Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another surgery down

Today was a pretty good day for Rob. This morning before surgery, Barb and Otto were in with Rob and they told me that Rob opened his eyes for a few seconds for them a couple of times. When I was in the room he barely opened them and then closed them again. Then the neuro dr came in and evaluated him. He did a few tests and was really optimistic about the results. Rob still isn't opening his eyes to commands but when the dr opened them for him and turned his head from side to side, his eyes would move back to the center. They weren't fixed in one position which is really good. He also shined a light in his eyes and his pupils reacted appropriately. At one point, it looked like his eyes followed the light off to the side but when he tried it on the other side, he didn't do it. So it's hard to say if that was just a fluke or if he did it purposefully. Also when he touched his corneas with the tip of a q-tip, he blinked his eyes which shows he has a corneal reflex. The dr did tell me he has another test he could do to evaluate more of the brainstem activity but it could cause some pain on Rob. He would put ice cold water down his ears and he should have a reflex to it. However, the dr said it is an optional test and he feels he would pass it so it was completely up to me if I wanted him to do this test. I opted not to. I don't want to cause anymore pain on Rob and he's reacting well to the other tests. While Rob was at surgery, mom, Barb, a friend of Barb's (Diana) and I were invited to the Fisher House at Andrews AirForce Base for a tea. Rob and I stayed there a couple times last year when I was having procedures done at Walter Reed. We got to know the ladies that work there really well and have kept in touch with them. The niece of the Fishers was there so they invited us to meet them. We had a nice time seeing the ladies again and meeting some other nice people. It was good to get away and get our minds off of things for awhile. When we got back, we got a call that Rob was out of surgery. The surgery went extremely well. They washed his wounds but I noticed they did not place the new feeding tube. I didn't get a chance to ask the dr about this but I'm guessing it's because the tube they are going to use has not arrived yet. He received 2 units of blood in surgery only because he usually loses 1 unit with the washouts. However, when they got his blood count back after surgery, his blood levels were just the same as they were before he left so that was great news. His vital signs also look really good. The nurse had shaved him so he looked extremely handsome!!! :) Now we just have to get someone to give him a haircut! His swelling has really gone down and his leg wounds look really good. Tonight when I was sitting with him, he opened his eyes several times. He only opened them about halfway but he kept them open for approximately 15-20 seconds. He's not on any sedation medicine right now so I'm hoping this will give him the opportunity to start waking up more. Overall I feel today went really well. So many days I wake up saying "This is going to be a GREAT day!" and then I leave the hospital at night with a heavy heart. His progress is so slow that you don't realize how much he's gotten better until a couple of days later. Now more than ever I'm realizing that this is going to be a really long road. But the thing that I keep saying to myself over and over is "the best things come to those who wait." God knows when Rob's body will be ready for him to wake up. I'm excited because I'm having the girls come down for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping Rob will be in a place in his healing where he will be able to see them.


Kati in Nebraska said...

Thank you for the update, yes it does sound like Rob is on the road to slow recovery, but thats okay. I am sure when his body is ready he will wake up. You and your family are in my prays. My god bless you and keep watching over y ou

The Soutters said...

Hey Dena!
Keep your chin up girl! I just realized today that it's only been 15 days since you got the phone call about Rob. You have been through a HUGE amount of things in the past 15 days! Rob's progress so far is phenomenal considering the time frame, and you have done a FANTASTIC job of supporting him and keeping all of us updated! Every little baby step counts for so much. Please remember to take excellent care of yourself, and the rest will fall into place on its own. We are all thinking of you every day!

Leta said...

Rob ~ I only met you one time but I knew before your accident that there are many people who respect and trust you. Now that you have been wounded it is so obvious that you and Dena have an endless supply of family and friends who love you deeply. Dana's strength, devotion and faith are an inspiration beyond that of most people I have ever encountered. I know that once you are through the initial healing and are alert you, too, will be such an inspiration to us as you move forward. My prayers continue for you, Dena, the girls and your extended family. I just know God is looking out for all of you. Your strength is amazing.

The Morrow Family said...

Dena, Just read your update and it sounds so encouraging. His progress sounds phenomenal and you always sound so upbeat. Your attitude will mean so much to him in the future so keep the faith and know that there are so many people praying for all of you!!! I so look forward to your updates and pray God's blessings on your entire family. I hope that you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving and know that we will be remembering you in our Thanksgiving prayers.

Aunt Nancy said...

Today sounded like a GREAT day! I am sure it gets frustrating when you want things to move along more quickly...but, one of these days Dena he will be up and giving orders :))...and, with what he has gone through we will all run to make sure he gets what he wants. We better be careful he will think he is KING! LOL
On a serious note...I am thinking about you guys continuously and PRAYING consistantly. (Your mom probably has told you that I call her for updates and being a pain in the you know what) ...And, I can't wait till Rob wakes up either!
I love you and I am SO proud of you is just amazing What we can go through and then RISE UP to the occassion meet it head on and be stronger then we ever thought imaginable. And, YOU have truly had a sleeping giant within that is ROARING! Keep up being positive and when you have a moments weakness just know that it is okay...let go and Let God!
xoxoxox Aunt Nancy

Heather said...

Dena that is awesome news! For me it seems like he has had so much progress but I am sure with you being there and seeing it all it makes it seems slower and harder. Stay strong you are doing so good :) It's still about 2 weeks til thanksgiving so hopefully that will give him more time to get be in a better place for the girls! I'm sure he will make it to that place with all the progress he has made in the last couple of weeks! You all are in our prayers as always and will continue to be! Glad to hear things are good!
Heather Sanchez

Joyce Winfield said...


Of course your heart is heavy because you love Rob so much. Your broken heart will continue to mend as Rob continues to show signs of healing. Opening his eyes so many times today is awesome. Continue to lean on others. There are lots of shoulders out here!

Much love,
Aunt Joyce and Uncle Doug

caring aussie said...

Hi dena, thank you for the update on Rob's condition. It's mid afternoon in this part of the world, and it's been a long wait to read today's entry. So pleased the news is good.
The recovery road always seems longer than we think, but with the strength and courage you and Rob have, you'll probably cover it in record time :)
Thoughts and prayers continuing for you both.

brittneyjackson said...

Hi Dena,
Just wanted to tell you I'm thinking about you along with the rest of my family. So many people are praying for Rob and for you and your family. You are so right, good things do come to those who wait. We are all waiting along side you and I hope you feel us because you are not alone. I love you girl.

Justin said...

Every day is a good day, some are just better than others.

Once again, great news to hear from the Yllescas family. Our prayers continue for Rob, you, your family, and the entire support staff. Your patience and determination will pay off and there will be many little victories along the way. Take care, chin up, chest out.

Rosie said...

Dena, WE all had a wonderful day, I was so thrilled today to see you and your Mom and to give you both a big hug. It was it honor to meet Rob's Mom as well. It meant alot to us at Andrews Fisher House that you ladies all attended our tea with Mrs. Fisher. She's the Ambassdor for The Fishers, her husband Arnold is the nephew to Mr. Zachary Fisher. AND, he's as awesome as she is, I was glad to hear of the new Center for Excellence coming soon. As was discussed today ALL our Vetrans, PSTD patients need help too. I hope soon Rob will be giving those orders to you all. Keep up your great attitude and things will start to move more quickly for you. I CAN only imagine how hard all of this is for you, TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME. Hope to see you again soon, and meet Little Miss Eva, and see Julia again.
Take care

Becky said...

I was anxiously awaiting your report for today. My heart continues to ache for you. You have to be on an emotional rollercoaster but you remain so positive. I was so touched by the comment from the Pastor who prayed over Rob in Landstuhl. How wonderful to have all these prayer warriors and God just places them where they are needed most. Your strength is amazing. Just keep waking up saying, This is going to be a great day! Faith produces endurance and God will give you strength. Our prayers continue for you, Rob, and all of your family. Love, Becky Hays

Cassie in Tennessee said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write updates. I am guessing it is a bit therapuetic for you as well. I know Rob will be glad to go back and read what you have been going through when he has healed. You are an amazing family, and you have so much strength in a time that so many would be weak. God is so good. He knows just what we need, when we need it. Rest in His arms when you need comfort.

Like others, I check several times a day hoping for good news. What good news you have today, and I know tomorrow will be even better. Everything sounds so promising, and Thanksgiving will be a very special time. We continue to pray for healing in Rob, and strength for you and Rob's family.

Much love,
Cassie & family

Jackie Fjell said...

Dena & Rob--more good news from you! God IS answering all our prayers, even if we wish He'd hurry it up a little:)!! You know how hard Rob is working to get back to you and the girls--he'll be so excited to see them and to know their presence! The Dr's words seem encouraging & optimistic, and we know they don't usually say things like that unless they're pretty sure of the outcome! You continue to amaze me with your faith and devotion to God & Rob--both will take you through this bump in the road with flying colors! We lift all of you up to Him in prayer! Love & prayers--Jackie & Joe

Felicia Jenkins Birney said...


I knew Rob when he was a little 4 and 5 year old boy in Guatemala when I was a teenager going to IAS. I was friends with Barb and Otto. In fact, Otto and I used to take French classes together.

I am praying for Rob's complete recovery. I am praying for your and your girls. I am praying for Rob's and your extended families.

A year ago, October 29th, some close friends of ours in Texas got rear-ended by a flat bed truck. Their 2 year old was the most injured with his skull being fractured, and the left side of his brain sheared off by the bone fragments. It was a miracle that he survived his first night. We asked God specifically to speed up his recovery so that he could be at his home for Christmas. This, after the doctors said that he would probably be in the hospital for 9 months. Well, God 'one upped' us because little Adam was released from the hospital the day before Thanksgiving. His recovery process still continues with speech therapy, physical therapy and a trachea tube for his vocal chord paralysis. But we still keep praying for his complete healing.

All this to say, hold on to God, put your hope and trust in Him. He hears your cries and prayers. He loves you passionately. He's on your side.

Maggie45 said...

Dena, you have such courage, and you have so many people praying for you. How wonderful this internet is. I'm about to say my Night Prayer (compline), and as I do every night, you and Rob and your family will be mentioned. And I am just one of many.

Sarah Schroeder (ole' nursing school buddy) said...

Dena... I look forward to hearing all of the updates on Rob. Those pictures of his purple heart were very moving to me. Of course I cried and just stared at the pictures with Pres Bush. I read the Journal Star article and am amazed by how many people will read that article. Keep your spirits going. Know that its okay to cry if you need to because that is how people deal with things. My prayers are with you and Rob and the girls and I pray EVERY DAY that he makes just even an ounce of improvement for you!

Anonymous said...


I'm just a fellow Nebraskan, who follows your daily journal and prays along with so many others who care. I have walked in your shoes - I stood by my husband as he fiercely fought a battle with cancer. I know personally that this will be a day to day - sometimes moment to moment battle for you and Rob - at first it will be a storm mixed with small rays of sunshine. But, I believe you will see a rainbow one day soon - Rob is fighting his own battle and he will win. Baby steps are good - his body is healing - it just takes time.

You are a totally awesome woman, Dena, but make sure you take care of yourself. Cry when you need to cry - don't feel you have to be so strong all the time.

God is there for you with arms open wide. The reading "Footprints" brought comfort to my husband and me - when we would get frustrated.

God Bless you and your courgeous husband. God Bless all of our men and women (and their families) who give so much of themselves to keep us all safe.

Robyn in Nebraska

Stacie Belt at Fort Riley said...

Dena and Family,
Thank you for the updates that you have been providing. It is great to hear how Rob is doing. Andre and I are keeping you guys in our prayer everyday. You are an amazing woman and Rob is a wonderful man and we hope for a quick recovery for him. We know it will be a long recovery and if there is anything that we can do for you please let us know.

Anonymous said...

Your strength and love shines through every word you write. We will continue praying here in Minnesota.

God Bless!

Jenifer Fadness
Ruthton, MN

Marianna said...

Very good progress! I wish your family all the best...


ncchristian said...

It was great to get to see you all yesterday at the Andrews AFB Fisher House! Mrs. Fisher was so happy to receive your letters that she even got teary-eyed knowing how many letters she had to read. Thank you so much for doing my "craft project!" It really meant a lot to her.

Call us if you ever need anything. I am a local ear if you need someone to just listen.


Long-time RN said...

The update sure sounds positive! Rob is making great progress. It's going to be a long process, and at times a roller coaster. At times a day at a time, others a minute at a time. We're keeping you in prayers for stength and keeping that positive atitude as well as lifting Rob in prayer for continued healing. Take very good care of yourself. Bless you and your family.

The Bender's said...

Again, thank you so much for your update, Dena! With everything you go through daily, hourly actually -you continue to be the lifeline for more than Rob, but our overall awesome World-wide prayer chain! Rob and your family and friends are hard at work too! :)
And you mentioned before, how he knows it is you, as many have and have to say I think he is peeking at you to make sure you are there! Go Rob and no worries Rob, your girls are waiting anxiously for you to recover and be there right by your side, with many from all over this beautiful World!

We love you and are praying constantly,
Karen and Craig

David Rosen said...

Dena, your husband must be so proud of you. Under these very hard circumstances, you seem to be doing an awesome job in looking after him, and I very much appreciate your updates.

I am thinking about you all a lot, and really hope the best for Rob's recovery. Keep the spirit!

/Your swedish "brother", David

Anonymous said...

I am soo glad to hear the "little" steps Rob is making. I am so thankful that the nuro doctor is optimistic! You are doing so great Dena! Hang in there! I am praying for Rob and you everyday...if not a couple times a day!

Love from MN said...

Dena that update on Rob sounds great. His baby steps towards recovery are amazing. He is determined to be there for his family. I'm very glad you and the moms and Diana could take a break. Please give my sister Barb a big hug from me.

We continue our prayers from MN. Brad and I were at confirmation tonight and they had the best video on Faith, Love and Hope. Keep all these close to your heart as you sit beside his bed each bed day talking to him and praying for him.
Take Care
Love Aunt Julie(Schott)Davidson

Julie. Soldiers Angels said...

It's amazing how all these little steps keep moving Rob along the road to recovery...slowly but surely. His body and mind are having to deal with a lot and it's understandable he needs to awaken slowly and adjust as he goes. I believe God is giving him as much as he can handle, little by little bringing him back to you. Giving him a restful 'mind' state so his body can use what it needs to heal. The tests given are absolutely encouraging. The fact that his eyes didn't stay fixed in one position is a good sign, as is the corneal reflex. Even the fact that the Dr. shared his optimism is a good sign. Hang on to that...keep the faith as I know you will.

I'm really glad you were able to visit with everyone at the Andrews AirForce Base Fisher House and get your mind off things for awhile. So much has happened in such a short need to recharge too Dena. You're a very saavy person and it's obvious you understand this just as you understand sometimes you have to just let yourself cry before you can motor on. You're an amazing young woman. I'm sure the girls visiting will be a great boost for not only Rob, but yourself too. Prayers continue for Rob 24/7 and for you and all of the family.. God bless

julie morelli
soldiers' Angels

Lori said...

Rob is a true fighter and with an optimistic wife like you he will be able to handle anything!

Please give Barb and Otto a hug from us and tell them we pray for Rob's recovery day and night.

We appreciate your updates and look forward to Rob's continued progress!

Love, Mark, Lori, Macy & Anna Schott

Liz said...

Sounds like a great day :) Hope you have many many ahead. Always praying..

About The Caddo Tribe said...

Every little bit of progress is a step in the right direction! We have been praying for Rob 2-3 times every day.

Shani and Mike Ginani

Murf said...

I'm going to fast for a couple of days and pray that Rob will be well enough by Thanksgiving to see his girls. I am also going to ask that very soon you will hear Rob speak your name.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Shane's aunt Rossella in Texas. Just wanted you to know that not a day passes that I have not thought of Rob and his family. It sounds like Rob is progressing which is wonderful no matter the speed. God bless you all and you are in my prayers.

JD said...

God bless you, Rob, and your children. Our appreciation doesnt mitigate your sacrifice and pain, but just know that we do appreciate y'all. We're all praying for Rob's quick recovery.

Anonymous said...


Your blog is on my daily reading list, it is the first thing I look at. I'm so happy to hear that Rob is progressing so well. I pray everyday that today will be the day he opens his eyes and recognizes you and Barb and all who have been by his bedside everyday, loving and caring for him. I pray that your children will soon be able to see their daddy, and that you are able to bring him home, to the Nebraska that waits to welcome their hero, and continue to support him in his recovery, and you and your children as you recover with him. I thank God everyday for being merciful and returning Rob to you. You are an amazing family. Loving each other will bring you through this, and forward to some new, and possibly greater, purpose. You are the model of what every wife should be. I was a military wife too, and endured many long seperations, but never had to deal with my husband coming home to me as Rob has. Our country is grateful for the service and sacrifice your family has given. God bless you and keep you. We will look forward to welcoming Rob home.

Love to all of you, and to my friend Barb, I love you honey (hugs), be strong. We are here for you.

Christine Palermo

Anonymous said...

Dena - It is sounding slow but sure. I hope this little note lifts that heavy heart. Hang in there girl. I am glad you get to see those beautiful girls for Thanksgiving. As for me and my family, we will be praying for you now and on Thanksgiving. Terri Haire

cary said...

Great progress - ever forward, ever upward!

Your strength through this, Dena, is amazing. Rob is so blessed to have a wife who is such a strong advocate for him.

We are continuing with the prayers - and we will, for as long as it takes!

Annaka and Aaron said...

What a great day! Thanks for the update. Your strength amazes me!!! We will be counting down the days til Thanksgiving, I'm sure you are anxious to see the girls. We will continue to pour on the prayers. Love ya, Annaka, Aaron, Aizlynn and Amarae

Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up. Rob's recovery will be like a two step- 2 steps forward, 1 back. Taking time for yourself is good also. You must not forget about your health. I will wear something red this Saturday at the K-state vs Nebraska football game and do some cheering in Rob's honor. You know this will kill me but he is worth it. Maybe he is waiting for a Husker win to fully wake up. Take care!! Cindy N.

CAT A 6 said...


We are the Creedon's from Texas. I was the Civil Affairs officer assigned to 1-91 CAV and then 6-4 CAV so I had the pleasure of working with Rob for about 2.5 months before I redeployed home in October. I spent 10 days with Rob up at Keating in September helping him with his efforts with projects and the Kamdesh Shura. The day that I heard of Rob's injuries was a very very sad day as I was re-adjusting to civilian life after being over there for a year (I am a reservist). But, then I started reading this blog and your reports and I could not help but be inspired and quickly put my sadness aside.

Rob was one of the few bright spots in Afganistan and I really really really enjoyed working with him, albeit for just a short time. He once told me "Sir, you are one of the few people who "get it" and you are welcome in Keating anytime that you want". I treasure that comment because it meant that my efforts were helping the him, his mission and his unit in some small way.

I have some great pictures of Rob at Keating and some fantastic memories / stories that I will share on this blog in the upcoming days.

But, let me close this note with the following observation....Rob is a fighter...through and through. And although his body may be hurt, his spirit is not and he is destined for bigger and better things in the not so distant future. And although I do not know what these things are and will be...I just know that they are coming....

Keep up the good fight Blackfoot 6 and Homefront 6.......good times are heading your way, I can feel it.

With Love, Mike (CAT A 6), Sherri, Andrew, Thomas, and Christopher Creedon

andrea e isabella said...

Dena God bless you for this attitude, I still praying for Rob, you and the hole Family...

JoAnne Bartek said...

Dena: The fourth grade class that I work in at Kahoa Elementary School in Lincoln wrote letters to Captain Yllescas this week and will be mailing them soon. One of the sayings their teacher, Mrs. Zimmerman uses on a regular basis is "slow and steady wins the race". Every time she says it I think of Rob. You are right - good things DO come to those who wait!! You continue to be a blessing to Rob. I am so thrilled that you will get to see the girls over Thanksgiving. The prayers continue.
Aunt Jo, Uncle Steve, Brooke & Ashley

Greg said...

God Bless you Rob for your service to our country -- my prayers are with you!

Anonymous said...

Dean and Rob,
I haven't been on your blog for a few days and was so excited and happy to see the progress Rob has made. We're praying about those kidneys and everything! The presentation of Rob's Purple Heart had to be extremely emotional - and that it was presented by President Bush. Veterans' Day this year was more emotional than ever with my son in Afghanistan and my thoughts with families like yours. We can't wait for Rob to wake up and be ready to see President Bush! Praying about your Thanksgiving already! So glad your girls are coming to join you. With love and prayers - Marilyn for the Tates

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Rob is continuing to improve. Even though the improvements are coming slowly it is encouraging that he is showing signs of progression. I am sure it is hard waiting for him to wake up but keep the faith - he will wake up when he is ready.

We continue to pray for and think of all of you, especially Rob. Please call if you need ANYTHING
Love you
Shelly, Aaron and Megan

Aunt Jeanne' said...

Hi Dena,
Everyday we get to here the progress and think it is amazing!!!We are excited for every little thing. It may seem like a long road ahead, but he is coming along every day. You are a champian yourself! The support you are giving Rob(and the rest of us) is helping him pull through. You always were a great cheerleader:)! Keep up the good work, and your positive attitude, we will keep up the prayers! Love you, Uncle Doug and Aunt Jeanne'

Quinn and Melanie said...

Hi! I just got caught up on your last three days of blogs. Wow, you got to meet the president and he presented Rob his purple heart that is truly amazing. If anyone can get a president to wakeboard I believe Rob is the man to do it. :) My mom keeps me updated on your blog here lately since I have been unable to keep up with moving and everything. My mom keeps you in her daily prayers because she too believes faithfully in the power of prayer.

Thank you so much for all your daily updates. God is with you. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Take Care,
The Eddy's

karen said...

hi rob and dena my name is karen watkins, my son pv2 andrew ortolf is in cpt.tylers unit when i found out about rob from paige my heart sunk to my feet. i want to thank you and rob for his service and sacrifices you and rob and all military families that are going through these crazy times right now as a nurse i understand alot of the things that rob is being put through and the reasons for them ijust want you to know that you,rob and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers daily. if ther is anything i can do or anything you need please do n ot hesitate to contact me dat or night @ 419-688-9031 i also want to thank all of the men and women that are serving our country be it abroad or at home, so we can continue to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave once again feel free to contact me for any reason we all need someone to talk to even if we do not know that person keep your chin up and your head held high . tell rob i am thinking of him and praying for him

JihadGene said...

Were praying for continued good progress for you Rob, and love and strength to you all. God be with you in this difficult time. Our prayers are with you.

Kerig Pope said...

I do not know Rob personally, but I used to be a student at IAS in Guatemala and I heard about him on our IAS message forum. I will keep him in my daily prayers, and pray that the Lord gives you both His comfort and strength.

I have a son who just finished Army basic training and your blog is a sobering reminder of the dangers that face our men and women in uniform.

God Bless you both!


Philip Davis said...

I am glad to hear that no matter to how slow the recovery is it is still a recovery and with time Rob will be back to playing with the girls and enjoying this free life that he has helped to protect for all of us here in America. After reading the article in the Licoln paper I check to see if there is an update every time I get on the web. So keep your chin up may God be with you through this entire chalange.

Nancy said...

It was wonderful to see you today Dena, and the rest of the family too. You guys are all amazingly strong and I admire each of you for your strength in this situation.

Let's get together again soon-


Carol said...

Hi Dena, I'm not sure I could be as patience as you. You are a insperation to all. Your love for Rob and faith in God is super. It sounds great that your girls will be you and Rob for Thanksgivng. God bless Love Carol

Bob Wolfgang said...

Dena and Family,
I`m a neighbor of Julie`s in Eagan, MN and a former Airborne/Ranger Infantry Captain with the 173d Airborne Bde in Vietnam ( 66-67), the same unit that occupied Rob`s 1st ID BCT AO prior to their deployment. You all are in our thoughts and prayers, and I look forward to hearing of Rob`s future run with Mr. Bush. He`s a Ranger and he will prevail!!

Kat said...

We love you and are praying for you every step of the way! (hugs)

Betty Jo Williams said...

You don't know me. My name is Betty Jo Williams and I am a co-worker and friend of your brother, Layne. I have known him for almost nine years through the Department. Anyway, when Layne told me the news of your husband it just devastated me. I am the same age as you and my husband-Rob's age and we have three boys (4, 2 1/2, and 7 months) so I couldn't even begin to imagine what you are going through. I told Layne that I wouldn't even know where to begin and then the fact that you have the courage to write all of the blogs. I told Layne that I wanted to write to you so you would know that people who you don't even know care about you and your family, but I didn't want to bother you and he said that you actually love reading them so I decided to write once. Layne said that your Dad is bringing the girls out for Thanksgiving that will be good for you and Rob to be able to see them and good for them too, I am sure it is hard not being around each other. With Julia and Ava staying with Angie and Layne you know that they are being taken care of! I told Layne that if they need anything for Ava that we are pretty well covered with three kids of our own, but Ava would have to like blue and Julia is older than any of our kids. He said that there have been so many offers for help and support--so it is a community support group for the girls' interests. I can't wait until the evening time when I am at home and can check Rob's status through your blogs; which I subscribe to my email account. I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing. Like I said I don't know you, but I feel like I do from working with your borther for so many years. I hope that Rob's status continues to improve and will look forward to your posts and keep Rob, you, and your family in our thoughts and prayers until his full recovery. Please know that if you need anything from our end please don't hesitate to ask.
Betty Jo Williams-Wilber, NE

Trisha said...

I look to your posts and appreciate your updates. It is a very long rough road, no doubt about that. Keep the faith and remember to take care of yourself. Eat, sleep and take deep breaths.
Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Dena and Rob, You are all still in my prayers everyday all day as a matter of fact. Ever time I sit down or stand up I say a few words to our Lord and Savior. He is always holding you in the palm of his hand Just hold on tight and everything will be ok. Dena take care of yourself for Rob and your girls. So glad to here that you will all be together on Thanksgiving. You will be in our Thanksgiving prayer this year along with all of the other military and their families. Fran

JihadGene said...

Dena & Rob-

I'll take a pretty good day any time!
Our prayers continue!

God Strong! Army Strong!