Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another Day Down

Well, I don't really have much to report today. The doctor said that Rob's body has pretty much "optimized"-meaning everything is going pretty well. The only thing that is not quite right is his liver. He is still pretty jaundice. They did an ultrasound of his gallbladder and liver to make sure there wasn't a block somewhere. They've seen the inside of Rob's stomach and said the ducts do not look blocked to them, but they wanted to do an ultrasound to double check. They're thinking that it's probably from all the blood he's received. To date, he's had 140+ units of blood. That's approximately 14 adults supply of blood. His left leg was also pretty weapy but the ortho dr's looked at it and were able to stop it by applying nitrate to it. The doctor said that now the only thing Rob needs to do is "wake up". Yes, his eyes are open, but he needs to respond to commands. Rob had his eyes open today and I could tell that he was really torked. I would be talking to him and if he didn't like what I had to say, he'd look away and refuse to look at me. I know this has to be extremely scary for him. Everytime we're in the room, we explain that all the tubes are just temporary. That one day we will be on the boat wakeboarding again. My heart breaks for him because I know Rob and I know that he absolutely hates being in the bed like this. So, the cheerleader in me kept telling him that he WILL be fine and he just has to keep working on responding to commands. He is a fighter--he is a RANGER. I told him that he finished Ranger school when he didn't think he could go on anymore, and he can use that fight in him to get through this. I told him that he has 2 little girls that are waiting to have daddy back and that we will be able to continue all our future plans (like buying an RV and following the girls around when they go to college so that we can keep them in our view at ALL times!!) At times, I've just got to use humor. Because if I don't laugh, I'll cry. I absolutely don't take for granted the baby steps Rob is making. Because if you look back to 2 1/2 weeks ago to where he is now, it's remarkable. Patience just was never my virtue. So, I continue to pray and pray and PRAY. God has a perfect plan and I just have to have FAITH that he WILL bring OUR ROB back to us. So, I'm on my way to go see Rob again tonight. One more day done and closer to complete recovery.


Melissa said...

We are all praying with you sweetheart! Rob has made great progress thus far and will continue to fight this stubborn battle. I believe he has made it this far because of the love and support of YOU and your amazing family! Hang in there, God is on your side.
We love you,
The Hart's

Carol said...

Hang in there Dena, I don't know what to say to help take away your pain. I have never been thur anything like you are going thur. All I know that you are a very strong person in your love for Rob and your faith. I can only say that only in Gods time Rob will come back to you. Each step he takes no matter how small is one step closer to coming back to you and the girls. Hang in there. You know that all the people that reads your updates and leaves you with messages that they hearts and there prayers are with you and will continue to be there for you two. No matter how far away we are we are there. Love Carol

BetteJo said...

I've been reading since your first post, don't even know whose link I followed to get here. Just wanted to say that Rob and you and your family are in my prayers. I look forward to your posts in hopes that Rob just keeps improving and it's never far from my mind that he does what he does for all of us in this country and I am extremely grateful. I imagine there are many people who like me, have not commented before, but are rooting for Rob all the way.

Aunt Nancy said...

Hi Dena.... I am sure Rob is also pretty confused along with being scared! And, I am sure it is also difficult & FRUSTRATING to be a "cheerleader" all the time too! Just hang in there Dena and you are SO RIGHT...oh my goodness, to think HOW FAR he has come in the last couple weeks IS REMARKABLE!
So, Dena when YOU get overwhelmed and scared just keep remembering that YOU TOO belong to God, there is no need to be afraid of dark moments that may sweep over you. For God is our sun, our light, and he will guide you through to the end.
xoxo I love you to pieces...
Aunt Nancy

Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness: he is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous. - Psalm 112:4

Andrea e Isabella said...

When you have days that are no to good, try to look back to ones who where good. Keep praying, feel the love of the people who is attent, worried, for you guys, because i can see its lot of people, God is with you Dane and With Rob and all your family, as the same you say, He has his own plan for you.
"""Jeremias 29, 11-13""" -....
Isaias 19, 19-22.. """ Josue 1, 5-9.. Please Read them when you have hard times it´ll make you feel better and protect by God, because he is with you Dane.. God bless you ... I´ll keep praying, and looking for updates daily to see Rob´s condition.
try to rest...

Anonymous said...

Dena--My name is Sarah Steele and I'm a good friend of Brittney Jackson. I just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and the girls and Rob. I know this sounds weird but your blog gives me strength. You are one of the strongest women I have met and can only hope to have the perspective and faith that you have. I greatly admire you and send you and your family love and prayers.

Long-time RN said...

Hang tough, Dena. Rob is doing so well considering the extent of his injuries. It must be so frusting for you not knowing how fully he interprets your support. It takes time. Very good to read the oozing has been taken care of. Prayers lifted for Rob's continued progress and for your renewed strength each and every day.

Diane Brodbeck said...

Dena, My heat breaks for you and Rob today, we pray for you everyday and pray that each day will get better. I can see though that today has been a hard one, but I pray that our Lord will bless you both and bring continued healing to Rob and strength to you, Dena. My prayers are also with Barb and Otto. Rob, we love you and are are so proud of you!
Diane & Marty

The Bender's said...

Hey Rob - You keep that fighting going, you take that anger and turn your frustration into your fuel for your second biggest fight of your life - your recovery! And we say second because, Rob, you are tough as nails, no joke, you are alive and with 14 adults worth of blood to make that happen....well let's just say you and HIM make an unbeatable team!

Dena - You keep reminding him that he is Rob Ylesscas, as something mentioned before, aka "Captain America"! You both will have a very full and loving doubts!

Love to you both,
Karen and Craig

lacey said...

Hey miss Dena. The over all tone from you today seems alittle down. I only imagine how you must be feeling. It's so hard to try and be positive all the time. It's perfectly natural to be upset, and mad. And i'm sure ask "Why me? Why us?" And maybe i'm being too forward with saying that. I'm sure i'd be thinking the same. And the most important thing is, it's alright to feel a certain way, what ever that may be. But make sure you let yourself. It's apart of the healing process. My heart, even though I know you guys will be up and going before you know it, aches for you. It's impossible to be 100% positive all the time. That would be exhusting. Rob really seeing you must be so wonderful. He has come so far already. Just remember to lean on someone once in while. You need support as well. Together, you will heal. And time heals all, right? I keep on prayin. And each day we have together is truly a blessing. Take care.
lacey carroll

pam h. said...

Dena, Missed you the last couple days. I was glad to read your update from yesterday and see that he made some good progress, but don't let today bring you down. He is headed in the right direction. We will continue to pray that he is awake and alert for the girls at Thanksgiving. I can't imagine how excited you and your mom must be to see them. I'm sure they miss their mommy too. Take care of yourself. LOL Pam

Anonymous said...

Dena, In report this morning at work, I reported to Lana and some other nurses, the progress. Everyone is praying, thanks for keeping us posted. Terri Haire

Wendell said...

You both are fighters Dena and you have a good support team there to help you!! I am so proud of you and how tough you really are! Thanks for your updates, it is appreciated! All our love and continued prayers...
-Uncle Wendell

Anonymous said...

Dena and Family
I missed reading your update yesturday, but I am in awe of Rob's progress!! I can't imagine the emotional rollercoaster you are all facing!!! I have heard that there is a lot of frustration in patients with any sort of head trauma. I think they get frustrated because they can't communicate and are trying to figure out everything. We keep believing in Rob and praying for each and everyone of you. Take care of yourselves.

Ryan, Nataly & Taylin Sanley

Maggie45 said...

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Anonymous said...

just keep ticking the days off one by will get there. Rob is strong and you are strong enough for both of you. You are in our prayers.
ginny and ian lee

Chris said...

Rob and Dena,

Keep up the baby steps to victory. Hang in there, you can do it! My family and I are rooting for you.


Bonnie said...

Dena, you are Rob's cheerleader, but all of the people commenting after each post are your cheerleaders. When you are down, we are here, praying, cheering you on. Dena, this may be the hardest thing you will ever go thru. But you can do this. Because the Creator of the universe lives on the inside of you. Just let yourself go thru the emotions. Jump into the shower and let it flow. Go for a walk and let it out. Don't let little roots take hold. Let the Holy Spirit keep you clean. Just like they keep taking Rob to surgery to clean the wounds? Let Holy Spirit continually do that to you. If Rob could tell you? It hurts, but you will be so much healthier because of it. And ready to go back to be that cheerleader for Rob.

I love you Dena Lu! Angels round about you all. Blessings on all of the extra hands that are helping. Lane and Angie. Nurses. Drs. Family. ALL! Amen!


Anonymous said...

Praying for each of you that today will be a good day. I passed along this site to a friend who works with Solder's Angels. She told me that she learned of Rob the day that he arrived. Awaiting the next update to see how things are going. The Yeagers ; Atlanta,GA

About The Caddo Tribe said...

We'll pray that everything goes well on Friday for Rob. Thanks so much for the detailed updates. We read them everyday.

Shani and Mike Ginani