Friday, November 7, 2008

Still in surgery

We just got back to the hospital and Rob is still in surgery. When we left around 12:30 this afternoon, they were just getting ready to take him. Whether or not he went back shortly after that, I'm not sure, but I'm kind of surprised he's still there. They said he will be done shortly. Today they were going to again do washouts. They were also planning on pinning his hip. I'll update tomorrow the results of the surgery. Last night I was in with Rob. I was holding his hand and after a while, I told him I was getting tired and was going to leave and go back to the Fisher House to sleep. As I was moving my hand, he grabbed it really hard and his blood pressure went up! I told him, "Ok, I'll stay!!" Then I guess during the night, he had a spike in his fever and blood pressure. They wondered if it had to do with pain. They gave him some pain medicine and his blood pressure went down. So, they are thinking he was in pain. Which is a good sign that he's feeling pain! Then today, I went into his room and hooked up a radio and put Rush Limbaugh on for him. It's his favorite and I know he appreciates getting caught up on the news! :) Anyways, a couple of times he held on to my hand REALLY hard. In fact, he grabbed my hand so hard that I was able to lift up my hand with him still holding on to it. I asked him to try to let go of it and he did!!! I am extremely confident that this was consciously done on his part. The nurse even saw it and said "He never does that for me!" Then she put a pen light in his eyes and he was really blinking against it--the nurse said that's a really good sign. So, today was another good day. It's so hard not to get too excited and hopeful, but I truly feel he's making good progress. Let's keep hoping and praying for this continued progress.


Kati from western Nebraska said...

Hey, I read your article in the omaha paper and then went to the blog, it brought me to tears to hear everything you have gone through and what you will have to go through. I am praying that he will make it through. Keep your head high and keep thinking positive. I will keep checking back to see how he is, may god be with you and your family in this time.

Melissa said...

Yeah Dena... I am so happy to hear the great progress. I hope surgery goes well. We are thinking of you guys 24/7.
Much love,
The Hart's

Dimond's said...

Rob continuing to respond to grasping your hand and releasing it is very good news. Recovery will come slowly but surely. Our prayers are with you all.
Linda and Richard

hanging-on-mom said...

From my military family to a military wife my heart goes out to you, and I lift you and Rob up in prayer multiple times daily...I have 3 daughters waiting for their dad to come home from Afghansitan......all of our girls are waiting.....and Dena you and I just need to keep praying...I know Rob will wake up...He is a soldier, a warrior, and he will fight to come back to you and your girls!!

We are all behind you both!!

Until they all come home.....

just another military wife.....

Kim said...

That is great news you know now he is really responding to you, I am sure that is a great feeling, hang in their.

Dave, Kim (Carlson), Morgan and Makenzie Merrill

Carol said...

Dena, that sounds great. I just want to tell you that are a very strong lady, I don't know how you do it.I do that your faith is really strong.God bless you and Rob Love Carol

Nate Schott said...

That is awsome Dena!!! I got a kick out of you turning Rush on for him. Hope it didn't get his blood pressure going too much. We will continue to pray.
Tator (Rob's cousin Nate)

brittneyjackson said...

Oh Dena, that is hopeful news!! I continue to pray for Rob and your whole family. I hope they have good news after the surgery. Keeping you in our thoughts!
Love you,
The Jackson Family

Nancy said...

Those are really good signs Dena! I'm very glad to hear all that. Hang in there girlie- and let me know when you want to do lunch... maybe early in the week?


Anonymous said...


Liz said...

I'm so happy to hear he is continuing to progress. We will continue to pray. Thinking of you so much these days.

Maria said...

I am so happy to hear that he is responding to you. Please stay encouraged and know that we are here if you need anything. You and your family stay in our prayers daily.

Maria Hooker

Justin said...

Dena - Very happy to hear this news, and our prayers continue for you and yours. Please mention to Rob that PFC Verucchi is now SPC Verucchi, a well deserved promotion. Your husband has been an incredible influence on him.

Rob - Keep up the good work, stay strong!

Long-time RN said...

Good signs indeed! Prayers for good surgery results and continued progress. Take care of yourself, Dena, rest when you can.

Anonymous said...

Keep up your strength and courage--You are doing great!! The updates really help all who love and care for you and Rob.

charfontan said...

Hi Dena, this is Char (Brittney's sister)- I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you all daily and I too agree that God has a huge plan for Rob. Keep your faith strong and your attitude positive for Rob. I believe he knows you are there and I'm sure that is making a huge difference in his recovery. I'm overwhelmed by your courage and strength. I know I don't exactly understand what you are going through but I've learned that even though God can't always stop the hurt he honestly is holding your hand the entire way and you will find the strength you need to get through this.
Lots of love and prayers,

Joyce Winfield said...


The mayor of Fremont was the first to tell me this morning about the article in the Omaha World-Herald. He and his wife are two of the multitudes who are keeping Rob, Julia, Eva and you in their prayers. Your comments today brought tears of joy. Rob is breaking through and soon he will open his eyes and tell you how much he loves you and the girls!

Much love,
Aunt Joyce and Uncle Doug

Ewald said...

great news! Every day Rob takes HUGE strides towards his recovery. Thank you for being such a brave and courageous wife, and for taking the time to keep us all updated as to Rob's progress. We pray for you all every day.

JoAnne Bartek said...

Dena: We are soooo happy to hear that Rob is responding to you! Keep up the fight and we hope you are getting to rest.

Love you,

Aunt Jo, Uncle Steve, Brooke & Ashley

Anonymous said...

I just read all of your blogs and WOW, what powerful love you guys have!! He is soo lucky to have a wife like you!! I cried as I read through blog after blog! I can't wait to read tomorrows!! I am excited to read about more "baby steps" Rob has made. I know he is going to make them!! I have said a pray and will say more tonight! Hang in there Dena!! You are doing a great job!

Jackie Fjell said...

Dena-wonderful news! I know Rob hears you and is working his hardest to get back to you and the girls! Won't he be surprised when he reads all these comments? I'm so thankful you're taking the time to keep us all informed--makes us feel that somehow we can help. You are all in our prayers, and we pray now for successful surgery and for Rob to wake up to receive his Purple Heart! Have a good night and rest assured that our good God is holding your precious family in his arms! Love and prayers, Jackie & Joe

Heather said...

yay!!! I'm so excited for you both!!! Keep the faith Dena! Still praying! God BLess :)
Heather Sanchez

Maggie45 said...

Still praying.... What a hopeful post. God has you in the palm of His hand.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you both!

Wendell said...

Dena, We are praying, praying and praying. You all are in our every thoughts! We love you!!!!
Uncle Wendell, Aunt Jonell Haylie and Emily

Anita said...

Dena, Rob certainly chose well when he picked you for hs wife. You are an amazing woman. I've been sending care packages for a few months to some of his men and they are all praying along with all of us for his recovery. One of them e-mailed to ask for special prayers for him when he was first injured even though he couldn't give us a name/circumstnces. Later gave us this blog address. Thank you for sharing his progress with all of us, even though we haven't 'met' them we do care very much for all our KOP guys. Look forward to giant steps. Anita/Oregon

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news.

Thoughts and Prayers... as always.


Marianna said...

Wow, that's such good news! I'm so glad he's responding so well to you.


The Bender's said...

Dena, THIS IS SOOOOO AWESOME! Praise God! And Rob, YOU, and your families!

Love you,
Karen and Craig

Anonymous said...

Rob, Aunt Gen sends her love and prayers.God bless you.

Amber Pocrnich said...

Greetings and prayers coming to you from Iraq! Your blogs are as amazing as you are. Your story makes me have even greater pride in what we in the Army Medical Department are doing over here! Hang in there and know that you, Rob and those adorable girls of yours, are in my prayers daily! MAJ P

The Morgan Family said...

What amazing progress! Dena, your blogs are wonderful and it's fantastic to see the amount of progress Rob has made in a short time. You are a rock and we continue to pray for you, Julia & Eva, and Rob.

Rob - You must have "black & gold" running through your mind because you are obviously fighting hard - RLTW!!

Love To You All,
The Morgan Family
Ft. Benning, GA

Anonymous said...

Rob, You are in our thoughts and prayers.We pray for a speedy recovery for you and back home with your family.
Much love, David and Mary Morton

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you here at Ft. Bragg! Dena you are an amazing woman.

Julie. Soldiers Angels said...

Continuing to pray for Rob and delighted to hear of these indicators of his slow but definite progress. The fact that he gripped your hand and let it go is a good sign. I have faith he does feel you there and is letting you know. Keep thinking positive...we are all with you in thought and prayer.

Paul said...

Just to let you know there are lots of people praying for Robs recovery and your family's strength.

Kathy said...

Thank the Lord...strength to you Dena, hang in there.

Love from MN said...

Dena...wonderful news. Rob's making baby steps to return to his family. Take care of yourself and may I say again, thanks so much for posting the information. Our prayers are w/ Rob and you along w/ Julia and Eva.

Love you lots
Aunt Julie(Schott)Davidson

Cheryl Jones said...

Hi Dena & Rob, so glad to hear that you've had such a good day. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there - and know that you're in God's hands. He'll help you get through whatever is ahead - just let him guide you.
Love, Cheryl & Monty

timandjule said...

You and Rob are in my thoughts every second of the day. It makes my heart ache when you describe how he responds to your touch. The love that is shared between husband and wife is so special, YOU are what is going to pull him through this.....keep holding his hand and stay strong!
Love Julie

Anonymous said...

Dena, I work with your mom and I have been keeping you, Rob, Julia, and Eva in constant prayer. I called my Pastor right away when I first heard the news. We had an awesome prayer time for you all last Sunday at the end of the morning service. The presence of God was felt in a powerful way and I know that the Lord is caring for you all at this time. Just know that hundreds of people are upholding you guys in prayer daily. Give your mom my love.
Diana Johnson

Tim and Kim said...


Wow...arm wrestling with Rob to the background of Rush Limbaugh. Sounds like progress to me. Keep sending Rob our love and we hope to see you soon!

Tim and Kim

donna walker said...

It sounds like Rob is definetly headed in the right direction. We will keep our prayers coming for him.

Donna W

Jaime Pachta said...

Still praying for you and Rob. We are praying for your strength, and for more progress for Rob. Hang in there. Know that you are not alone...many people are with you, lifting you up in prayer. Hopefully you can feel all of the love sent your way. Stay positive! :-) Love, Dan, Jaime, Ashley, Nicolas, & Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Dena and Rob,

My continued prayers and best wishes and a speedy recovery. Please let me know if there is anything your family needs. Continued love and best wishes.

Ryan Kort
(337) 535-4905

Anonymous said...

Dena and Rob,

My continued prayers and best wishes and a speedy recovery. Please let me know if there is anything your family needs. Continued love and best wishes.

Ryan Kort
(337) 535-4905

The Sullivan's said...

Great news Dena! He seems to be getting a little better everyday. All those baby steps add up! Still praying. Hang in there. Love, Alayna Ryan and Gavin.

Mitch and Vicki Coffin said...

Rob - You are showing Dena and your family that you are a fighter, that you will not give up! We are so grateful for every word of update Dena writes. Please know we stand by you and her, your families, and your medical staff and pray for all.
Mitch and Vicki Coffin :-)

Cindy from Xela. said...

I'm so happy that Rob is making progress. I'm constantly checking your updates, even several times a day and it makes me exited to hear positive new. I continue to pray for you, for Rob, and your daughters, I know that our prayers will be answered. lots of love, Cindy.

Military Mom said...

I am the mother of one of Rob's soldiers. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Mary & Doug Reid said...

Dena-we have followed every step of Rob's progress thanks to your excellent blog. Macy told us about it when we went to Osceola a week ago. Ever since Barb called on 10/28 Doug and I and my friends have been praying hard. Also Fr. Jim in Osceola has everyone praying.
Please tell Rob we're pulling for him-he's strong and will endure. Likewise, Dena, you are incredible in your strength and honesty. Being an R.N. can be a mixed blessing, can't it? You understand the medical conditions but also the struggles involved.
Give our greeting to your mom, Barb(talked to her yesterday) and Natalie. What an honor for Rob to receive the Purple Heart-he so deserves it. Hope he realizes it-we know he will.
We all stand strong with you and Rob in faith and service to our country.
Mary (Kresha) Reid and Doug Reid

Courtney said...

Hey girl, Wow! What a tough guy. Just like you always said he was. I pray for him everyday. Having many of the same injuries as him including the traumatic brain injury, I know its possible. He will wake up. It truely does take baby steps. All signs have been positive. You just have to believe. Keep your head high like you always do. I've been thinking about all 4 of you everyday. I'll ALWAYS be here when you need me, any time of day or night. Take care. Love ya all, Courtney

Anonymous said...

Rob, you are amazing and what a fighter. Your girls are little troopers too.
Dena, I await the daily blog update, thanks. You are really a gem to keep this updated. Please take care of yourself, sleep is so important. I am so encouraged by the baby steps.
I constantly think and pray for all of you.
And to all of the extended family I am praying for your strength and courage.
Cathy Bell

Anonymous said...

Hi Dena,
We saw the article about Rob
in the Omaha World Herald last
night. It was so wonderful to
see his handsome face
smiling back as us as we read about
your love and hope. We are still
praying and hoping and sending
our love too.
We are so thankful the moms are
there with you and Rob too.
from Omaha
Joan, Jacob, Reed and Marin Krause

Jason Willits said...

Thank you for being everyone's eyes and keeping us so informed. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, I hope these comments can help you keep in mind the number of people willing to hold you up.

You're doing great. We're all very proud of you.

Yours is the first blog I have subscribed to!

cary said...

Terrific news - I look forward to reading more each day!

Prayers are continuing, for all involved.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yllescas Family, I am a Navy Aviator, Viet Nam Vet, and have been through much grief. But through it all I developed a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior. Our chapel here, on the US Navy base in Crete, Greece is praying for God's miraculous intervention into your family affairs. May God continue to heal Rob and strengthen you.