Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bili going down, down, down!!

Today there is not alot to report. So, let me give you some updates on his labs. The GREAT news is his bili is now 8.9!! :) A little less than 2 weeks ago it was as high as 32! So, his liver is doing what it needs to do. YEAH PRAYERS!!! His other labs are holding steady. His white blood cell count did go up slightly to 20. The nurse said this is to be expected with his fungal infection and the surgeries he has. He feels that the antibiotics he's on will work but it will take awhile. So let's keep praying that the antibiotics will zap the infections!!!! Rob's been holding steady too. He's been able to tell me the last 2 nights with a blink of his eyes that he is pain so I've been able to notify the nurse so they can increase his pain meds. I'm so glad he can do this now so we aren't just guessing. Hopefully tomorrow's surgery will go smoothly and they are able to get done what they want to do. So, that's another thing to put on the prayer list! Rob's nurses have been doing range of motions on him, which DOES NOT make him happy. But, unfortunately, he's going to have to go through some pain now so that in the long run, he doesn't have any problems. I'm super excited because Tuesday the girls are coming. It will have been almost 4 weeks since I last saw them!!! Unfortunately the time will go by WAY TOO FAST, but they will be back over Christmas break. It's been so hard being away from them. I wish I could forsee a time when they will be with us for good, but unfortunately, I have no idea when that will be. There's just no way I can have them here now. I know that where they are at is the best place for them. They have adjusted really well and are doing great. Barb and my mom have been wonderful for me. Like the great moms they are, they are making sure I'm eating and sleeping. Although at times, I have to admit it's a tough decision which I'd rather do more: eat or sleep!!! I've noticed I've been really tired lately. But, I'm taking advantage of them being here to keep Rob company now because it won't be long when it will just be Rob and I and I will have to make sure I'm well rested!!! I will let you know how the surgery goes tomorrow. He's supposed to be the first case and I'm not sure how long the surgery will take. Thanks again for all the thousands of prayers. We need them!!


donna walker said...

Thanks for your update Dena. We are excited you get to see your two beautiful little girls. I am sure they are counting down the days until they can see you. We will keep praying for Rob and your strength. God bless!

Donna W.

Household6 said...

I know it is a super hard decision to keep the girls in Nebraska but it sounds best. We are still praying for you guys. Enjoy your time with them this week! Call us next week if you want to grab some food or some pampering!!


Heather said...

Good to hear the liver is working right :) and the other levels are going to more normal places:) Thanks so much for sharing all these updates... more prayers for surgery going well coming your way! Stay strong Dena you are doing so great!
Heather S

Heather said...

How is your other family doing that was in the car accident? Is everything alright with them?

Hometown Friends said...

Praise the Lord, what prayers of thanksgiving you will have this this week! We know you must be counting the minutes that you see your little girls! We pray for their safe travel. Thanks for keeping us all posted on how things are going - glad the liver is functioning. The witness of your faith and those who support you with their prayers and comments uplift us all.
Don and Linda

Jackie Fjell said...

Dena-I'm so glad to hear of the improvements of Rob's labs and that the two of you are actually communicating!! You've been in my thoughts so much today--I've been checking the blog every 15 minutes this evening, and was so relieved to see your post! How exciting for both you and Rob that the girls will be there with you--bet he'll be doing a lot of blinking!!!!! How awesome that your Moms have both been able to be with you for this time and to see to it that you get the support you need, too! I'm sure they wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else! The prayers keep coming from here and all over the world--THANKS BE TO GOD! We'll continue to pray for successful surgery tomorrow and for the antibiotics to kick that nasty fungus infection! Take care of yourself and have a restful night! Love and Prayers...Jackie and Joe.

Wes said...

Great update Dena, we can't have enough prayers and We can't wait for you to see your precious little girls. Hang in there because better days are going to keep coming. Give your mom and everyone a hug for us. We love you and are so proud of you guys. Talk too you soon. Uncle Wes

lori said...

We are addicted to your blog and appreciate all the updates on Rob's daily progress. We couldn't go to bed till we knew how Rob was doing today!

We pray for a healing surgery tomorrow and we pray that everyday his infection is less and less!

Your girls will be so glad to see their Mommy and hopefully their Daddy will be able to see them sometime very soon too!

Love, Uncle Mark, Aunt Lori and Cousins Macy & Anna

Joyce Winfield said...


Great news about Rob's liver. I'm taking personal aim against that fungal infection. Prayer, prayer, prayer. I don't know if you heard that we have another dog. Jesse is a 5-year-old toy poodle from the Humane Society (about same size and color as Bunke). When he lies down, he crosses his paws. It looks like he's praying. So when I see those paws crossed, I tell him to pray for Rob and Dena. Today it was all about the fungal infection. So, Jesse has officially joined the prayer chain. Tomorrow we will pray for Rob's surgery. We are thrilled that Julia, Eva and your Dad will be with you for Thanksgiving. Don't think how quickly the time will pass; simply enjoy every moment with Julia and Eva.

Much love,
Aunt Joyce, Uncle Doug
and Jesse, too

Andrea e Isabella said...

Dena, i agree to somebody there, i cant go bed, till you update Robs condition. Its so good to hear that Bili is going down, and that your little girls are coming on tuesday, that will make you feel soooo happy! " te lo mereces" Prayers still there for you guys daily!!

Maggie45 said...

I'll be praying for the surgical team, too.

Maggie Goff
Bisbee, Az

Aunt Nancy said...

So GLAD that you felt there was not much to report...YEA GOD for a GREAT DAY!
I talked to your dad earlier today and he is going to be at my house around 5:30 as Julia and I have some Pampering time to get in and have 6:30 appt's.:))! I promise I will get her home early enough so, she can be up bright and early to hop on that plane!
In the meantime Uncle Steve is going to grill your dad a steak so, he will feel pretty pampered himself!
I am sooooo excited for YOU that you will have the girls this week and your aunt Joyce is right...just savor every moment!
I'll keep praying that the fungus goes BYE BYE quickly and I will pray for a successful surgery tomorrow. And, I will KEEP PRAISING GOD for the blessings of Miracles that have already taken place and for the miracles to come!
xooxoxo Love Aunt Nancy

Love from MN said...

Dena...thanks for updates on Rob. He is a fighter and will do whatever he can to return to you and the girls. Enjoy your time w/ Julia and Eva. They will be thrilled to have mom and grandma's giving them so much attention!!

Our thoughts and prayers will be w/ Rob and family this Thanksgiving. Faith, Love and Hope!!

Love Aunt Julie(Schott)Davidson

Wendell said...

Keep the chin up Dena, it is all going to be ok!!! Power of prayer it works! Have a great long weekend with the girls. I know they too are excited to see you along with your Dad! All of our love and prayers!!!
-Uncle Wendell

Paige Tyler said...

This is awesome that the girls are coming your way!!! I should have read this post before you called tonight and then I would have known!! Be sure you take some photos of them to put on here. I know you can't wait to see Eva's smiling face! And Julia will probably talk your ear off telling you how great Nebraska is...especially compared to Texas!!!

The Mom's are awesome and you are so lucky to have them! Tell them both I said 'HI.' And Rob is make such amazing progress. He is going to rewrite the book on how this is done!


Chaotic Mom said...

Wow, that's a really good update. Great news about the girls coming, too! ;)

Long-time RN said...

Great news on the liver panel! We'll focus prayers on that fungal infection as well as continued healing. Good to read Rob is able to communicate a pain level. No doubt you're more than aware of this, but please keep taking good care of yourself. You've been on an emotional and physical ride as well and are doing an incredible job. Have a wonderful time with the girls. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers, particularly this week. Our thanks to Rob and your entire family.

The Bender's said...

Awesome news, Dena! And prayers are coming strong for the surgery and to zap that infection!
Keep getting rested yourself! And Rob you keep fighting the fight! You are doing incredible!

Hugs to your girls and know you will enjoy loving on them bunches finally yourself!

We love you,
Karen and Craig

Anonymous said...

I am amazed each day at the progress Rob is making. I know sometimes it's hard to know that things are moving forward, but each minute that passes Rob IS getting better.
Keep on being there for him as you have so far...and definitely, rest yourself and eat well so you can be strong for him.

cary said...

Thank you for being willing to share your family's adventures. Your updates are wonderful news and something to look forward to every morning.

Your girls have a great set of parents - two people who are brave and willing to be there for each other through what has to be a very trying time. My hat is off to both of you.

We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. May God continue to bring healing and comfort.

Liz said...

More prayers for that infection and that surgery goes well. So glad you get to see your lil ones! Hugs!

The Kruse Family said...

We are praying, praying, praying for Rob's surgery this morning and for the infection to clear up. Praise be to God, his liver his clearing out the bili.
Enjoy your visit with your girls.
The Kruse Family
Lincoln, NE

JoAnne Bartek said...

Dena: We are so excited for you to be able to spend time with Julia and Eva. How blessed you are to have them there with you for Thanksgiving. We continue to pray that the infections will clear and Rob can continue with the healing process.

Aunt Jo, Uncle Steve, Brooke & Ashley

Anonymous said...

Rob should begin PT tomorrow. Ready to roll onto the next I am sure I will be seeing that grumpy face a lot - and probably as soon as I enter the room :) Looking forward to the day when it turns into a smile, even if it is just a little one to begin by day, girl.

nate schott said...

I hope and pray they can get closer to wrapping up the surgeries today. Rob is a medical marvel in my eyes. The countless number of surgeries and blood and he is still going strong! I think God had a plan for him, and it is to strengthen the faith of all those around him and who visit this post. We will continue our prayers and also pray for your Dad and Warren when they bring the girls out.
Nate & family

Ryan and Nancy Kules said...

Seems like thing are moving along as they should! We'll be back in town this evening so feel free to call whenever.

Ryan and Nancy

Ryan and Nancy Kules said...

Seems like thing are moving along as they should! We'll be back in town this evening so feel free to call whenever.

Ryan and Nancy

aheartfromtheblueridge said...

WOO-HOO! The girls are coming!
Very exciting!

Prayers are with you!

JihadGene said...

Woo Hoo! Glad you'll see the girls! And yes....THE PRAYERS CONTINUE!

Quinn and Melanie said...

Enjoy the girls visit and Happy Thanksgiving! So glad to hear Rob's liver is doing its job. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Much Love,
Mel, Quinn, Lauren & Meghan

Anonymous said...

Dena -

I know you are missing your girls. I'm so glad that you have someone you can trust to take care of them while you need to be with Rob. Once this is over with and you are all back together, this will seem like a blink of time to the girls.
Prayers continue for the antibiotics to do their thing and for the surgery to go as planned. Hang in there.....

Carol Dzurenko

Heather said...

Sounds like he is making some great progress. I am glad the moms are there to keep you company and to make you rest. Remember, you have to be healthy yourself to take care of Rob. Have fun with your girls and cherish every minute you are with them. It must be extremely hard being away from them, but they know you are taking great care of their Daddy and one day soon you'll all be together again. Have a wonderful week and thanks for keeping us updated!

Heather in Helena, MT

Anonymous said...

I wanted to take a min. to thank everyone for writing on Rob's blog. It has been a real comfort to realize how many people care. It has been nice to hear from people that I haven't heard from in years. Please send me your e-mail address' so that I can keep in touch. Again I want to thank everyone for their prayers and kindness.
Barb-Rob's mom.

Kathy said...

Power of Prayer is so very evident in Rob's progress. The Zion Thayer LWML are now keeping Rob's healing in our prayers.
Kathy Jo Heine

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 11/24/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but I've been following your blog. I heard about it on BLACKFIVE.NET. I'm so glad to see Rob is doing better. Slow and steady! I know it's got to be exciting to see your babies. Will Rob be able to see at least your oldest? Or will that be too scary for her? I'm sure it's been a LONG time since he's seen them, and no matter how yucky he may feel, I'm sure he's anxious for the day he can have them with him too. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. You have so much to be thankful for. As my family celebrates we will offer up a special prayer of thanks for families just like yours. Thank you BOTH for your service. Not just Rob, but you too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dena,

We continue to pray for Rob, for you, the girls and of course the entire Yllescas family. I log on everyday to read your posts and I can't tell you how many times you've had me in tears. As a mother I know it must be so difficult to be away from your precious babies, but Rob needs you right now and nobody can give Rob the love and the care that you are giving him day after day. As wonderful as the nurses and doctors are, they can't give him the warmth and the love you give him and there is no medicine that can replace your touch. You are an exceptional woman, wife and mother. The girls are blessed to have a HERO for a father and the most amazing role model for a mother. They will always know that their mommy was at their daddy's side day after day during his recovery.

Enjoy them during Thanksgiving break. Please let Rob know that we are thinking of him every day.