Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cooling blanket back on... :(

Just wanted to give an update. Tonight while I was with Rob, his temp went up to 101 so they had to put the cooling blanket back on. I felt so bad for him because it's such a pain (literally) to get it on. They have to roll him back and forth and I know it hurt him. The nurse was very kind though and gave him a big shot of pain medicine before.


Kathy said...

We're praying the infection will be wiped out with the antibiotics and that the cooling blanket can come off again. YOU are such a ROCK and STRENGTH for everyone--take care of you!
Kathy Jo and Dean Heine

Joyce Winfield said...


We hope the big shot of pain medicine helped when the cooling blanket had to be put back on Rob. Darn. We will pray for the lowering of Rob's temperature and continued prayer for the blood fungus infection.

Much love,
Aunt Joyce and Uncle Doug

brittneyjackson said...

Poor Rob! I'm praying so very hard for you guys Dena. It is so nice though to keep reading little stories that shows he is knowing you and loving you.

j said...

Dena-So sorry to hear of the small setback--we'll pray that the antibiotics work on the infection and the elevated temp is short-lived! Rob is making such good progress--THANKS BE TO GOD! Thanks to you, too, for being so strong and keeping all of us informed so we can continue to lift you up in prayer! God has His arms wrapped tightly around you both (and your families, too!), and He will not fail you! Praying that the next surgeries will go well and the break between them might be longer! Love and prayers....Jackie & Joe

Amy said...

Yellcas Family-
I am so happy to hear that Rob is progressing so well. I work for Boys Town and the young girls in my home pray for Rob everyday. They are always asking for updates and if there is anything they can do for you and your family. Please know that we love and care for all of you very much here in Nebraska.
God Bless,
Amy Hernbloom

Paige Tyler said...

There Rob goes again making sure you stay skinny!!=) And once again I think what amazing progress in the last couple of weeks that he can make his emotions known!

Tonight, Jadyn's school had a Gala and there was a DJ. One of the last songs they played tonight was Who Let the Dog's Out and I thought of Julia and that first day you found out about what happened to Rob. That song will never be the same to me now.

Love from MN said...

Our prayers continue and our love and support are traveling the miles from MN to MD.....

Love Aunt Julie(Schott)Davidson

KG2V said...

Prayerf for you, Rob, and the rest of your family. Fungal infections are NO fun at all. A friends Dad had one - don't be surprised if that sticks around a while at a low level. They got my friends Dad all fixed up while fighting the fungus (it was a heart bypass) - the Fungus was the last thing they fixed.

That said, I hope they can fix it fast

Julie. Soldiers Angels said...

I pray Rob's infection will be taken care of quickly and thoroughly by the antibiotics and his temperature will drop and stabilize so he can once again have the cooling blanket off. It's encouraging to note he showed dismay at you leaving, and that he is aware of your presence. You're doing such a great job at bringing him comfort and loving him through this. You say the absolute perfect things to help him put this into perspective and give him hope for better days. You continue to inspire me. I'm glad the moms are looking out for you and making sure you are getting nourishment and rest, which is important for your own well being so you can continue to be strong for Rob. Big Angel Hugs for you all.. God Bless.

julie morelli
soldiers' angels

Liz said...

Oh I hate to hear about the infection. I hope the abx and prayers wipe it out quick. I'm so glad to see that he is reacting to your presence thought. Keep up the great work. We are praying!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the infection. We will pray that it is taken care of quickly and his temps stabalize again. You are a rock and an amazing woman and together with the love and support of all your friends, family and the prayers of so many you don't even know your family will get through this! Don't forget to take care of yourself to so you can stay strong! God Bless and many prayers,
Katie Kazor

Aunt Nancy said...

Good morning Dena! OH DARN Oh DARN oh DARN on the blood fungus...we will just look at This nasty fungus as just a set back for a COME BACK...and Rob is the COME BACK KID!
We will continue praying for the doctors to get this fungus under control along with the temps staying normal so he can have that darn blanket off...& for Mondays surgery to be a success and, the last one for awhile!
I just BELIEVE that today is going to be a GREAT DAY for all of you...and, all the baby steps that Rob is taking ...I am going to pray that they become bigger and better with each day forward!
Keep your EYES UP! Our God is AWESOME!

xoxoxoLove you, Aunt Nancy

P.S. I can't wait to see your girls tomorrow! :))

Nancy said...

Roller coaster ride.... Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Dena -
I am so awed by the way the medical staff there zero in on what is going on with Rob and deal with it immediately. I'm glad they discovered the infection and started medication to combat it right away. I'm praying hard that the medicine does it's job and quickly for Rob.
I can't imagine the frustration that he must be feeling not being able to do things for himself. Tell him to try and enjoy the attention now, cause he'll be doing everything for himself again soon.
Hang in there, both of you. You are both so strong. I'm so proud of you both for how you are handeling this. Prayers continuing from Georgia.
Carol Dzurenko

natalie yllescas said...

hey there dena way to hang in there, poor rob i know how much he hates the cold but i am so amazed at how well he is doing, be sure to tell him that i love him so much and i will be back again soon to see him, take care of your self dena and give those two amazing little girls hugs and kisses from me when you see them.
natalie yllescas

Jillipede said...

Hello Dena,
Nothing original to say here, just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and praying for Rob daily. All my love, Jill

JoAnne Bartek said...

Dena: Our prayers continue that the blood fungus will be cleared with the antibiotics. I know you are anxious to see your girls this week and I know your Dad is so looking forward to being there with you, Rob and Bev.

Aunt Jo, Uncle Steve, Brooke & Ashley

Spencer's Mom said...

I am so sorry to hear about the fungal inf. As an old I.C. nurse, I would be happy to give you some ideas. I am always thrilled to hear of the excellent medical care Rob is getting and the staff's communication with you and the family. I also have some ideas for communicating with Rob that I'd love to share. These are things I've not read about in your blogs so I'm not sure if you are using them or not.

I am home recovering from surgery myself and have nothing but time on my hands. Rob and your family are in my constant prayers and if there is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Home email:
The power of prayer is such an amazing thing to behold. Rob and you will continue to see this power manifested through the years as you all learn of the many lives that have been touched through your family's ordeal and the blessings that have born as a result of it. Maybe we'll get to meet one day, Dena. I think you are truly an amazing young woman and I can definitely see Jesus through you.
As the proud mom of a son serving our country, I can tell you I am so thankful for my daughter-in-law and her role as a military wife and mother. I am certain Rob's mom's love for you has grown exponentially during this time in your lives as she thanks God for sending you to Rob as a helpmate. Please take care of yourself....and remember whose footsteps are in the sand when there is only one set. That's when you'll be able to rest.

Spencer's Mom

Mitch and Vicki Coffin said...

Hang in there! The medical staff is watching for, and treating anything that could come up. They will tackle the fungal infection. They, and your family, need you to persevere - as you have been. You are one strong soldier.
Just a few more days until Thanksgiving when you can all be together again. Please give the moms and dads and those little girls a hug and know we include all of you in our prayers.
Hugs and prayers,
Mitch and Vicki :-)

aheartfromtheblueridge said...

Jeez Louez. I am sorry to read that you are getting inappropriate emails. Thank you Nancy for being there to keep things on focus. None of us want such nonsense.

Dena, each and every day you touch my heart. You and your family have become very dear to so many. Happy to read you are taking some breaks here and there. That is a good thing.

Keep the faith. We are all pulling for you.

Quinn and Melanie said...

We will continue to pray, pray, pray! We so enjoying hearing you talk about Rob's facial expressions. I know I don't know Rob like Quinn does, but from what I did get to know the way you explain them make me smile. Rob does love you so and I did get to see that when I was with you guys. We do so hope the antibiotics wipe out the infection so the cooling blanket can come off. Stay strong and thanks for the updates!!

Thinking of you,
Mel, Quinn, Lauren & Meghan

Maggie45 said...

Still praying for you all. And prayers of gratitude for the Fisher Family. God bless you, Dena.

Maggie Goff
Bisbee, Az

The Bender's said...

We're praying for his temps to stabalize for good, so when he rids the blanket the next time it will be goodbye to it for good!

Thank you for your continued wonderful updates and your amazing strength and support of your soldier. Although the road will be long in the short term, you and Rob have lots more living to do....and lots of living to watch your little girls do! :)

We love you,
Karen and Craig

Courtney Roland said...

Hey Dena,
I'm so glad to hear Rob is making such great progress. Hopefully his temp cools down again soon & the infection improves. Can't wait to hear about how Thanksgiving goes with the girls coming to visit. Praying for you & him everyday. Take care. Love ya, Court

The Sullivan's said...

Oh Dena, I am so sorry to hear about the infection. I'm sure it's just one more baby step to get over. We are still praying all day everyday. We love you, Alayna Ryan, and Gavin

Anonymous said...

I'm praying that Rob's body can keep up the good fight. I'm praying for you and your family. Keep the faith, stay strong and God Bless!
Barb Nyffeler McArthur

Anonymous said...

I have been following Rob's progress through your postings. You both show so much strength and faith that it is truly awe inspiring. I will continue to pray for Rob, you and your families. We pray for our soldiers every day at my church.
Carol Ward,
a 6-4 parent

Kim Decker said...

OK, pray harder...check. Consider it done. Much love to you Rob and Dena.

Kim Decker

Annieb said...

Dear Heavenly Father, please continue to hear our prayers for Rob. Lord, take this fever away from him, and heal his blood infection, as well as his leg wounds and finger/hand wounds. Bless the doctors and nurses that are treating CPT Rob, in the name of Jesus, please hear our prayers. Amen!
Ann Boston

Jodi Lilly said...


Rob is in our thoughts and prayers. Praying for a successful surgery tomorrow. Stay strong!

Jodi (Seifert) Lilly