Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was another day of our many firsts without Rob. It was hard because I knew he would have been with us this Father's Day, just back from the deployment. It was also hard because my 2 little girls didn't have a daddy here to wish him a Happy Father's Day. However, since Julia is so young, I really don't think she even realized what yesterday was. I didn't bring it up and she was having fun playing with her cousins. We got together at my Aunt and Uncle's house for a BBQ. We were surrounded by family and friends and I can honestly say we got through the day easier than I had imagined. My brothers and my dad have stepped up to the plate as "Pseudo Dads" and they're doing a wonderful job! The girls adore their uncles and grandpa and I know this new role for them will prove crucial during the many years ahead (especially when it's time for them to start dating--yikes!!!). I'm so blessed to have such wonderful, caring men in my life who can honestly say they love my children like their own. I know I've said this many times before, but Rob was an AMAZING father! I was so blessed to have him be the father of my children. He truly loved spending time with them, wrestling, playing soccer, taking them out on the boat. It's sad that Eva did not get the opportunity to see what a truly wonderful father she had but I know she will never have a doubt because Julia was blessed with so many wonderful memories and will share these with her sister. Rob loved his little girls with all his heart and would have done absolutely anything for them. For being such a "manly man", his little girls had themselves wrapped around his finger and he had no problems showing anyone just how much he loved them. I'll never forget 2 years ago for Julia's birthday she got fingernail polish. The next morning I woke up to Julia painting daddy's fingernails pink and purple! He was sitting there patiently soaking up the daddy/julia time. I just had to get a picture of his beautiful nails. Being the good sport he was, he allowed me to do this with one condition: "At least let me hold a beer in my hand!" lol I'll never forget the day Eva was born. I was in the recovery room, and I looked over to where Rob was sitting and he was holding Eva, so tiny wrapped in her little blanket, and he was looking down at her. The love that showed in his eyes was one I will never forget. The other day I was going to chart Eva's 15 month appt in her baby book. When I opened up the book, the page I fell upon, was the one where he had written her a letter the day he deployed. It broke my heart to read, but I will forever be grateful for that letter. I could go on and on about all the wonderful things Rob did. My girls will always know the kind of father they had. He lives on through them and I feel joy when I look into my girls' eyes and see a part of their father in them.


Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and thank God for your devotion

Mitch and Vicki Coffin said...

I think about you and the girls often. I think about them losing their dad, you losing your husband, and his parents and grandparents losing their son and grandson. I'm glad Sunday was filled with fun and joy being around your family. Rob is not forgotten; you will know him when your girls smile or make a funny face or by something they say. Finding that letter, while it took you aback, was a gift I'll bet - one that will be a blessing as the girls grow up.
God's peace to you and the girls, and to Rob's parents and grandparents.
Mitch and Vicki Coffin

Bonnie said...

There are no words to reply to your post. We are still praying for an amazing woman and her girls. Love you! Rich and Bon

aheartfromtheblueridge said...

Very touching post. Thank you for sharing it w/us.

Shani said...

I was thinking about you and your girls on Sunday. I know it must have been hard. Still praying for you and your family!

Shani Ginani

Kati said...

Thank You for keeping all of us updated on how you and your cute little girls are doing. May time ease your pain.

Nancy said...

Hey Dena- sounds like you guys got through a difficult day pretty well.. I'm so thankful you have such wonderful family to support you, and the girls.


Hugs from AZ said...

I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and your girls. Good job writing the blog and keeping us all in the loop. Keep up the good work! It sounds like those girls are keeping you busy.
Thinking of you,

Nancy Christian said...

Today, I was showing my best friend that has come to visit me the Fisher House. During the tour, we stopped by the door to the front office and I showed her all of the wonderful pictures that we have been sent by our guest (who we consider more family than guest really) and I showed her the picture of your beautiful girls. I smiled thinking about how they are such a great mix of you and Rob. They are such gifts in your life and a wonderful, daily reminder of Rob. You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers!

You are a wonderful chicka!

Carol said...

Dena, you are so strong you are a great mother. Hang in there. Love Carol

Anonymous said...

Dena, Just checking up on how you and the girls are doing. I'm hoping to see Barb in July so that will be fun! Our prayers are with you and Rob would be so PROUD of all three of you! Love ya, Carita in Osceola

Guard Wife said...

Thought about you on Father's Day. Your post made me tear up & I will continue to pray for you and the girls. And, you're right--you will be able to share stories with them that will show them how much their dad loves them.

Long-time RN said...

Stopping by to read your updates. Your family is not forgotten and it's good to read Father's Day was spent with strong family support. The girls are precious! Peace and continued strength, Dena.

Toni said...


My heart aches for you during your painful times and days, I will continue to pray for you and the girls....God loves you.....he will never leave you...and your girls have a WONDERFUL MOTHER...I am praying for peace for you......and MUCH JOY!!!


Karen said...

Dena and Girls,
Thinking of you all during our Nation's celebration of Independence! Thank you for all Rob and your family has done to keep our nation free.

Love and Kisses from Monterey,
The Marshalls

Anonymous said...

Dena-I have been following your journey on and off from the beginning-I can't believe I didn't think of sending you this link earlier.

Camp Follower bags are made from BDU or ACU material-Tia makes Hero bags and/or quilts free of charge for children and families of fallen Soldiers-I remember that was something you mentioned long ago as a good thing to have for the girls to remember Rob.

Just passing it along! Keep your chin up

Fellow Army wife and Mom