Monday, November 3, 2008

3rd day with Rob

As of last night, Rob's lactic acid level had decreased some but today, they went up a little more. In surgery yesterday, they didn't really see anything of concern. They did scrape off a little dead tissue from his lower extremities but his abdomen looked good. Sometimes they're worried that his bowels could become necrotic, but thankfully, his look good. Yesterday we were also struggling to keep his temperatures down. He's been running temps between 99-102. When I saw him today, his temps were remaining stable between 99-100. He is currently in another surgery right now. Almost daily they take him back and wash out his wounds to make sure there is no debris left in them. They were also going to revise the amputation in this right ring finger and try to shape the bone better. They also said the middle finger on the same hand is looking a little gray so they may have to take the tip of that off, too. Today they are also going to try to pin that hip that is fractured. It depends on how his pressures do. The thing that is so discouraging is that they have to keep him sedated. They don't want him too agitated because that can affect his healing process. So yesterday evening, he slept and didn't make anymore movements. Today was also the same. Even though people have told me this is going to be a very long, SLOW process, it's still hard to wrap yourself around that. I just want him to wake up, jump out of bed, throw his legs on, and go about his way. But, I know it's not that simple. My heart absolutely aches for him. I feel completely helpless. He is torn up all the way from his head down to his legs. I wish I could take the pain and hurt away. Even if he would just wake up and I could talk to him would make me feel better. It was one week ago yesterday when I last spoke to him. If only I knew..... It's amazing how much you cherish such a simple phone call. Today it's 4 months since he deployed. Never ever did I think I'd be here. I know Rob and I will get through this, it's just that we're going to have to travel down a very difficult, emotional road to get there. Whenever I see Rob, I always tell him that his soldiers are fine. No one else was hurt. Because even though he's going through this, if he had to choose between himself or one of his soldiers in this position, he would be exactly where he's at. Rob is an amazing person. The people that care about Rob are to infinity. You don't realize until a tragedy like this happens, how many people Rob has left impressions on. More than ever, I'm truly honored to be his wife. Please, please keep praying. I'll update again after surgery and if they're still planning on flying him tomorrow.


Chaotic Mom said...

You and Rob are both very amazing people, Dena.

I'm sending the updates to Jim as soon as you post them. I haven't spoken with Jim much, the phone connections have been bad. But the first thing he asks about is if we have any updates. It sounds like Rob is in very good hands with the medical team you have. And you have a world of folks praying for you guys, too.

My heart is aching for both of you right now. Your words this post were especially touhcing, about cherishing him and the simple things like a phone call.

You and Rob are first on my mind, but I'm also praying for "the moms" and your girls as well.

You take care, Dena, of yourself as well. Thank you so much for posting the updates.


Rosie said...

Dena: I can only imagine how difficult this is for you, but take one day at a time. Rob is resting and healing and will soon be able to communciate with you. God is doing what he's doing to bring Rob's health back, YOU need to do whatever it takes to get you through the day. I pray that you are resting, eating, and taking care of you. YOU won't do him any good IF your exhausted. WE await your return to DC., AND we will be here for you and the 2 Moms.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dena,

My heart aches for you and my thoughts are with you and Rob. I just want to let you know I lit a candle for Rob in church yesterday and will continue my prayers. God will bring you peace.

Char (Alayna, Walker & Sawyer's grandma)

Household6 said...

Greg and I look forward to all of your updates. Still praying!!


The Bender's said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to update, especially after you had such a long and emotional day(s). You hang in there girl and know although the road will be long, it will be filled with much love, God's healing, and miraculous milestones that will be cherished! Girl, I found myself remembering how strong you were once before for our family and made me smile because I know you will get through this too. God was also with us then, and is with you now, and always. Dena - you know we know about milestones and how to cherish everyone. After all, our little girl wasn't expected to be out of leg braces till she was at least 10, if ever, remember? And you know she proved all the specialist wrong and busted out of them at two. Although a different situation, the power to fight and perservere inside us is amazing and the power of God within us makes every milestone a possibility. You try and remember that and know that for now you are wrapped in His arms, but soon He will make sure you are wrapped in Rob's as well. In time, all is possible. We are wrapping you in our love and prayers.
Rob, you keep fighting and are praying God's warm healing upon you.

We love you,
Karen and Craig

Aunt Nancy said...

Hi Dena...I know it must be incredibly frustrating for you to want to make it ALL BETTER right now...but, hang in moment and one day at a time!
Seen the kids yesterday afternoon up at, I kissed on them for you! Annaka and Aaron and there girls were there also...and Aaron Shelly and Megan...Angie said they are getting along good...and, Eva just smiles smiles smiles! It was fun watching Amarae and Eva play together...they at one point were holding each others sweet! Julia sang me a song, that she made up about the day her and I went to the zoo. It was soooo funny!
Dena, I cannot imagine how hard this is for you...but, oh my have PRAYER WARRIORS all over the world praying for Rob and You and the girls! And, with thousands of people praying...with you by his side, and, with the hands of great skilled doctors taking care of him...Rob will RISE ABOVE this all and so will you! Just hang in there...stay strong...and Keep the FAITH..
xoxoxo I love you ...Aunt Nancy and Uncle Steve

Joyce Winfield said...

Oh, Dena. How I wish I could wrap you and Rob in my arms right now. As I prepare to vote tomorrow, I hope all Americans keep every soldier on their minds and in their prayers. These brave men and women constantly put their lives in harm's way so we can enjoy the lives we live in the U.S. now. Uncle Doug and I are so proud of Rob. To hear that Rob, as an officer, always thought of his men first is a reminder that others needed to hear. To every active duty serviceman and woman and every veteran reading this THANK YOU. Dena, you are an amazing woman whose faith and inner strength is phenomenal. Rob knows you are with him. As you have said, he's a fighter and he is fighting now, not with his men and for his country, but for you, Julia and Eva.

Much Love,
Aunt Joyce
and Uncle Doug (Army Vietnam veteran)

GLN said...

I have been checking in daily to read your updates. You all continue to be in my thoughts. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Once again thank-you for the updates.
You are so strong, please take care of yourself too, this is exhausting.
I'm sure you are missing the girls too and we are praying for all of you as a family to be united very soon.
Many prayers and blessings,
Cathy Bell

Michelle said...

Dena, what a horrible roller coaster ride you are on right now. I wish somehow that all of us praying and thinking about you could take away the hurt and the fear we know you are feeling.

It has to be so hard to accept that this is a long process,but every day that goes by is one more step closer toward getting your life back as you knew it. It will happen, but its having the patience to wait it out that is almost impossible.

I've never met you and I have such respect for your strength, your faith, and your devotion to your husband. I can't believe you can write about this everyday so eloquently while you are living this nightmare. You are really special.

Lori said...


You have one strong guy there! I always knew Rob was strong willed but this is amazing!

I was told yesterday that there are prayer chains in David City, Rising City, Shelby, Osceola and Stromsburg for Rob and it was posted in everyones Church bulletins in all these towns.

Please stay strong and we check constantly for word on Rob's progress.

Aunt Lori Schott

Donna said...

Dena, I have a very wise friend who went through months of rehab with her husband after he was hit by a drunk driver. As they were talking one day about the story of Joseph and how he held so strong to his faith while in the jail cell. They talked about how we could sit and read that story in five minutes and be so encouraged at the end result and how God worked things out so perfectly. His wife said, but we don't know how hard each day was for him as he sat long lonely hours in that cell. Through his faithfulness and obedience God did bless him tremendously.

You are just starting this long process and I want to encourage you to stay strong in your journey. Your faith will carry you on days when you don't have strength on your own. I'm sure Rob will gain much of his strength and will because of you are your daughters. Your love and commitment to him is his lifeline right now. You will continue to be in the prayers of so many.

God Bless You!

Karen said...

I am sending a BIG hug your way today, along with a million prayers.
Karen M

Anonymous said...

I was mortified to hear what had happened. However, your strength through this is amazing. I live outside of DC (approximately 30 Minutes) and my doors are open for you, your family or friends that need a place to stay. Please contact me at (202)369-0706 or if there is anything I can do.

I can pick people up at Dulles (where I work) or Regan airports if required.

Please inform me if there is anything I can do and my heart goes out to you and your family.

Charlie Breeden

Jillipede said...

Dena, Zem and I are sending you, Rob and the girls all our love. I have been checking daily for updates. I wish I could give you a huge hug and tell you in person how much I care. Love, Jill

Shelli (Bartak) Stuhr said...

Dear Rob and Dena,
It's been a very long time since I've seen both of you. Rob I'm not sure you remember me as much as I do you. Your Aunt Julie and I have been very close since we were little. I've been talking to her now frequently, never in my wildest dreams did I think that your injury would be the reason. I was telling her just the other day, how I remember how jealous I was when you were born cuz she was an aunt and Carolyn got a new baby sister. I used to love it when you were at you Grammpa and Gramma Schott's. Having you and brothers and sisters to play with was a real treat. And Dena I'm sure your mom can tell you stories of when you were born and how much I enjoyed coming to your house as your mom would babysit.
Anyway, I just wanted you both to know how even though we haven't seen each other in a very long time, you both touched my life. This website is a testament to that. Its amazing how many lives you've both touched over the years and now you are touching the hearts of all of those people and many who you don't even know. When I first found out about your injuries I put out and urgent prayer request on our prayer chain in Nebr. City. And also the children at Lourdes are praying for you at Mass everyday. (You see the Schott family has always been connected with mine since Julie and I were little) My husband Duane and Pete work together. And Our kids also go to Lourdes. I've had the privaledge over the years to get to see your grandparents and keep up on all of your family. )
I've had many people in our parish ask about you and tell me how they are praying for you. One woman Mary Pargett has a niece who is a military nurse there in Germany. Her name is Michaela McCulloch. She came and checked on you after her aunt forwarded my message to her.
I promise to keep the prayers coming. I'm so glad you, and Barb and your mom are there with him.
God Bless
Shelli (Bartak) Stuhr

The Davidsons said...

Hang in there girl! You are amazing! I know that you've reached somewhere deep within yourself to be the "rock" now for Rob as well as your family and friends. It shows in your updates. I don't know of many people that could faithfully sit and tell the story day in and day out just to let us know your happenings.

Don't forget to take care of yourself as well. Rob will need you much more when he wakes up. He knows you're there and that's so crucial to recoveries.

The community of Clarks has started a prayer chain as well for all of you. This has touched A LOT of lives!

Take care and as always are prayers are with you all.

Carlie & Todd Davidson

seizeadventure said...

Again... thoughts and prayers for Rob, you, and your family.


Anonymous said...

Dena and Rob,
we keep praying for you and asking God to give you strength and fortitude in these difficult moments. As you say, this is a slow and long process, so take it ONE DAY AT A TIME...don't lose sight of the fact that that Rob is alive is a huge blessing in are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dena,

Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and Rob back here in Nebraska. I spent Friday night out in Malcolm with Angie, Layne, and the kids. Julia had a wonderful time trick-or-treating and she looked SO cute in her little fairy costume and her fancy high-heeled shoes. They made one round around the neighborhood and when they came back she had to change into more comfortable shoes so they could go another round!

She's an amazing girl, I can tell. She's just so easy going and strong. Later in the evening, she had her silky pink jammies on and she sat on my lap and we watched the new Tinkerbell movie before she fell asleep. She told me about her favorite foods, how much fun she had out with everyone that night, how she got sick on the plane on the way to Nebraska (that made me laugh because she was just so matter-of-fact about it), and how much fun she's having with Peyton and Megan.

And Eva, what a doll. She is growing quite attached to Angie and tends to get upset when she leaves the room. I'm sure that's getting better now, but on Friday, she wanted her Aunt Angie. You can tell she's a mama's girl and that she misses you. It was kind of funny, anytime Aaron, Layne or Seth tried to hold her to play with her, she had this look on her face that said, whoa, where's my mom! But she's doing great. And Julia is being a great big sister. She holds her and hugs her and just talks to her. When I was out there, it sure calmed her down.

I took some pictures of the girls, I'll send them to Angie so she can forward them on to you. Rest assured, Dena, you don't need to worry about your girls. There's simply no better place in the world for them to be right now. Angie and Layne have so much love to give and their home is such a loving place and you know they love your girls like they were their own and treat them that way. And they're receiving so much support from their friends and family that want to help them take care of the girls in anyway they can. It's amazing.

So keep on doing what you're doing, girl. Be strong for Rob. Be strong for yourself. And keep that amazing faith in God and he will take care of you.

We'll keep praying for you!


Tina said...


We've never met, but I was extremely touched by your blog. I'm a physician at FOB Fenty, PROFIS to the 201st BSB. I was there when he was being treated by the Forward Surgical Team. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him since that tragic day last week. He was supposed to go straight to Baghram, but became unstable on the flight, so he had to come here for immediate treatment. He was very unstable on arrival, but after several units of blood we were able to stabilize his vitals for transport. I was involved with treating his friend, a marine LT, who told me that Rob had a wife and two small children. I could hardly sleep that night. As a mother of 3 small children and as a wife, I couldn't imagine how difficult it must be to be 7000 miles away and get that terrifying phone call. I've been praying for Rob and his family and have been checking the daily medical update log to see his progress.

One of the other providers' wife if a friend of a friend and sent him the link to your blog.

Thank you so much for the updates. My heart goes out to you and your family in this difficult time.

Tina Silver

Christian Brodbeck said...

Dena, I wanted you to know that Shanna and I, and the rest of the Brodbeck family, are constantly thinking and praying about you, Rob, and your girls. We know that Rob is an amazingly strong person and that with time his wounds will heal. It is clear through your writing that
you too are an amazingly strong and courageous person. We will continue to think and pray for you, Rob, and the entire Yllescas family.


Alex Morales said...

Hi Dena,
I'm not sure if you remember me...My wife Terri Morales worked as a PNP in Darnall. I went up to write a profile for Amy and met you. I too am deployed with 1st ID as an Orthopedic PA in Jalalabad. Thank you for the blog and means alot to hear of your husband's progress. He is in my prayers. You see, after his accident, he was flown directly to my location. I received him from the helicopter and we got him to our Forward Surgical team where we worked on him in order to stabilize him enough to fly to Bagram. He is a strong man, a fighter. He received many units of blood products and we were able to get his pressures up to a safe enough level for transport. As an ortho PA, I assessed his extremity injuries along with our Orthopod and we dressed them for the trip to BAF. I am so glad Terri ( thought I may have seen your husband and forwarded your Blog to me. Please keep me posted on his recovery. You and your family are in our prayers. If I can help with anything...please let me know

CPT Alex Morales
C Med, 201st BSB
FOB Fenty, Afghanistan
APO AE 09310

Anonymous said...

You are doing such a wonderful job of keeping us updated and staying strong. I have shared the website with my family and they are all praying for you both. The last time I talked to Ryan he said he would pass it on to other people in the BDE and that Col. Beckert and Col. Vale would like an address where things can be mailed as soon as you have one. The BDE would like to send something. Take care of yourself and stay strong. You are so amazing and Rob is just as proud of you as you are of him!

Morris Family said...

We continue to pray for Rob and your family. We also included you in our church's prayer chain in Ankeny, IA. We can only imagine the range of emotions you must have. Continue to stay strong but like so many have said make sure you take time to take care of yourself as well.
Bill, Allison, Trey, Syd and Will

brittneyjackson said...

Hi Dena, I just talked to Paige today and got this site from her. I read from bottom to top and will send this out to my family and friends that are keeping you all in their prayers. I pray for you all daily and want you to know I'm thinking of you often. I'm so happy that Rob has been responding to you, that means so much!!! I love you and will continue to pray and check your site.

Tiff-inator said...


You, Rob and the girls are in my prayers. I can only imagine what you are going through right now, but hang in there. We are all here for you and your family.

Love, Tiffany Simonsen

huskyseehuskydo said...


Josh & I are thinking and praying for you and Rob constantly. I am just blown away with how you are handling this! You are a truly amazing woman! Even though we don't know Rob well, upon first meeting him, we were struck with how strong he was and how much integrity he had. I'm sure those qualities are what are going to keep him fighting through this. Our prayers are also with the rest of the family and with those precious girls of yours. God is holding you all in His arms.

Just know that a whole lot of people are praying for you guys back 'home' in Nebraska!

-Josh & Jennifer (Lacy) Werth

Luis Diego said...

Dena and Rob,

Even though the recovery road will be a long one, it´s a blessing that Rob is still alive.
I am Rob´s childhood friend from Guatemala, I even went to Nebraska with him and his family once.
My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Yllescas family, and wish for Rob´s fast recovery.

Luis Diego Loarca

Teri said...

My prayers are with you and your family every minute of the day. I know this is hard but God will take care of Rob.

aheartfromtheblueridge said...

Today's post sure does make one stop and think.
It was beautiful. The posts of support are beautiful, one cannot help but feel all the love.

Your family is in our hearts and prayers each and every minute of the day.

Keep the faith.

Sending love and hugs from Virginia.

Anonymous said...

I wish you strength and Rob a speedy recovery. I know Rob from Iraq a few years ago and he is a fighter, I will keep you both in thoughts and prayers.

(ex 1-13AR TF engineer)

Andy Boston said...

Dena - He knows you are there. We continue to pray.

Andy & Candis Boston

Lacey said...

Even though it may be very hard, try to give some of that pain and frusteration over to God. He is there with you all, and I pray that He helps guide the doctors who are taking care of him. You hang in there as best as you can. I'm sure when he hears your voice and feels your presence, it makes him want to get up, and one of these days, i'm sure he will. Take care of yourself.
lacey carroll

Alexa said...

Hey Dena, hang in there! I know it must be frustrating but hang in there!!! We will continue to pray for you and your family and have added your family to our prayer chain in Johnston, IA.


Matthew said...


I'm sorry to hear about Rob's injuries. I always remembered Rob's good natured attitude in ROTC. As a physical therapist, I know that will help immensely in his recovery. I just PCSd from Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston where I was the Chief of Inpatient Physical Therapy for soldiers with similar injuries. It's possible his doctors may later recommend a transfer to BAMC if it is closer to home for you. We often took care of soldiers from the midwest. Anyway, I'm sure the doctors and therapists at Walter Reed will take excellent care of him, but let me know if I can be of any help (i.e. general rehab questions, San Antonio area, etc).

Matthew Larson, MPT, OCS, MDT
D CO WTRP, 30th AG
Fort Benning, GA

Teaching Bear said...

Our family continues to pray for Rob everyday. Thanks for the updates, we read them everyday.

The Ginani's

Mitch and Vicki Coffin said...

Your prayer family is growing each and every day. Please know the Coffin family is saying prayers and asking God to wrap His arms around Rob and all of you as the challenges and victories of each day unfold. We so appreciate being able to acces this blog to keep up and to share with others.
Our love,
Mitch and Vicki Coffin

Anonymous said...


Our family is praying for Rob, you, your two beautiful girls and the Yllescas family.
I attended IAS with Rob.
I am amazed at your strength and I can see that it is your faith that is getting you through this very difficult time. Rob needs you now more than ever, and even though I don't personally know you, I can feel through your writing that you are an amazing woman, mother and WIFE. Your faith, your love and a lot of patience will get you through the road ahead. Rob is strong and I know that he is fighting the biggest battle of his life, but his strength, faith and determination will triumph.

Much love from California,
Leslie Pegorer

Tammy said...

Rob, Dena and family. The Kules have sent us over to pray for all of you, especially you Rob! I'll be checking back daily for your updates Dena. Hang in there, prayers are coming your way! Hugs from Fort Worth!

Aunt Jeanne' said...

Dena,We are so sorry about Rob, and all that you are dealing with right now! I'm so glad your mom is with you and you do not have to go through this alone.Our prayers are with you everyday. We did get to see your girls yesterday. Adorable!! Eva is such a happy baby. Angie and Layne have everything under control. I'll keep this short as you have sssooo many well wishes, it takes alot of time to read them all. Just know we will continue to pray for you and Rob. WE love you, Uncle Doug and Aunt Jeanne'

Anonymous said...

We don't know each other, Dena but I have heard the terrible news about your husband and read the 11/01 update. I hope that Rob's condition has upgraded so that you are well on your way back to the states. I'm a mom as well as a grandma and I thank God that can only imagine the anguish that you are going through. Please know that you, Rob and all your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I would also like to repeat Chaotic Mom's comment: "You have a world of folks praying for you guys." but they may just choose not to leave a comment. With hope and love from a Maryland Grandma.

Mrs G said...

Thought and Prayers are with you.

I've see the care that Landstuhl gives it's soldiers. He's in good hands.

Erin Pena said...


It takes a strong, amazing, dedicated woman to do what we do and to love our guys the way we do. We were built as strong as the men we love and you are showing how even through the hard times you can still be optimistic and appreciative of every little thing that we have.

You are amazing. Rob is very lucky to have you as his wife.

The Loon said...

To say that you're both amazing is only the truth, Dena. However, the strength of your love and the power of God and prayers will's not much, but we're with you all the way.

While I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through now, please know that my prayers are offered for Rob, yes, but also for you.

Ed Pullen said...


My prayers for Rob,you and your family. I was Rob's PMS at UNL. It was my honor to serve with him. Your help is and will be unmeasurable to him.

Keep the faith!
Ed Pullen

David Rosén said...


out of coincidence I just happened to give Alan and Bev a call last night (it was a very long time ago) and was terrified to hear the news about Rob. If there is anything I could do to help out, I'd do it. We are all praying and hoping the best, our thoughts are with you. I will keep myself updated via this blog.

A big hug from your "swedish brother" and his family! Keep the spirit in this very hard moment.

-- David Rosén

Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers.
God bless your family.
Nothing original to say. Just another voice out there for you.

Mary Lynn Baker said...

Hello, Dena. You don't know me, but you know my daughter & son-in-law, Christy and Capt. Stacy. Please know that I'm praying a hedge of protection around your family members wherever they are, and for your peace of mind and Rob's recovery.


Hoggirl Lisa said...

Dear Dena, I am a friend from ARKANSAS of Laura & Matt Martinson. We have been praying for Rob, you, and your families. You are obviously a strong woman... all Army wifes are! Keep the faith and fall back on HIM when you don't think you can take any more. Y'all are in inspiration. Love, Lisa :)

Valerie said...

I live in Quetzaltenango and knew Rob when he was just a little boy....3 or 4 and riding his big, old Tonka truck.....and getting into trouble and his mom saying, "I'm going to send you to military school!" The Yllescas family and our family were friends for many years doing all kinds of things together. Since, then I've heard stories and seen pictures of you Dena and your girls that Diane Brodbeck shared with me.

I wanted to let you know that our school....Rob's old school, the InterAmerican School is praying for him and many people all over Guatemala are praying for him.

I thank you for the updates on Rob.....and I'm thanking God for your strength and faith.....and I'm praying that He will continue to lift you up and Rob and all your family. Do just take one day at a time.....My oldest son had meningitis when he was a newborn and I'm firmly convinced that all the prayers over him are what saved him......and I know that many people are praying for you and Rob and your little girls.

We send abrazos from Guatemala.
Valerie Sanders

Liz said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how Rob is. Wer are thinking of you every day. When Joe calls I give him updates. I hope you all are able to return to the states soon. Praying...

Randy said...

Hi Dena,
I am currently living in Germany. It hurts to be here so close and so far away at the same time. Rob is a great guy and a great friend.
We are with you and your family and with Barb in our prayers.
Thanks a lot for posting the updates.

Rebecca said...


I am another Berggren cousin (our mother was the youngest of Grandpa Rudy and Hannah's). You and Rob and the girls are in my heart and prayers -- it's wonderful to see how much love and support you have, and such strength to draw on when yours doesn' feel like enough.

Becca Berggren

carrie said...


I am at lost for words. Please know that my family will keep you in our prayers! You have always been a strong person. I have faith that you will pull through this with Rob and your daughters. Please remember to take care of yourself during this difficult time. It sounds like Rob has great care. I know from personal experience that Landstuhl renders the best care to our troops.

Once again, you, Rob and your family will remain in our prayers.I will leave my information if you would like to get in touch with me. Let me know if you need anything. I am close to Walter Reed.
Love you girl

Carrie Baker

Lodmell House said...

Praying that all goes well for a trip to the states. We are praying!

Oopsy Daisy said...

Your family is in my prayers. Last Oct my son in law was air lifted out of Baghdad into the green zone where they were going to do an emergency amputation on his arm. By the grace of God they changed their minds and send him onto Landsthul. He received absolutely wonderful treatment and came out of it just fine. My daughter, who lives on base in Germany, was able to stay near the hospital in Landsthul. They are top notch and I know Rob is in good hands. Keep the faith!

I'm crying as I write this, probably because I remember the fear we all felt last Oct when we went through the pain and fear of seeing our loved one injured. Here in the states we don't stop to think how lucky we are when our families go to work and come home to complain about their day. We don’t stop to think that some people, those who protect our way of life, don’t get the same privilege of being able to come home each day to gripe about what a rough day they had. And they have rougher days than we could ever imagine.

Now, as my son in law prepares for a second tour of duty in 3 weeks, I feel your pain, fear and horror at the price Rob has had to pay for merely doing his job. I am sending all the best wishes out to him for a speedy recovery and to your family as well. I am so sorry this has happened. God bless!

SGT. Barney Chandler said...

CPT.Yllescas,Dena and family,

My thoughts and prayers are deeply with you all. Sir, you will get through this! Take care and may God Bless.

SGT. Barney Chandler
Omaha, NE

Anonymous said...

Deana and family, You all are in our thoughts and prayers. You don't know us personally but we know your families from Osceola. We too are in Bethesda and are practically your temp. neighbors. Bethesda means "Healing waters" so you can take comfort that you are in a spritual place as well. We look forward to your updates and may God keep his loving arms around you. The Kleins

Anonymous said...

Deana and family, You all are in our thoughts and prayers. You don't know us personally but we know your families from Osceola. We too are in Bethesda and are practically your temp. neighbors. Bethesda means "Healing waters" so you can take comfort that you are in a spritual place as well. We look forward to your updates and may God keep his loving arms around you. The Kleins