Sunday, June 14, 2009

We finally have a chopper!

Well, my 16 month old FINALLY got her first tooth last week!  Julia was a late teether too but not this long.  Poor thing.  She's coughing, drooling, running nose, and diaper rash.  But, hopefully as it was with Julia, her teeth will pop up like popcorn and we can get this all over with quickly!  She's still such a sweet baby.  But ORNERY!  One day, in about a 5 min timeframe, she threw a pair of my tennis shoes in the bathtub full of water, unrolled a roll of toilet paper, and flushed the toilet about 10 times.  Oh, that little one keeps me busy.  I'm grateful for the distraction though.  It's going to be a long summer....Julia's already bored! lol  But, I'm trying to plan lots of trips and activities to keep her busy.  We're flying out to Ohio to spend time with my friend, Karen, and her kids for a week in June.  It's something that I will really need since it will be close to the time Rob was supposed to return.  I'm starting to have more of a social life which has been really nice for me.  As much as I love my children, I need to feel like I'm more than just a mom.  Again, my family has been wonderful and watching the girls so I can do this.  It's hard for me to make friends here since I'm used to the "forced" meetings in the military community, but slowly and surely, I'm making them.  At times I feel guilty for going out, but my family and friends have reassured me that it's just as good for the girls to get away every once in awhile with family as it is for me to.  Besides that, nothing else has really gone on except the same old, same old.  Routine is good. :)


Nancy said...

I am so glad to hear you're getting out a little bit- your family is right... that's so important for you!

Happy summer time, and good luck with those new teeth!!!

carol said...

Hi Dena, It is great that you can go out and have some fun. Rob would want you to move on. Well just want to say hi.keep moving forward' Love Carol

Nancy Christian said...

The teefies are coming in? Nice but hard huh? LOL That's awesome that you are going out too! Another nice but hard situation but I know that you will succeed. You are one strong chicka; remember that!

Heather said...

This was a fun post to read! My little one is also getting teeth. Broke 2 through last weekend and is working on 4 more. I feel for her and for your darling little one. Reading that Eva is keeping you on your toes just made me giggle. I am sure Rob is up there telling her to do it, just so he can smile and be proud of how well you are handling taking care of his girls! As for going out, DO IT! This is important for you to have closure and healthy of you too. The girls are strong, just like their mommy and they want you to be happy too! Enjoy your summer!

Heather in Helena, MT

Nancy said...

So... I had a funny little dream last night, and Rob was in it!

You know how it is when someone describes a dream they had (often painful for the audience to listen to... haha!) so I'll just say:

There was some kind of crisis, and when Ryan and I ran up to you and Rob to explain our conspiracy theory, You guys turned around (decked out like total hippies!) and Rob said in a smooth voice, "dude, you just gotta do what makes you happy- life's too short to be a spaz, you know what I mean?" Ryan and I looked at each other and said/thought, okay! So, we all went and gathered around a "peace pipe" and enjoyed ourselves. Haha!

The whole scenario (Rob in this weird fringed leather vest particularly) was so odd, but I thought his hippie glazed message was a good one!

;) I wish I had more Rob wisdom to share, but my darn alarm clock woke me up! Better get going on the day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dena,
I have had time to read this incredible blog! There are no words to describe your bravery! The whole universe is in your life..... although we cannot fathom your pain.
In my book you are 'a true heroin'. I feel that your strong faith will guide you and your 2 babes on and soon these girls will realize what a wonderful mother you are.
in great respect,Eve

Eve said...

Hello Dena,
I have had time to read your blog since I found out what happened to Rob. You are an amazing woman and I must comment you for your bravery of keeping the universe informed.
One day those two girls your are raising will realize that not only was their daddy a HERO, their mother is a HEROIN!!!
your strong faith will guide you all on!
in great respect, Eve

Nancy said...

Hey Dena- I'm betting today (Father's Day) is tough on you, and I wanted you to know we are thinking about you guys... all the time.

I am so proud of you Dena. You've really held it together over the past months, even though I know it has been so difficult.



Anonymous said...

I have been following your site since it's inception even though I don't know your family. Way to go with the choppers!


Sheila Colangleo, said...

Haven't had time to e-mail you, but I do stay up with your blog, glad you and the girls are doing well, I know Rob would be proud of you. Rick and I are in Oklahoma, finally sold our house on Robin Hood, or at least I am, Rick is on his way to DC and then in January onto Afghanistan. Keep me in your prayers, and I will keep you in mine. The girls are beautiful, I know Rob would be proud of all three of you. Hugs, Sheila C.