Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby steps

This morning, right before I woke up, I had a dream. I dreamt that I was sitting next to Rob in his ICU room and all of a sudden, he opened his eyes and turned them toward me. Then he lifted up his head. The dream fastforwarded and other people were in the room and he lifted up his left arm and scratched the back of his head. I was so happy that I had had that dream because I feel that was God talking to me. When I got to the hospital, I told the rest of Rob's family my dream. His brother, Chris, said that his wife had the same dream. She isn't here and hasn't seen Rob and she was able to describe how he looked almost to a T. She also dreamt that he had woken up! A while later, I went in to see Rob. I was holding his hand and all of a sudden, he gripped it really hard! My heart about jumped out of my chest. I told the nurse this. She said the key is to see if he does this and then you ask him to let go, he does. She said that way you know he's following commands. Of course I was trying to get him to squeeze my hand again, but he wouldn't. A while later, I was holding his hand and I went to readjust my hand and he grabbed it tighter again! I told him "Rob try to let go of my hand." Ever so slowly, he did. Now, I don't know if that was intentional or not, but I'll believe it was. Of course, Rob wouldn't do it for the nurse when she asked him too!!! He knows who is wife is. Again, this is baby steps, but it's a huge jump in hope for us. Around 11, the nurse said that she would like to give Rob some alone time. His blood pressure had increased and they wanted to make sure it was due to the company and not pain. When we got back, they had taken off his c-collar and removed the bolt from his head. His intracranial pressures had remained stable and he no longer needed the monitor in his brain. It is SOOO good to finally be able to see his whole face. However, it does make it more difficult at times because it just looks like he's sleeping and it's frustrating not being able to wake him up. The nurses said his blood pressure was still a little high but he had been resting quietly for awhile so they aren't sure if it's because he's in pain or not. They don't want to give him too much pain medicine at this point because they don't want to oversedate him. He is on morphine still though. The doctor was pretty happy with how today went. He said the chest tube on his left side may get to come out tomorrow since it's not draining much. His sodium level is still a little high but they are giving him some fluids to decrease this. He has surgery tomorrow for some more washouts and during it, the anesthesiologist is able to do more while Rob's under and so he may get something that's like a mini dialysis to hopefully balance out his levels. He also said that he saw Rob react more than he has before. When they were clearing out his trach, he would cough. Again, baby steps, but HUGE. There's still a LOT of praying to do. This is how I look at it. By all accounts, Rob should not be alive. The doctors are amazed that he made it this far. So, God would not get him through all of this, just to let him lay in a coma the rest of his life. He knows Rob is an amazing person and He has a bigger plan for him. When all you can do is wait and pray, FAITH comes in to play. Also, I got an email from somebody and they recommended I give Rob's blood type so people can help in that way by donating. Although you may not be able to directly donate to Rob (this is extremely hard to do) you can donate blood in honor of Rob. He is 0+ and I know that blood type is much needed. As I've said before, he's required 100+units of blood so far. Without people who have given their time and blood, Rob would not be here. Monday Rob is going to receive his purple heart. It would be so great if he would be awake for this. Again, many many thanks for all the prayers and comments. I know God is hearing each and every one and he is working on healing Rob's body so he can come home to his wife and 2 beautiful children.


Anonymous said...

I anxiously await every update and I hold on to every positive thing Rob is doing. I truly believe he knew you were there when he was tightening his grip on your hand. I will continue to remain optimistic and I too believe he is going to come out of this, before you know it he will be sitting up in bed and scratching his head, just like in your dream. Continue to have the faith!

Thanks again for the update,

Melinn (Schott) Klein

lacey said...

Wonderful!!! It does seem God himself was trying to reassure you. I believe He was giving you a sign of things to come. I'll contine to pray for you all. Take care.
Lacey Carroll

Melissa said...

It was so uplifting to read this post Dena! You are right, they are baby steps, but WONDERFUL baby steps. Keep your head up girl, God is right there with all of you.
Much love,

Household6 said...

Baby steps are always necessary before you learn how to run. Still Praying!!


Anonymous said...

Dena! This is incredible progress! We are so happy to learn that Rob is making great strides in his recovery and we are sure he will continue to get better.

Rob, we are praying for you and asking God to continue to remain by your side and give you the strength and fortitude you need to recover. Stay strong buddy.


Heather said...

That is so great to hear! I am so happy to hear you both had those dreams and for him to squeeze your hand is amazing! It is so true that God works in mysterious ways. I look forward to your next post about his progress! You are doing so great Dena! Stay strong girl!!! We are all praying so hard for you, Rob and the rest of the family!
Heather Sanchez
(wife of 6/4 B Troop)

The Bender's said...

YOU ROCK, ROB!!! We love you and are praying so much that each day will bring you closer to being with your family! You continue to do your part which you are doing so greatly and with sooo much courage and we'll continue to surround you with healing prayers!

Dena - YOU ARE A..W..E -(clap, clap)S..O..M..E...ok so that is my way of cheering you on from here in Ohio! LOL!! Sorry am a bit giddy with joy with your news!

We love you,
Karen and Craig

Lisa J. said...

Dena -- It is such a blessing to receive moments of encouragement like these, to sustain your faith and keep you going. Rob (and you) are such wonderful examples of the good aspects of human nature. Thanks for maintaining this blog and sharing not only Rob's progress, but demonstrating how your faith and family and friends are helping you to keep going.

Lisa Joner

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing day!! It has to feel really good to see progress, even if it is baby steps. Rob has to feel at ease knowing you and all his family is around him cheering him on. We continue to pray for God to give him and all of you the strength you need to travel with him down the road to recovery. We pray God guides his doctor's hands and thoughts as they care for Rob. Dena, we believe God does have a big plan for Rob, and we can't wait to see what it is. Thank you for the update!

Ryan, Nataly, & Taylin Sanley

lisalou said...

Awesome news. Baby steps are a great way forward. We are thinking of you and your family everyday. Stay strong. My husband will stop by tomorrow to visit and offer support. If you want to know more about what we do please call Nancy Kules. God Bless, Lisa Lourake

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I think of you daily and look forward to every update. Hang in there!

Jenni (Rief) Fink & Family

Joyce Winfield said...


This is fantastic news! We rejoice with you and thank God for these positive signs of Rob's recovery. I spent the day with your Dad and gave him hugs. We went to see Grandpa Bert. He has told me how sorry he is that this happened to Rob and you. Take care of yourself and God will take care of Rob.

(Bev -- Sitting in your kitchen today I saw the "Coffee Break" blocks. I missed not hearing you ask, "Would you drink a cup of coffee?" We'll drink lots of cups when you get home! Take care of yourself.)

Much Love,
Aunt Joyce and Uncle Doug

Long-time RN said...

One day at a time, babysteps are a blessing at this point. Hang in there, we are praying for Rob and your family. A good cry every now and then is good for you, Dena. Gotta let it out.

Joe and Ashley Grady said...

Wonderful news! What an AWESOME baby step!We are thinking of you and your family everyday. Can't wait to hear what happens the next few days...I will continue to pray to hear great news.

-Joe and Ashley Grady

Rosie said...

DENA!:) I am reading your messages everyday, and praying for good news. THIS is awesome, I know Rob will soon be opening his eyes and sracthing his head as well. WONDERING what the heck! PLEASE DENA, IF YOUR READING MY MESSAGES CALL JANET 301-981-1240 I KNOW YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE, BUT WE NEED TO ASK YOU SOMETHING, AND I WANTED TO SEE IF YOUR MOM WANTED TO COME DOWN TO ANDREWS.
I pray that Rob will be wide awake to get his Purple Heart. GOD is there for you, keep praying everyone.
WE hope to see you soon, as I am reading, I see Lisa Lourake is also writing to you. YES, SEE WHAT SHE & ANDY DO they are amazing. LOVE YOU LISA & ANDY LOURAKE

Rose & Janet

caring aussie said...

Thank you so much for the progress report Dena, especially as today's was such a positive one. Your husband is definitely giving his all to get through this.
I believe you are 100% correct when you say Rob would not have made it this far if there was a plan to take him from you and your children... I believe there to be a plan, but that's not it.
How fortunate you are to have such loving and supportive family and friends, they must give you great strength and comfort; deservedly.
I pray for more HUGE baby steps tomorrow.
Know you are all in my thoughts.

pam h. said...

Dena, Awesome to hear that there is some progress. Those baby steps are going to lead to leaps. There is a saying, "You can't keep a good man down." We know rob is a GREAT man. Not a minute goes by when I'm not thinking about you guys (your ears must be flaming with all the thoughts and prayers that you are getting)We will pray that Rob wakes up to receive his Purple Heart. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Love, Pam, Ryan and the Boys

Bender Bunch said...

Hey Dena,
Well its ironic you asked for blood. I donated today and I'm O+. It went to Wright Patterson AF Base to the Armed Forces Blood Program. Great hearing the news and progress. We'll continue with the prayers. God Bless you two!
Craig and Karen

Liz said...

Dena in the support group that I belong to for our oldest, Little Joe, we call these "baby steps" inchstones. While other mothers celebrate milestones with their children we rejoice over every inchstone. You keep on rejoicing!! So glad to hear more good news. Joe and I are always thinking and praying for you both.

Randall & Trisha said...

It is a relief to read your posts. To read anything is reassuring, but then to hear Rob's remarkable progress is awesome! Keep up the good work!

Andy Boston said...

Dena - Outstanding news. Our fingers are crossed!!!

Andy & Candis Boston

Quinn and Melanie said...

I/we love baby steps! I was so blue the after reading what you wrote yesterday, but after reading what you have written today I feel so much better. God definitely has great plans for you and Rob. I/we will definitely donate blood in honor of Rob and pass the word around to our family and friends to do the same.

Thank you so much for your updates.
Give Rob's hand a squeeze for us.

In our thoughts and prayers,
The Eddy's

Anonymous said...

You show tremendous courage, strength and generosity in sharing Rob's story and your own. Please know that you give immeasurable hope and faith to all who love and care for your family. Take comfort and renew your spirit and strength in the many outpourings of love and caring inspired by your own hand.

Unity Is Strength
One little prayer ascending
From a man bowed low in prayer
Can pierce the highest heavens
And bring down blessings rare.

Where two or three are gathered,
We have it on God's word
That He is in the midst of them,
And their prayer is surely heard.
words of Rev. Thomas Foy

Dena, Barb and family,
Stay strong and united in your love and faith and may the many prayers offered be a reminder of God's love and guidance during this difficult time.

The Davidsons said...

Great news! Rob knows you are there and we are so happy that you are seeing signs of healing.

We all know God works in mysterious ways, and his plan for all of you, may be to show us just how precious life is.

Thanks for the updates,
Carlie & Todd Davidson

Anonymous said...

I final figured how to leave you a comment...=) Jeremiah, the kids and I have been praying faithfully.

A wise woman (my mother-in-law) once told me...Praying is not the only thing you can is the absolutely BEST thing you can do!!!!

God does not make mistakes, and He will use this to bring you and so many others closer to Him. Thank you for being His witness.

In Him,
Jody, Jeremiah, Tori and Quinlan

Donna Walker said...


That is such great news! Again, God will only give you as much as you can handle.

Keep it up! You have a beautiful family waiting for you and tons of friends and family praying for you.

Donna W

Lori said...

Just came from a High School concert where the band played all the Marches of the Armed Forces and had veterans in the crowd stand when the band played the song for their branch of the military.

Next year at this time, Rob will be standing up when they play the Army song.

Aunt Lori Schott

Kris said...

Many, many prayers are being sent up for your whole family.

Kris Mahurin

Anonymous said...


We're THRILLED to hear about these baby steps! You are such an amazing person - with your faith and positive attitude; Rob is not only lucky to be alive, but lucky to have you by his side. We look forward to your next update with more good news!

Julie & James McGahey

Anonymous said...

very relieved to read this post! We have been praying for you and Rob, and I know we are one of many who have you in their thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, he knows you are there and can draw strength from you......
love Ginny and Ian Lee

Anonymous said...

It´s great to hear he's slowly reacting!!!Way to go ROB!!!We keep praying for you and await for news every day (thank u Dena for taking the time to inform us of his status!) Hugs from Xela,
Patty de Leon

Anonymous said...


We are so happy to hear the great news about Rob. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. We appreciate getting the update.

Debbie and Caroline Runquist

Carol said...

Reading this tonight made me have goose bumps, it all sounds very encouraging. I agree with you that God would not let him come this far I that he is in Gods hands and God will lead him home to you all. Love Carol

Shelly and Aaron said...

That is wonderful news that Rob is starting to grab your hand, it is definitely progress.

We continue to pray for Rob and the family. Stay strong and let us know if there is anything we can do for you

Love you
Shelly, Aaron and Megan

Maggie45 said...

Dena, you don't know me, but I want to let you know that I pray for you all several times each day. I will probably post the same thing each time you post an update. I just want to let you know how many people are supporting you.

Maggie Goff
Bisbee, Az

Amy said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the whole family. Stay strong and cherish every moment you spend with Rob.

God Bless
Amy Hernbloom

Rodriguez said...

That's wonderful news Dena! It's baby steps, but it's progress!! Thank you again for sharing. We are continuing to pray for you and your family every day.

Rodriguez Family

JoAnne Bartek said...

I continue to be amazed by your strength Dena. I spent a long time this evening on the phone with your Dad and I told him what an awesome job he and your mom had done in raising you three kids. You are such a blessing to Rob. Layne and Angie are such a blessing to Julia and Eva. Aaron and Shelly are ready and willing to do ANYTHING. I am so proud of all of you.

Tomorrow after work I am going to Malcolm with lots of donations that staff from my school (Kahoa) have so graciously given. I am in awe at how caring people are and this blog continues to blow me away every time I check it!!!

We love you,
Aunt Jo, Uncle Steve, Brooke & Ashley

Justin said...

Dena -

I check the blog several times a day and pass all information I can find back to PFC Reed Verucci for him to pass to the Capt's soldiers (just in case the guys aren't able to get to the web page). I make sure that Reed checks the site if there is any update, and I am so very pleased to have read today's news.

My family continues to pray for Rob, the entire Yllescas family, the caregivers, and your wonderful support group.

Jackie Fjell said...

Dena & Rob-What awesome news--well worth waiting for! I find myself checking your blog for updates and even for new comments many times during the day! It's so encouraging for me to read them--can't imagine what they're doing for you! You can be sure Rob knows you're there, but the hand squeezing is a HUGE step! I'm betting he'll be very aware of the Purple Heart--may he accept and wear it whith the honor he deserves! We continue to pray, pray, pray and we know it's WORKING! Have a good night and thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to keep us all updated! Love & prayers.....Jackie & Joe

Nancy said...

Even though I got an update from you on the phone, I was anxious to read the latest post. When we talked I was so glad to hear about the confidence you have in the care Rob is getting- I can tell you that the things I saw during our time at Walter Reed were nothing short of a miracle... Give the situation time- like so many people have said, "Baby steps!"


Anonymous said...

My cousin called me today, she was an old school friend of your husbands in Guatemala. She spoke to me about your blog, and I immediately came here to see it. I can only imagine what you're going through, but know that we are all praying for Rob, you, and your entire family. I'm sure that dream only means that he will be waking up soon. God Bless.


Sarah (Sherman) Schroeder said...

Dena, Shannon just sent me the blog site and my heart goes out to you and the girls. From what I knew of Rob during nursing school, he is a strong person. Here's a funny thought...remember when we did our project on military families? It brings a smile to my face and I hope it does yours. Continue praying and he will make slow but positive progress. It's worse as a nurse since you know what the worst is. Remain strong, for you and Rob and the girls. I am glad to hear he is making progress!!! I will pray EVERY DAY for your family!

brittneyjackson said...

Yah Rob!! We are so proud of you for being so strong. You are an AMAZING man and this world is a better place having you in it. Keep fighting, we are all here cheering you on. Thinking about you!

Dena, Keep up the fantastic job you are doing. I'm so proud of you. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Dena - As one of the newest members of the Gissler family, I have not yet had the opportunity to meet you or Rob however my heart goes out to you. I anxiously await each update on Rob's condition and am glad to hear each baby step along the way. I ache when I read some of these messages and yet am uplifted by the outpouring of support and genuine love these messages relay. My husband Dean and I inlcude you in our prayers every day and will continue to do so. Words are truly insufficient to express how much gratitude and appreciation we feel for the sacrifices Rob made as well as those that will come for both of you. Stay strong and know that God will provide the strength you need and find new ways to bless you both.
Nanci Gissler
Aurora, Colorado

Anonymous said...

I am in tears....How amazing our God is.....Please let Rob know that I am updating my husband so he can let the rest of Rob's guys know how he is doing....Brian says he does not get as much info as I can give and believe me they are ALL eager to hear how THERE COMMANDER IS DOING.....the McGroarty Family.....

Anonymous said...

Dena you are so amazingly strong. As I read about you breaking down and crying I cried too. I wish that I could be there with you to cry together. As I recall, we were good at that! Rob is also strong and the signs seem encouraging. I think of you both all the time and I pray for God to hold you close to Him. Take care and hang in there!

Jenny (Mentink) Forbes

Anonymous said...

I'm Shawn Van Tassell's mom. Melinda called tonight to tell us about Rob and sent your blog link. I have read most of them and wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the woman you are. Very well spoken, optimistic and comforting to those not able to be with you. My heart goes out to you and your family. We, too, will pray for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Continue to have faith...and optimism. . . for God honors the faithful. isn't it amazing the strength we find when loved ones are in need? Pleae know that many people around the world. . and right next to you, are praying in faith too.

I am the aunt of one of Rob's troop members (Kris C. from Ft Hood and home town: Milton-Freewater, Oregon) His wife keeps us posted and we keep the whole unit in prayer. Thnak you Rob, for taking good care of our Kris. He speaks highly of you. This I know: Kris had great faith and you can bet he's called in the whole troops on your behalf. Don't be surprized if you have a visitor from his family. Another of his aunt's is in the Army and is in DC.
Beleive! Capture each moment, and know you all are hugged by the grace of God. We're praying for you all:) Wishing you PEACE and healing through this journey.
In Christ and hope!
Dorothy W

Anonymous said...

I love you, Dena, and please know that we are praying for Rob, and for you, and for your sweet girls. What a blessing it was to become friends during our time at Fort Benning. In Bible Dictionary we read, "The object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking for them." We will keep praying.


Melinda (and Shawn) Van Tassell

Jaime Pachta said...

I am so happy to hear this positive news. We will continue to pray that these baby steps keep getting BIGGER and BIGGER. It is so evident how much you love eachother. He will continue to recover because he has you and his daughters and the love you all share. We will keep praying that the POSITIVE news keeps coming! :) You are in our thoughts constantly, Dan, Jaime, Ashley, Nicolas, and Mitchell

Stacy said...

I am so happy to hear of Rob's "baby steps". I will continue to pray for you and your family in this trying time. Stay Strong Dena you are an amazing woman.
Thinking of you,
Stacy Hughes

Ginger said...

Rob, Dena, and family, we heard about your situation from Chaplain Cooper (formerly in Germany). I know Germany is praying for you and now Greece will be praying for you too. We may be spread throughout the world, but we are united through prayer. The people at NSA Souda Bay are pulling for you!

The Barker Family

Anonymous said...

Baby steps are good and such a positive sign that Rob is with you and hears you, Dena! May God continue to bless you both and help Rob to open his eyes and scratch his head.......for I have faith that he will!

Marianna said...

I hope it's ok that I continue to read & comment. I am so optimistic for your husband. I wish him all the best & continue with the baby steps!


Anonymous said...


Everyone here at Fort Riley is praying for your family. You are a very strong woman and I know you can get through this. I have faith that Rob will pull through as well. Please let us know if we can help in anyway, especially with the girls, they are so close (distance) to us, I'm sure if your family needed some help we could find ways!

Stay strong, you are doing wonderful and make sure you take care of yourself too.

We miss you guys!

Michael & Hanna Crowder said...

Dena, this is awesome news! We are so glad that Rob is responding and that he's doing so well! Keep on believing - we are praying for you both constantly!
Keep working and fighting, Rob! You are amazing!
Michael and Hanna

cary said...

Wonderful News! I look forward to hearing about his daily improvements - knowing that God will be watching over him every step of the way.

McGreer Family said...

Dena and Rob

Your are in our thoughts in prayers daily, nightly, hourly. I can't even imagine what you are going through. It is so good to hear that he is making improvements. We are constantly checking for updates.

"Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble, for the Lord your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6

Amber (Coffin) McGreer

Anonymous said...

Praises to God for all the baby steps. Prayers for continued healing. Please remember to take care of yourself.

Scott said...

Dena -

Thanks for the continued updates. Our God is an awesome God, and I know he has you, Rob, the girls, and the family in his arms.

Scott and Kelsey Hayes

Anonymous said...

Dena, I used to work with your mom at the Red Cross. Diana Johnson sent me an e-mail titled "urgent prayer request". Just wanted you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Stay strong for each other and God bless you all.
Lori Muegerl-Whitefoot

Christy and Brian McGarry said...

Every time I read your updates I end up in tears. You, Rob, and your families are in our prayers! I'm thrilled to hear that Rob is making progress and letting you know he's there with you! God is good! Take care.

Anonymous said...

I'm a soldier in the United States Army. I do not know the struggle that your husband is going through, but I know he is blessed to have you there to support him. You will never know how much you mean to your husband right now. He will get better and part of that is having you by his side and having your faith. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dena and Rob,
It was great to read some good news. This should be very encouraging for you. We are keeping each of you in our prayers and know what wonderful things prayers can accomplish. Healing is in progress even though at times you may not be sure. Continue to know how many, many friends are praying for your family.
Larry and Karen Wieseman

Julie. Soldiers Angels said...

Dena...thank you for sharing this update so candidly. You're so right...these are baby steps...all progress for Rob, one little step at a time. I believe he knows you're there and he is just slowly working his way forward in his recovery till he is ready to be awake. He just needs this time. You're doing such a wonderful job, Keep the faith. God is with you both and prayers are coming 24/7!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dream which will soon become a reality! We have been praying for your family and will continue to do so. Thanks so much for the updates. We look for them every morning.

Shani and Mike Ginani
(Kaine Meshkin's sister and brother-in-law)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dena for the updates. Today's was good news! Praying hard here in Georgia. Hang in there!

Carol Dzurenko

Anonymous said...

Dena it is good to hear the news about the baby steps. Baby steps are the best. You keep up the good work with Rob and he will pull thru. I truly believe that God is not done with you guys yet. He has loads of years and projects planned for you guys. Ditto what Erin said about your family or you needing help. We are just a call or email away. Take care of yourself. Give yourself a hug from us. Cindy ( IACH L&D)

Anonymous said...

We're praying, too

LT Adrian, Sierra, Draven and Savannah Donnahoe said...


Our hearts goes out to you guys. You guys are in our prayers and we are pulling for Rob's quick recovery. Stay strong and positive and all will be well.

God Bless,
LT Adrian, Sierra, Draven and Savannah Donnahoe

Anonymous said...

To Rob's family,

I live in Omaha, Nebraska and just read your story in the newspaper.
Hang in there. God is at your side, and we will pray for all of you! It sounds like you have great faith. I agree with you on Rob showing signs of progress. You know Rob best, so follow your own instincts on the progress he is making, keep talking to him and holding his hand. He feels your love. I wish you the best and will keep checking on the updates! May God Bless all of you!!

Nate Schott said...

Here is Rob's link to the Omaha World Herald. Also, Dena be sure to get some photos of the medal presentation ceremony. It is a great honor!!!

Anonymous said...

I pray that his surgery goes well today. Sounds like he has made great strides! I am a friend of Natalie's from Lincoln. There are so many people pulling for you Rob! Dena, i believe your dream will come true, soon. Take Care.

Kelly S.

Anonymous said...

We all start out with baby steps. Keep talking to Rob as he can hear you. May God continue to hold you in his hands & watch over you.
Don't forget to take care of yourself as well


Anonymous said...

Hi there. We have never "met" except for now! I got your blog website from a friend who got it from a friend... etc. I cannot relate with your current situation; I can only relate with your husband having been deployed because mine just finished his deployment. However, please know that we are praying fervently! I cannot imagine how heart wrenching and draining this must be. Blessed are you for having faith--God is faithful and will continue to supply you with what you need, overabundantly. In His grip, "virtual" hugs, Aisha.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. We have never "met" except for now! I got your blog website from a friend who got it from a friend... etc. I cannot relate with your current situation; I can only relate with your husband having been deployed because mine just finished his deployment. However, please know that we are praying fervently! I cannot imagine how heart wrenching and draining this must be. Blessed are you for having faith--God is faithful and will continue to supply you with what you need, overabundantly. In His grip, "virtual" hugs, Aisha.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I was at Bethesda with my brother 4 years ago. It is a wonderful facility and they will take good care of you.

Jessica (Nolte) Hill
Sister of the Late Sgt. Nicholas S. Nolte (9-16-79 to 11-24-04)

~ Uncle Sam's Family, Est. September 1994 ~ said...

As I read your blog today, I felt God urging me to share the song Be Still by Steven Curtis Chapman. You may know it already, but please take a moment to listen again. Know that my family is covering you with prayers!

Jackie from Nebraska said...

I was reading the Omaha World Herald on-line and the article about Rob and your family caught my attention. My son Greg is with the 82nd Airborne and returned home from Iraq in July after a 13 month tour. Thankfully he returned home safely. Reading your entries reminded me again how much the men and women in our Military sacrifice. Please know that my prayers are with you and your family. I want you to know that you are an incredibly strong and brave woman and that when Rob gets better he will be so very proud of you.

Cassandra said...

I can not express how much your updates mean to me. I anxiously await any news no matter how small. I root for all of Rob's progress no matter how small. I must admit that since you made your friends and family aware of Rob's condition. I wanted to post a comment immediately but what do I say? How can I offer comfort? The truth is, your situation made too much of an impact on me but I can not cower in fear, like you I must be strong, I feel like if I can be strong even though I am far away, you and your family will still be able to feed from that strength that I am sending, I hope that on those days when your strength is diminished, my strength from afar will lift you up and sustain you. Like Rob, I am in the military scheduled to deploy summer 2009 his injury made me more aware of the coming danger I will be facing myself. You try not to think about it but it is something you have to face. Like Rob, I discussed the possibilities with my family, now that I am married with a child, I must admit that I am more fearful of this deployment that my previous deployment to Tikrit and Taji Iraq. Even though I am fearful I will do my duty. Faith and prayer goes a long way to ease fear and to bring reassurance. Dena, always remember the parable of the mustard seed (Matthew 13: 31-32 and Luke 17:6). Small faith, small prayer, small steps can bring big results. You and your family are in my prayers.

Many Prayers,
Cassandra, Ben, Aunt Kelly, Miette and Alex

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 11/07/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

Anonymous said...

Rob and Dena,

I pray for you as you go through this horrible tragedy. I know that God will bring you both through this. I wish both you and your daughters the very best and I am heart broken with the news.

Thank you for the updates and know that my family and I are praying for you.

Patrick, Starrissa and Sierra Mugg

Anonymous said...

Hey Dena, we just found out about Robs accident. I cannot imagine what you are going through. The last time we saw Rob was in KS on the boat and he was full of life. It is a blessing to hear how well he is recovering and the strength God has given you to be the wife Rob needs through this difficult time. We will keep your family in our prayers.

God Bless You,
Patrick, Sierra and Starr Mugg

Anonymous said...

I saw Rob's story on the World-Herald Web site today. I was a bus driver for Rob and Chris when they went to East Jr. High (1991-92 and 1992-93). I visited Guatemala during the summer of 1992, and I distinctly remember driving Rob and his brother and that they were from Guatemala. Just wanted you to know that Rob and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord bring healing and hope to you all.


M. Stiemann (Omaha, NE)

Rich Zerbst said...


Both you and Rob are in our thoughts and prayers daily. It is great to hear about his progress. Thank you so much for taking the time to write the regular updates.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I am blessed to hear that you and Rob are back stateside. Thank you for the updates and sharing the awesome news of Rob's medical progress. Tell Rob hi and to keep up the fighting spirit. God bless, Z

Sandy Wright said...

Dena and all,
Just to let you now that Pidge and Sandy are praying especially for Rob's recovery. Prayer is awesome and powerful!

Anonymous said...

God has given you amazing strength and faith. You're families' story has touched the hearts and minds of many. I continue to pray for many more baby steps.

Kim Decker said...

Rob and Dena,

What great news! My skin tingled when I read your blog today. I know you describe it as another baby-step, but it appears that Rob is steadily improving and taking steps forward rather than backwards. I know in my heart that Rob is a fighter and I can't wait to hear more updates of his progress. Dena, you still remain the first thing I think about each morning and my last thought as I go to bed each night. The docs are taking care of Rob and I know that he is receiving world-class care, so I feel that he is definitely in good hands. You, however, are the one who continues to inspire me each day with your devotion, maturity, grace and profound love for your husband. My hats off to you, Dena. You're unbelievable and I am so incredibly proud of you. You are very much in my prayers. Take care of yourself and keep taking care of Rob. You are doing a GREAT job!


Mike from Topeka, KS said...

Dena, Rob and Family;
One of our church members, who's son is an artillery forward observer in Rob's unit, added you all to our church e-mail prayer list. Several hundred people will now be praying for you and they will all pass your name to others for prayer. God will hear your name and needs all day and night from many believers.
I will follow the updates and pray daily and often for Rob's recovery.
I am a former Army Staff Sergeant from the Viet Nam era. Someday when we all meet in heaven, I look forward to giving Rob one of my best salutes and telling him in person: "Thanks for your service!"
Your Brother in Christ

JoAnne Bartek said...

Rob & Dena: Ashley and I just got back from Malcolm where we got hugs and kisses from both your girls. Rob's sister and brother-in-law and daughters arrived as we were leaving. You can rest assured that the girls are being well taken care of by Layne, Angie and EVERYONE else who hears anything about your story. My strongest prayer now is that Rob will be aware on Monday as he receives the purple heart.
Love you,
Aunt Jo, Uncle Steve, Brooke & Ashley

Kathy said...

"Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you perserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes, with your right hand you save me..."
We continue to thank God for your courage and faith and pray each day brings you closer to recovery.
Kathy Jo and Dean Heine

carriewannabePA said...

Dena, I will be first to admit I'm not a huge fan of needles. But, I am O+, too and I will be donating in honor of Rob.
Rob, thank you for all the sacrifices you've made for your country. You are amazing, truly a hero.

Mary Burcham said...

Mary Burcham said,
Barb and Dena, my friends and I pray for Rob every morning and night. I see the grace of the father sustaining you. He has sustained me through the loss of my daughter. Remember Jesus paid the ultimate price for all of mankind...He in every sense bore in his body the scares of conflict, to save all of humanity. Declare to Rob these scriptures for His fellow soldier Jesus himself ,can ,and is touched with the feelings of his infirmaties. 1 Peter 2:24," He Himself bore my sins in his BODY on the tree, so that I might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds I have been healed." Psms. 30:2 " I cry out to the Lord and He heals me." Psm. 107:20 "He sends His word and heals me and rescues me from the pit and destruction." There is nothing more powerful than God's promises. He has promosed to stand by his word. I love you all and I am with you in God's Spirit. May the Father give you the wisdom that comes from above to understand all... for He has promised to , to any man who would ask...ask and the God of comfort will give you wisdom for all that you must face now and in the future. Much Love In Him, Mary Burcham

Anonymous said...

I met your brother-in-law yesterday when he wrote me a ticket. I caused an accident and thankfully no one was hurt.
I was thanking God for that and telling officer Winterbauer that God protected me as an infantryman in Vietnam in 1968. This prompted him to tell me about Rob.
My wife and I are praying for him and you and the girls.
We are sharing this with everyone.
May God grant you with the blessing of Rob's healing.
Read Roman's 15:13

In His Love,
Alan & Anna Hansen

Kathy & Chris said...

You are in our daily prayers for healing and strength. Keep getting stronger and better.
Thanks Dena for the wonderful updates, you and the girls (& all the family)are in our prayes as well.
Keep up the good work and "wake Rob up". -smile-
God Bless You all.
With our love, thoughts & prayers,
Kathy & Chris Catalanotto
& family
New Orleans, LA

pmentink said...

Dena, We are keeping up to date with all your postings. We are just so proud of you and your family. Our prayers are with you. God bless each of you . Pat Mentink

Penny said...

Barb and Family,
I just got up on the intermissions email list and saw the news about Rob. I am so sad to hear this news. Please know I will be praying for Rob and for all of you as you face these difficult days. What a wonderful web site and it is clear that Dena is trusting the Lord each step of the way. I will keep watching the site to get updates.
God bless,
Penny Stamps, your old pal from Gua