Saturday, November 1, 2008

We have arrived in Germany

We arrived in Germany and made our way to Landstuhl. We are staying at the Fisher House located right across from the hospital. We met with the 1st ID liason, Sgt Schroeder who took us to where Rob is in the ICU. We were put in the waiting room and Dr Gram came in and spoke with us. Rob is currently in surgery. At that time, he had been in surgery about 1 1/2 hours and will probably be there for a couple more hours. Here are the updates we were given about him: during the blast, he suffered a jaw fracture. In order to repair this, they have to wire his jaw. Since he had been on a breathing tube, they removed that and placed a trachea so that his jaw could be wired. They were also going to again, wash his wounds and assess his fractured femur. At this point in time, they don't know what they are going to do about the fracture and will be deciding a mode of action sometime in the near future. As far as his neuro status, a couple of hopeful things is that anesthesia said that when he has been in surgery, and they were stitching him up, his blood pressure and heart rate would rise, which is a good indication. Obviously we don't want Rob to be in pain, but any reaction to pain is a good sign. Also, when his eyelids are lifted up by the doctors, he does flinch them. Besides that, there really aren't a lot of updates. I'm just anxious to see him. As soon as he gets out of surgery, the doctor is going to call the liason and he will come get us. I want Rob to know we are here for him. Although he is still unconsious, I truly believe he'll feel our presence. Rob is a strong guy and he will get through this. We all will. We just need to continue to be on our knees in prayer. I know I mentioned this before, but our main focus is getting ROB back. We can deal with anything else. So, PRAY PRAY PRAY. I am so stunned at how many people have already checked this site. I want to thank you for that and for the comments that have been written. It truly means so much to hear from all of you. God has truly blessed us to be surrounded and uplifted by so many wonderful people. Please continue to write comments because even though it may seem small to you, it means the world to us. I will write again after I've seen Rob.


Greg Spencer said...

Hang in there Rob. You were always the best in a fight. I love you man! Dena, I'm about to leave for our men's b-fast at our church. Lots of prayer coming your way!



Anonymous said...

Our son, Brandon, was college roommates and friends with Ryan Kules, we have kept up on their caring bridge site for years, and were very saddened to learn of your husband's injuries. Please know that we are praying for him and you and your girls. When Ryan was injured, it was a real eye opener for the wonderful things that Walter Reed was able to do. We know that Rob will receive even better treatment, with the advancement of technology, and we pray for his safe return to the United States as soon as he is able. Please know that there are many, many people out here who always keep the military in our hearts and minds, because we know what a difficult and courageous job they are doing. AND WE APPRECIATE IT. We also know what the families must go through. Our thoughts and prayers with you always. Robert & Sharon Weiss, Chandler, Arizona.

timandjule said...

Oh Dena, please know that the thoughts and prayers of my entire family are with you now. Tim and I are just devastated over this news and want you to know that we will carry you both in our hearts as you make your way through these difficult days. We love you!
Tim and Julie Quinn

Leta said...

Dena ~ I am so happy to read that you have made it to Germany to be with Rob. We will continue the spiritual warefare back here for Rob and will also keep all of you in our prayers.

If you and Rob need anything we're only a call or email away.

Household6 said...

Thank you for the updates! We are praying, praying, praying!


Kris said...

Your strength is amazing. Rob will feel that from you and fight all the more because of it. My prayers are with you.
Kris Mahurin

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what an event that changed everyone's lives. Writing this blog has kept everyone in the family informed and I can't imagine the strength it takes to sit down and do it. It is truly appreciated and I truly know Rob will be fine and will be laughing with all of us soon again. Just know that you have so much support to help get you and the girls through this. Thank you again for writing the blog to keep us updated and our thoughts and prayers are with Rob and the family.


Melinn Klein (Schott)

Nancy said...

Dena- I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to be so near him, and not be able to touch him. You must be jumping out of your skin. I'm sorry! I'm sure the docs will get you guys in there to see him soon. (Maybe you're already in there right now!) Please tell Rob's Mom and your Mom that we are all thinking about them as well through all this- you all have been amazingly strong and we're very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that there are many believers here in Guatmeala (Xela) that are also praying for you and your family. You are in our thoughts.

Tracy & John Batchelor
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Paige Tyler said...

I can't wait for you to see him. Please tell us soon how everything went.

Anonymous said...

Our entire family is praying for Rob, you and your family and we are telling everyone we know to pray as well. Rob is a hero!

Mike and Shani Ginani

The Bender's said...

Dena, We are praying you will soon be touching your Rob, your Rob - and that in time you will be able to know just that - that he is Rob and the fighter within him and all the prayers around the World are going to bring him right back to his family. Keep fighting all of you and we love you so much. In His strength, Craig and Karen Bender

Anonymous said...

Dena, stay strong for Rob and never lose the faith. We are praying for Rob, you and your beautiful daughters.

Joan Marie Sapienza said...

I just received the link to this from one of my marine mom groups. I was so saddened to hear of Rob's injuries, but without even knowing you I can feel your steadfast love and determination and know that will help carry your family through this. Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers-I will be passing this on to my family and friends. I believe the power of the love you, your girls, your family and your friends coupled with the power of prayer will bring about remarkable, miraculous happenings.
I know your focus has to be on Rob right now, but please be sure to take care of yourself-lean on those around you when you have to-it will make you stronger and more able to get through each moment.
With great admiration-
Joan Marie PMM of Sgt. Kenneth, USMC
Brooklyn, NY

Michelle Nelson said...

Dear Dena:

Thank you for the updates. Please know that you and your families are in our prayers now and hope that you are soon able to hold Rob's hand and tell him you love him in person! Hang in there, you continue to absolute amaze me with your strength.
Love, Michelle

Ali said...

Hey Rob,
Don't worry, Kaine and I are on top of this backpack situation and your cigars are being well taken care of. We love you.

Chaotic Mom said...

YOU'RE IN GERMANY! I was up most of the night thinking and praying for you on your trip. I haven't even read your entry yet, just glad to know you are there. Going to read now...

Heather said...

We are praying for you. Stay strong! God is with you! Let us know if there is anything else we can do besides pray!

Anthony and Heather Sanchez

Andy Boston said...

Dena - Candis and I are praying for your family. Rob is tough, and you will add to his strength. Thank you for keeping us all informed.

Andy & Candis Boston
Miami, FL

Kim Decker said...


You and Rob are constantly running through my mind...all day long. I know it must be difficult to have travelled so far and then be stuck waiting for him to get out of surgery. Hang in there!

I googled Rob's name today and I was absolutely astounded at how many different websites were already featuring this blog, and how many people were talking about Rob and offering support. The only conclusion that i can draw from that is what I already know to be the truth: Rob has touched many lives and means a great deal to a large number of people. There are also countless people out there praying for Rob who have never met him or had the privilege of knowing you, but they appreciate the sacrifice and are silently saying a prayer for him RIGHT NOW. I hope that helps you understand that you are part of a huge network of support and that there are many, many, many epople out there thinking about you right now.


Karen said...

We continue to pray for Rob and your whole family. I will try not to burn the church down tomorrow- lighting candles for his recovery.

Hang tough,
The Marshalls

Cheryl Jones said...

Dena and Rob, glad to hear you're together again. You'll gain strength from each other. You're in everyone's thoughts and prayers back here in Osceola, and if we can do anything else from here, please let us know. Dena, please know that our PEO chapter is also praying for you all.
Cheryl & Monty Jones

Anonymous said...

I am so saddened to hear of Rob's injuries. I was sent you blog from Eric & Cris Knapp (I am Eric's mom) and I remember meeting you and Julia when I visited them at Ft Benning. Please know that my prayers are with you and your family at this critical time and I have sent on your blog to all my family and friends to keep you in their thoughts and prayer.

Cris said how wonderful you were with helping her out with the children when Sawyer had his health issues and we are so greatful for that as well.

Just seeing the remarkable response to you blog shows us what a special person you are and know that all of the prayers from everyone will get you and your family through this.

God's peace be with you.

Char (Alayna, Walker & Sawyer's Grandma)

Angie said...

Dena - Thanks for the update. We are praying for Rob! The girls are doing great. They had a wonderful time trick or treating last night. They, of course, miss you, but are doing good. I will send pictures from last night.

The Davidson's said...

Rob, Dena, & Family,
We are sending you prayers daily. We cannot imagine the emotion you must feel and can only pray and hope that God will answer all of your prayers. We are so glad, Dena, that you are able to be with Rob. He will know that you are there beside him. Please know that our whole community of Osceola is praying for all of you.

Our Love to you and your family,
Todd, Carlie, Garrett & Kelsie Davidson

Gary said...

We came to this blog by way of a missionary in Guatemala that asked for prayer for your family. We have a son that is a 2LT currently in Ranger School and his wife, a 2LT nurse in Hawaii. Your blog has touched us deeply. Know that we are standing with you in prayer during this difficult time. May the grace of God cover you all.

gary and vivian

The Bender's said...

Hello. This is for everyone out there that is praying hard for Rob and Dena. Dena and I already talked about this poem, but bottom-line when I was zoning out thinking about them when I came back out of it I found myself staring right at this poem we have on our kitchen table. I hope it helps you all and can lean on it when you need it which is most likely a lot right now. God Bless Everyone and thanks so much for loving their families....keep the prayers coming!

Hang It on the Cross
-Lisa O. Engelhardt

If you have a secret sorrow, a burden or a loss
An aching need for healing.....Hang It On The Cross

If worry steals your sleep and makes you turn and toss,
If your heart is feeling heavy...Hang It On The Cross

Every obstacle to Faith or doubt you come across,
Every prayer unanswered.....Hang It On the Cross

For Christ has borne our brokenness and dearly paid the cost,
To turn our trials to triumph...Hanging On The Cross.

Nicolas said...

That's great news that you, Bev, and Rob's mom made it to Germany safely and are now there with Rob. That must be exciting to know that you will see him soon (or hopefully, already have by now!). We look forward to hearing how he's doing after surgery. God bless all of you! ~Chris & Trisha Nicolas

Randy and Tiffany said...

I am a college friend of Nancy Kules' and read about your story on her blog. I am so sorry for what you and your family and loved ones are going through right now. I can't even imagine... I know you don't know me but I just wanted you to know that I was touched by your story and the thoughts and feelings you have expressed on this blog. I can tell you are a very strong person with a lot of faith. My husband and I will be praying for you and your husband's recovery. I truly believe that God does not give us challenges in life that we cannot overcome. And so I know that you and your family will be able to get through this time with the continued love, support and prayers from those around you and those reading this blog.
You are in our prayers...
-Tiffany Brimhall

Melissa said...

You are a true inspiration of a strong woman! I am glad to hear you guys made it to Germany safely. Rob will come through this because of the strong woman he has by his side. You have all of Ft. Riley praying for you guys.
Much love,
The Hart's

Anonymous said...

May God grant you the strength you need...

We pray for your family...and especially for Rob's recovery.

The Kules' site informed us of this opportunity to pray for you...and we give thanks that so many are taking this to our Heavenly Father!

In His Name...asking for His Blessings for you and yours,

JD and Mary
Scottsdale, Arizona

Chris said...

Praying and thinking of Rob!

Peter said...

Get well man. Hang in there. Its easy for me to say this, and type this, and you don't know me from a ham sandwich, but you will come out of this stronger mentally, emotionally and your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Michelle said...

One prayer has already been answered, you are all safely in Germany to be by your husband's side. I know he will feel your presense and love even if he can't tell you what he feels.

I am praying that God will give you the strength you will need in the months ahead as your husband recovers from this devastating injury. I just know he will!!!!

I am also praying for your little girls. They need their Daddy and he will come back and be a part of their lives.

Diane & Marty Brodbeck said...

Dear Dena,
Marty and I were so very sad to hear about Rob's injuries. We have thought about you guys and prayed for you constanly since we heard. Dena your strength and spirit at this time is incredible and I know Rob will be able to feel it when you are with him. Rob, we love you!
Diane & Marty

Anonymous said...


All of B TRP, as well as the rest of Camp Keating is thinking of you. Jan Mohammed and all of the TERPs send their best. Get well soon.

1LT Tucker

Michelle said...

Thank you for the updates..Your ability communicate,focus and remain calm in this storm is nothing short of amazing!!

Sue Porter said...

Dena, Bev & Barb,
I just want you all to know that we are praying for Rob and your family. I was glad that Mary forwarded this website so we could all keep up on Rob's progress. I know the girls are being well taken care of at Angie and Layne's. Hang in there and we will continue to pray for you.

Sue Porter

Kim Decker said...'s been a few hours since I have sent my "get-well" wishes, so I wanted to log back on and let you know I am thinking of you.


Aunt Nancy said...

Dena, By Keeping us all updated when it is the least of your worries...has me totally amazed with YOU! You are a PILLAR OF STRENGTH and, a testimony that Rob has got an Incredible STRONG woman on his team!
I am so glad that you are finally in Germany, and that you will see Rob soon. Keep staying Strong Dena!I am continuing to PRAY Fervently!!!
Give Rob a GREAT BIG hug from Us!
xoxoxoLove you to pieces...Aunt Nancy & Uncle Steve

Angie said...

My mom (Sue Porter) just told me of Rob's injury's. We are so sorry for all that you are going through. You guys are all in our prayers. I know that Angie and Layne will take great care of the girls for you so that you can focus your energy on getting Rob home and helping him heal. Keep up the positive attitude. You are both strong and you will get through this. What God brings you to, he will bring you through.

God Bless,
Angie (Porter) Kuzel
Gretna, NE

Ann Brown said...


We are praying for you, your family and especially Robs quick recovery. You have been through so much in the last few years and my heart goes out to you. I have been flooded with the memories of sitting out back of the Morgan's and listening to Rob's witty remarks.

Take care and just know so many are thinking of you and praying for you all.

Ann, Chris, Taylor, Tess and Tatum Brown

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Rob and your family. Thanks for keeping us updated. Know that there are MANY people praying for y'all!

Mike and Karla Porcelli

Helgoth said...

Happy to hear that you made it there safely. Thanks for the updates, let Rob know there's a world of people praying for all of you. Take Care!!!!! Ryan, Pam and Boys

Anonymous said...

Bryant and I will pray constantly. We love you and our thoughts are with you. We are also praying for your girls. Thank you for this blog we have been checking a couple of times a day and appreciate you being thoughtfull in keeping all of us updated.
Angela and Bryant Hunt

Eric J Wesley said...


I was crushed that I missed your call. As I told you earlier this week, you can be certain that Cindy and I are praying not only for your strength, but for wisdom and "touch" on the part of the docs in addition to miraculous healing.

Rob is one tough captain. I remember selecting him for the hardest job in the battalion when we got to Iraq and he well exceeded all of my expectations. I cant tell you the number of times I have told his "story" as the "Dakota free radical" on the Tarmiya battlefield.

On a separate note, SFC Shakespear was one of Rob's troopers in that platoon. He is in Germany and has already checked on Rob yesterday - drove an hour and a half to "check on his LT" even though he knew he wouldnt be able to actually see him. Do no be surprised if you see him.

God Bless you dear one. Praying for God's presence to surround you with strength.

Eric J Wesley

Shelly said...

Dena, we have been praying for you, Julia, Eva and Rob and are always in our thoughts. Megan says a special prayer for Rob at night before bedtime too
Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help, we are always here for you.
Aaron, Shelly and Megan

Kristen Jones-Frye said...

I am so very sorry to hear about your husband. I know you don't know me, I am an old friend of Nancy's. I just wanted to let you know our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. We apprecaite what you and your husband do for our country and I am sorry you have to go through this.

Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you and praying for you. Barb, thinking of you and how you were sitting with my famiy, wish I would be there for you. Dena, we are thinking you and Rob, hang in there, and may God bless

Rick, Kathi, Ryan and Brita Jones

Marlyn said...

Our thoughts and many prayers go to Rob and his family.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts, prayers and support are with you and yours. There are many, many of us through out the country that care.
Sue and Bob Coady, Carefree, AZ.

Rosie said...

Dena & Bev: I am so glad that you are in Germany and will be beside Rob shortly. HE will know you're there, you need to keep up your strength for him, SO please be sure to take care of you a little. Sending you and your Mom a big hug and Rob's Mother as well. I know with 3 ladies pulling for him he will do his best to get well and be with his 2 favorite little ladies. YOU know we are here for you at Andrews FH, and we thank you for these updates, I HOPE to see you soon and let you any support I can.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you, stay strong.

Marsha and John Hale
Goodyear, AZ

Anonymous said...

Scott and I are keeping Rob and your family in our prayers. Our best wishes.
Scott and Sharon Howells
(Shannon Bryant's parents)

JoAnne Bartek said...

Dena: Rob is so blessed to have you there for him. And you have been so blessed by Rob. The girls are in good hands with Layne and Angie. Aaron, Shelly and Megan stopped last night to tell us about Megan trick or treating with Julia and Eva. Please know that we all will pitch in to do whatever is needed for the girls. Continue to lean on the Lord.
Aunt Jo

Spurlock Crew said...
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Spurlock Crew said...

Yllescas Family,

We are the Spurlock's and know the Spencer's well. I think we have served together at Fort Riley and in Iraq but am unsure. We are praying for God's healing and peace be upon you all as you endure this time or great trial.

Brian,Kristin,Drew and Luke Spurlock

Anonymous said...

All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you,
Peggy Gindville

Behrns Family said...

Hi Dena,

We're glad to hear you made it to Germany. We are all praying for you, Rob, and the girls. Stay stong!

Tyler, Katie, Grace & Jocelyn

Ben Van Becelaere said...

Dena, we have not met but I served with Rob in the 1-13th AR Bn. He is such a good and strong man. I know he will fight hard through this. We are praying for you all.

Ben Van Becelaere

Anonymous said...

We are friends with the Kules family and were saddened to hear that another brave soldier was injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Rob, your family and friends.
Highest Regards, the Shapiro Family, Phoenix Arizona

The Wieseman's said...

It's great to know that Rob has been making great improvements and that of all things that could have gone worse didn't happen.We pray everyday.
The Wieseman's

Anonymous said...

Dear Yllescas Family

All of you will be in our thoughts and prayers daily. Thank you for sharing with us how things are going with you, your family and most especially your amazing and wonderful husband. We hope and pray all will go well for all of you.

Flesvig Family

Anonymous said...

To the Yllescas Family:

We started praying for you last night after reading your heart wrenching story. The road to get Rob back seems like a long one, but with your courage and love, nothing is impossible! We've passed on your story to our Bible study group, as well. So expect more prayers coming your way.


Anonymous said...

Rob and Dena and girls:
You are all certainly in our prayers and we continually check the site to hear the latest. We are Kim Decker's parents and met you (except for the newest addition to your family) while visiting them in Kansas a couple years ago.

Please know we are thinking about you and are so sorry that this has happened.

Janet and Roger Barkley

Verito said...

We are praying for you Rob. Several members of IAS staff have been thinking about you and your family. We know God is with you and he will give you the strength and the peace to go through all of these moments. ...Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

Anonymous said...

Dear Dina,
We have been keeping daily track of all the news from your family, neighbors, and friends in Osceola. We are so very sorry for Rob and your tragic news. Hopefully and prayerfully everything will get better. Daily prayers are being prayed all over the world for you. God knows all about it and we pray you know and believe you are not alone in your trying time. We love you and your family and hope the healing time goes fast for all of you in the hospital. Richard, Sandy, Lisa and Mike, Rich, Cindy and kids , & Kelly and family all from "2 doors down" in Osceola

sally said...

Dena, I was so sorry to har about Rob. You and your family are in my prayers. Sally Sterup Billings Mt.