint a thousand words and what a happy life you lead.

You were an amazing couple; and you are an amazing person.


David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 12/11/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

Londra said...

I found your blog thru a Caringbridge site of another soldier who survived his injuries. I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I thank you for sharing the story of Rob.
Londra Fleming rn

Anonymous said...

Nancyyy u are suchh a good Friend! thanks very much for the slide pictures!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to update the blog. And thanks to Nancy for the slideshow.
I thought of you and your family this morning, and hope that you feel the love and gratitude of all those you and Rob have touched. Yours is an amazing story, and I'm proud to get a glimpse of it.
Jenifer F., MN

Luis Diego said...

Rob's heroism was recognized as a headline in "El Quetzalteco"(a very popular newspaper in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala). You can see it online in:
Thank you Dena for keeping us updated.

Annaka said...

Hi Dena, WOW...almost 80,000 hits on your and the girls are loved! I hope everything goes smoothly for you in TX. Please let us know if there is anything that you need, even if its going out to a movie or for a margarita. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. Love ya, Annaka

Carol said...

Dena, I agree with Heidi.I still wiping my tears as I try to write this. I went on last night to the web sites and I felt a part of me was there with the family. You are so strong so I know in my heart that you and the girls will be ok. I hope things goes fast for you on the sale of your house. God bless
Love Carol a cousin from CO

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your life in pictures with us. Nancy did an excellent job putting it together.

Thinking of you today as you held the memorial service at Ft. Hood. Prayers continue for you and your family.

Carol Dzurenko

Love from MN said...

Nancy...thank you so much for gathering and creating a amazing video....the music is perfect. Dena thank you for sharing your journey.

May God Bless and Keep you Always
Our hugs and kisses to Julia and Eva
Love Aunt Julie(Schott)Davidson

Anonymous said...

I hope everything goes well in Texas. I pray that you'll be able to sell your home quickly.
The slide show Nancy made is amazing. Everytime I watch it, I cry. I cannot even begin to imagine what you're going through. All I can do is pray that God gives you strength during this time. My heart breaks for you and your girls. Know that there are many people thinking about you and praying for you. You're not alone.

Mitch and Vicki Coffin said...

Dean, Julia, and Eva,
God's peace to you in these days ahead. May you find comfort in being with your friends and family and memories. We are in awe of Nancy's slide show and appreciate that it is being shared with all of us. We are glad you made it home safely.
God bless you all.
Hugs and prayers,
Mitch and Vicki

Anonymous said...


You are an amazing woman who has handled this with such grace. You are handling every military's wife nightmare amazingly. I continue to pray and think of you and your family.

Though we have never met, please know if you need anything we are in Austin and our house is open as well as our assistance available. (My husband is a college friend of Nancy and Ryan).

Liz Machado

Aunt Nancy said...

Hi Dena, Bev & Al, and Barb
Just "dropping" in to let you know that I have been thinking about you! I know you must be exhausted mentally and emotionally...and, I just want you ALL to know that I LOVE YOU and I think about you CONTINUOSLY! Each one of you are an incredible gift in my life and in the lives of so many!
See you on Saturday!
xoxoxoLove you to pieces!!

Cindy from Xela said...

I loved the slide show, it was so beautiful, it really brought back memories of our school days at IAS. I also enjoyed seeing how he had grown over the years, and even through the pictures he proyected so much love to his family.

I feel so proud of him, he will always be remembered and loved greatly. I really wished I could have been there to give him the final far well, but because of the distance it was imposible. But I will be attending a Mass here in Xela for Rob this Saturday, so even if we are far away I will be praying for you and all the Yllescas family
Please remember that you have friends in guatemala and that you are always welcomed here.
much love,

Anonymous said...


The slideshow that is on the blog is really neat and very touching.
You have been a very stong person throughout everything. You have 2 beautiful children who have a very caring mother. Take care and if you need anything please don't hesitate to call.

Debbie and Caroline Runquist

Jackie Fjell said...

Wow, Dena--over 80,000 visitors to your blog! You have touched so many lives with your love story. May God Bless you as you approach the holy season, and may the promise of Jesus' birth bring you peace and joy. Take care of yourself and lean on our Lord--He'll see you through! Love and prayers......Jackie and Joe.

Al said...

I am very sorry for your loss.

Today someone I work with brought in a copy of the Army Times. When I saw Rob's picture in the section remembering Soldiers who have recently died my heart stopped. I began searching for any information I could find and eventually came across this blog.

We never met, but I was a friend of Rob's. We met at the Career Course in Fort Benning. Later we realized that we were both part of 3rd Brigade 1st AD and deployed together in 2005. We marveled that we were so close for so long but never met until we both ended up at Benning. I'm sorry to say that we didn't keep in touch. When I read this story it broke my heart. I remember him well. He was a good friend and I had tremendous respect for him as a fellow Soldier and leader. Again I am very sorry for your loss.

Albert Walsh

Sue Kortus said...

I was so touched by the video and of course all of the comments etc... I am a NE native and our hearts are there, if you choose to stay in NE I can't tell you what a wonderful place it is to raise a family. My husband has been in the Navy and Reserves for over 29 years and our son is about to embark on that same adventure,these are special individuals you have others in mind besides themselves - very special people. You are an inspiration to us ALL and are a great example for your girls. My wish is for you to continue your good words and deeds and forever be supportive of our troops. I tried to give a donation but for some reason our password did not work so I will send by check to your PO Box. Take care of yourself and your family you are forever in our prayers where ever you are!!

Anonymous said...

It was such an honor to be at the memorial service Thurs as well as to speak with you and your parents as well as Rob's mom....Your families amazing faith in God has inspired so many....You guys will always be in our thoughts and prayers....the McGroarty's

Anonymous said...

thanks dena for keeping updating, and sharing the slideshow,, Great Job Nancy!!

A Friend of Quetzaltenango.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ld for sharing the quetzalteco page!

Faith Jordan said...


Just to let you know we are still thinking of you. Take care

Love and prayers,
Donna Mentink

Anonymous said...

We went today to the church, they celebrated in honor to Rob, there was a a lot of people in there Dena, Quetzaltenango is with you, and you are in to many peoples heart!


Marianna said...

I've commented a few times before. I went on R&R, and during that time, is when your husband passed away. I cannot tell you how sorry I was to hear that! I really believed he was going to make it, as I'm sure you were. My heart broke & tears poured from my eyes when I read that post.

I didn't realize that y'all were stationed at Fort Hood ~ I call Killeen home (I'm a civilian in Iraq, not military any longer, but a proud Vet). I am forever grateful for the job our men & women do. I will still keep up with your blog ~ I hope having a support system from so many people will help you in the sad times. I hope you will continue to update thru this next year. I've found that blogging really is my therapy ~ I've been thru some emotional stuff, and had it not been for my blog & my blog friends, I doubt I would have made it thru those difficult times! I hope it will continue to be an outlet for you.

I also made a donation for you girls. It's not a lot, and I didn't get a chance to get it sent before Christmas, but I hope you can find something good to use it on. My legal name is Maria ~ so that's what you'll see the donation as.

Please know you're in my thoughts & prayers. I cannot imagine what you are going thru.

Peace to you & a much better 2009.