Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Unofficial" MRI report

Ok, I know you are all on the edge of your seats awaiting news about the MRI. We will NOT have an official report until tomorrow when the MRI doctor comes in to read it, however, Rob's doctor gave me his "unofficial" results. When he looked at it, he said that he only saw the initial injuries and nothing new (that HE sees) has formed. His initial injuries were a spot on the top and back of his head. To him, it looks like these injuries are superficial and not deep. Again, this is not the official news but extremely uplifting to us!!!!! When I get the official report, I'll pass it on. I also have some more really exciting news. I went to see Rob early this morning and he was opening his eyes!!! Now, he was not looking at me and was not focused on anything, but he had them open and was blinking. He was not squeezing hands but that's ok. I can only imagine how hard it is for him to coordinate all these different things. The girls made a video for him and I played it for him today. He was able to hear Eva say "da da da da da da" and Julia talking and singing to him. I know he heard it and I'm sure it made a big difference to him hearing his little angels. Rob is currently in surgery. The doctors said the surgery may take awhile because they are going to work on closing his abdomen. They are going to place a feeding tube directly into his belly versus his nose. One less tube in his nose--YEAH!!! They are also going to do the usual washouts of wounds. When he comes out of surgery, the doctor said he will be sedated. He'll be on a different type of sedation. The one he's been on is really nice for head injury patients because they can turn it on and turn it off quickly. But it contains a lot of fat and is not good for him to be on too long. So, they are going to put him on a different kind. Although it's frustrating to have him sedated when he's finally responding, I also know it does it body extremely good to get the much needed healing while he's asleep. He is supposed to get one of his chest tubes out today and the other out possibly tomorrow. The doctor told me today that Rob is no longer in the "acute" phase. His body medically is doing great. The only thing that is still a little out of whack are his kidneys. His creatinine levels are a little high. But with all the muscle breakdown, that is to be expected. He's still jaundice but I'm hoping that this will decrease in time as his liver begins to metabolize more effectively. God is doing amazing things for my husband. He is hearing all our prayers. Rob will need the continued prayers to continue on the path of recovery. It is an extremely long road with many ups and downs but as long as we have God on our side, we will get through it together.


Household6 said...

So glad you updated. We were checking constantly.

Still praying.


Heather said...

Dena this is amazing! I'm so glad to hear that the "unofficial" report is so good... Prayers are continuing with out a doubt! God has been so great to you all and we continue to ask him to bless you all as you continue on this long journey of recovery! It was great that you could play that video of the girls for him, I'm sure it helped sooo much! Stay strong girl you are doing so good and are being so helpful to Rob! Let us know if there is anything else you need!
Heather Sanchez

Anonymous said...

Dena & Rob,
The second I walked in the door from church I went directly to our computer and there was your update! Thank you for taking the time to keep all of up updated and Rob's progress. Please tell your mom a big "HI" from us. Saw your dad in church, but didn't get to talk to him. We were all together at Hays' last night for the football game and a nice steak supper. My Sunday School kids were singing "Awesome God" this morning, and that He is!
Love and hugs,
Jane & Charles Roberts

Anonymous said...

What good news!! I was excited to open my computer today, to see how Rob was doing!! I am soo glad the "unofficial" news of the MRI is reassuring! AND HE OPENED HIS EYES!!! I about cried when I read that! How wonderful!! I know it was great for him to hear the kids! You are such a good wife!! Hang in there. I am praying and I can't wait to read the next update!!

Love from MN said...

Wonderful news and the baby steps Rob is making are amazing...he's a very stong man both physically and mentally. Our prayers continue for good news on the MRI. Glad to hear Julia and Eva could send a message to their daddy!!! He loves his girls so much.

Take Care and stay strong

Love Aunt Julie(Schott)Davidson

Bender Bunch said...

That's Fantastic news!! Hang in there. Rob stay strong man. We love ya.
The Bender Bunch

Lori said...

Even though the report is not official it sounds extremely hopeful and uplifting. The power of prayer is amazing!

Rob is trying so hard to wake up for you and the girls! He is one tough man.

Love, Aunt Lori Schott

Donna said...

Thanks for keeping us update, we are continously praying for you.

God Bless,

Jackie Fjell said...

Dena & Rob-Thanks so much for the great news of your latest update! You are both so strong and continue to be so for each other! I so appreciate you taking the time to update us all! Be sure to take good care of yourself too! Have a great day--they're only going to get better from here! Love & Prayers...Jackie & Joe

Anonymous said...

Great update - I put in an "offical" prayer request for Rob at church this morning, and came home to read your great report. Praise the Lord!
The McGaheys

Nancy Christian said...

I've been trying to post a comment to you to tell you that all of us at the Andrews Fisher House are pulling for you guys. If you need anything, call the house and either Janet, Rose, or myself (Nancy) will be there. I would like to know where we should go to donate blood since I am an O+ and I know others that are willing to do this too.

Your prayers have gone all over the world guys....even to Venezuela where most of my family lives! :)

Your are loved and cherished,

Nancy Christian

JoAnne Bartek said...

Dena: We are so happy to hear the great news from the doctor regarding the MRI. The power of prayer is amazing. You continue to be a blessing for Rob. I know when Rob heard the video from the girls he was turning cartwheels on the inside! The prayers continue.

Aunt Jo, Uncle Steve, Brooke & Ashley

nate schott said...

Awsome news. While they may seem like baby steps, they really seem like giant steps to me. Most wouldn't have the strength. Can't wait to talk Husker football with him again. Glad to hear the girls were able to send him a message. Its things like that that kept him going through war over there and now the war he is still fighting here. He is very lucky to have you by his side. Please be sure everyone is getting their rest also.

Dean and Nanci Gissler said...

Dena and Rob,

Great news on the unofficial report! Both of us find ourselves checking the website several times during the day for any new news.

Also, prayers are going up en masse from Aurora, Colorado today. Our pastor included Rob in prayers this morning, praying for his speedy recovery

Stay strong!

Dean and Nanci Gissler

ZM said...

Thank you for the detailed updates Dena. I found myself rechecking the blog for the official results but am very happy with the news you received so far. Lastly, I have the following Bible verse in my email signature block and always found it uplifting: "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and don't forget to thank him for his answers. If you do this, you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful that the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus." - Philippians 4:6-7

Liz said...

Again so happy to read some good news. Hang in there. Our prayers are with you.

Joyce Winfield said...


My tears are flowing right now with so much praise to God for continuing to heal Rob. God hears and responds to all the prayers everyone is sending for Rob, Julia, Eva and you. And we will keep those prayers coming!!! We are thrilled to hear the "unofficial" MRI report and will be praying that the official report will cause us all to be absolutely ecstatic!!! And how ecstatic it had to have been for Rob to hear the voices of his precious Julia and Eva. I've got to stop typing because I can't stop crying!!!

Much love,
Aunt Joyce and Uncle Doug

Maggie45 said...

Still praying, and will continue to do so.

hometown friends said...

You certainly know how to make grown-ups cry! But they are tears of joy for the awesome updates and the witness of your faith. I know you can feel the love and support of a nation, Nebraska, your hometown, friends and family - that should uplift you when you are feeling overwhelmed.
Watched Sunday Morning news on CBS this morning, they did a piece for Veteran's Day about Sheldon Adelson, a veteran, billionaire and owner of the Venetian Hotel in Vegas - he has sent his private jet to Bethesda several times to take soldiers and their spouses to spend a week in Vegas at the Venetian - I just know that you and Rob will someday soon be on one of these "Thanks to Veterans" trips, and you will enjoy every minute. (You can read about it at
Glad the girls send the video for Rob and for you! Know you both miss them.

God speed - and thanks for keeping us updated -
Don and Linda Fuhr

walker said...

Thank you so much for your updates, our prayers are with you. JJ "DOC" and Donna Walker

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your news.
It sounds so positive, Rob is healing slowly but surely.
I also know how fortunate it is for him to have his family by his side, hugs to you all as you shower your love and attention on him.
Hearing his babies has to make his
heart smile.
We are still praying and send our love too.
Joan Krause

Joe and Ashley Grady said...

That's great "unofficial" news!

I wanted to also give you a website that lists tons of organizations that are there to help you with whatever you may need. When my husband was injured in December of 2005, I really wish they had something like this. But, they do have it now! I know Nancy and Ryan can help you out with a lot of the organizations, but this is just a nice comprehensive list. Hope it helps! The website is:

Still praying each and everyday!
-Ashley and Joe Grady

Joe and Ashley Grady said...

That's great "unofficial" news!

I wanted to also give you a website that lists tons of organizations that are there to help you with whatever you may need. When my husband was injured in December of 2005, I really wish they had something like this. But, they do have it now! I know Nancy and Ryan can help you out with a lot of the organizations, but this is just a nice comprehensive list. Hope it helps! The website is attached to our name. I can't figure out to do it any other way, so I guess just click on our name!

Still praying each and everyday!
-Ashley and Joe Grady

Anonymous said...

We praise God for this initial report. I have a jail ministry and the women there prayed for you and Rob this morning. I also gave an update at church and we prayed for you all around the altar again. We will keep praying.
Diana Johnson (Bev's co-worker)

Dimond's said...

The news is great! Rob is improving daily even when he is sedated. The MRI report sounds very encouraging and I know he loved to hear his girls singing and talking to him. You will have that tape to play for him always. We keep you all in our prayers. Hang in there and be sure to take care of yourself and get the rest you need.
Linda and Richard

Anonymous said...


Terri said...

Dena, Sounds like things are looking up. Please know that all us nurses (and docs) at Ft. Riley are pulling for you. Hang in there. Terri

Mitch and Vicki Coffin said...

Wow!!!! While "unofficial" the news is looking good! I often remind myself to step back and look at the bigger picture - to look at the patient and not just what is on paper. Rob is trying so hard!!! God is the great physician and those little girls are certainly good medicine!
Hugs and prayers Dena!
Mitch and Vicki :-)

Anonymous said...

I am Beth Brodbeck's Dad. Nancy and I have have been following your blog since we first received the news of Rob's injury. Please know that we, like everyone else, are sending you, your family and Rob the very best wishes for a speedy recovery. We think of you constantly.
Gus and Nancy Manguso

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! Every day a little bit better. Prayers continuing from Georgia. Keep hanging in there!
Carol Dzurenko

Wendell said...

Dena, We all love you and are PRAYING!!! Give your Mom a hug for us!
Uncle Wendell Aunt Jonell
Haylie and Emily

Deborah said...

Thanks for the updates. Your faith continues to help you and Rob and your families. Prayer does amazing things. There are so many praying for his recovery and for you and your family. Baby steps at this point are HUGE! God bless you! I know you must miss Julia and Eva, but the video they sent was good medicine for both of you! You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Take good care of yourself. Love, Mrs. Anderson

The Bender's said...

And there is NO doubt that God is indeed on your, our side! How amazing that Rob is officially out of the 'acute' go ROB!!! And of course you, Dena, ROCK! And all the many that support you near and far....keep-up the World-wide prayer chain!!!!

Craig and Karen

Anonymous said...


That is wonderful news about the unofficial MRI report. We appreciate getting the updates. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.

Debbie and Caroline Runquist

Nancy said...

We're so glad to hear this unofficial result- so uplifing! Please let us know what the other doctors says too- hopefully more of the same! Good thinking with the video of the girls- I'm sure that brought a smile to everyone's face...

caring aussie said...

Thank you so much for the good news update Dena, both you and Rob are doing amazing things. Thoughts and prayers.

Carol said...

Sounds GREAT Dena,Thank you Dena for all your updates. I know it is hard for you but maybe it is helpful for you too. All from Colo say hi and we have you in our prayers. Love Carol

Kansas Family of 5 said...

Hi Dena! That is AWESOME NEWS! We're still praying and hoping for the best here in Kansas!

:-) Erin

Tim and Kim Decker said...


So glad to hear the good news! Tim and I are staying at a hotel and have limited web access, but I was able to elbow my way to the front of the line to check the report. You and Rob have been on our minds all day long. I am so glad to hear the good news. Time will tell what those injuries mean for Rob's recovery, but I am very encouraged by the report. Keep playing those videos for him and I know he will keep fighting for you. Dena, you're amazing. Keep it up!

Sending our love from Nashville,
Tim and Kim

Carolyn said...

Hi to you, Dear Dena,

Your pictures on your website are so nice, and especially valuable to those of us who have not seen you for a long time. I recently received your website and address and am so glad to get to correspond with you in such a simple way.

I still remember the fun times working with you at school with vocal music and hearing your beautiful voice. Grandma Barb used to bring her family out to our home many years ago when the kids were small, and she, Diane, and I used to have some fun visits. Diane is a corporate trainer in Houston, Texas, and I plan to send her this website when I finish writing to you.
You have been in our prayers, and we praise God for Rob's healing that has taken place, and for the healing to come. Your faith is so strong, and your beautiful words do glorify our Lord and give Him praise for what He has done and is continuing to do in your lives.
We love you all so much and are so grateful that you have created this email setup so people can check on progress and write to you, too. In Isaiah the Bible says, "By His stripes we are healed," and we claim so many healing verses from the Bible.
Tha Lords will continue to give you strength each day, and we know God's miracle healing power is resting on Rob.

Love yo so much.

Carolyn Hanson

Alfred sends his greetings, soo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dena and Rob, What amazing news on the MRI Our thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. Thank you for the updates. Dena don't forget to take care of youself. ONLY IN HIS HOLY NAME!!!

Give your mom a big hug from Osceola

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your updates. They are wonderful for us. And we see a lot of familiar Osceola names in the comments. Do know that the prayers -- literally around the world -- are continuous and neverending. Our church in Omaha is part of that effort.
Your strength will show throughout Rob's recovery.

Terry and Nalini

Michael & Hanna Crowder said...

Rob & Dena,
Even though it's unofficial, what great news! We look forward to the official good news as well! We continue to persevere in prayer, just as the two of you are also persevering...
Michael and Hanna

Ray and Esther Schott said...

Our dear grandson Rob,
We are so very proud of you. You are the oldest of our 19 wonderful grandchildren and you are a hero and role model to many of them. Grandpa, a Navy veteran of World War II, will be with you in spirit and prayer as you recieve the Purple Heart. Your Mom and Dad raised a fine son and they can be proud of all that you have accomplished.
We have cried with your siblings and our hearts ache for your Mom and Dad. They are suffering with you. We love you Rob.
We have had masses said for your recovery and prayer candles lit in church along with many prayers being offered for you so that you can rejoin the girls and Dena.

God be with you Monday as you recieve the Purple Heart.

Love Grandma & Grandpa Schott

Annaka and Aaron said...

Yeahhhhh! It's great to hear the unofficial news! Keep us posted and we'll keep praying. Love ya, Annaka, Aaron, Aizlynn and Amarae

Faith Jordan said...

We, in Osceola, are so proud to have the connection to you, Rob. A real American hero. Thousands of hearts will cheer for you as you receive your purple heart. Love and prayers from Nebraska.
Donna Mentink

Chaotic Mom said...

Wow. This unofficial report sounds very good. Dena, we'll keep praying, too. ;)

Quinn and Melanie said...

Your updates just get better and better. I must admit I get so anxious before I read them. The girls and I are in the process of moving to Fort Drum, so I was a couple days behind on checking in so it was great to read the "unofficial" results of Rob's MRI. You are continually in our prayers.
Thinking of you,
Mel, Quinn, Lauren and Meghan

Anonymous said...

Dena, I just got the info about your plog spot from my daughter in law Dena Briley. I am so sorry about Rob. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I will check on you daily. You and Rob are in my prayers and thoughts. If there is anything that I can do please let me know. I know my son Chris is pulling for Rob. We are there for you. I know that Rob will keep getting better each day. Bless you and your family. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed. Jeri Briley

About The Caddo Tribe said...

Great news! We'll keep praying for Rob and your family. We appreciate the updates.

Mike and Shani Ginani

Marianna said...

Incredible news... best wishes!


Anonymous said...

My husband is in touch with one of the members of Rob's command on a regular basis. He told us about the web site for Rob and we check it every day. We appreciate the sacrifices your husband has made for our country!!! You are all in are prayers!! God Bless.
The Gilbert Family

Deb Estep said...

Sending prayers and angels....

xo xo
Deb Estep
Military Mom

The Bender's said...

Here in Ohio, we wanted to let you know our heart and gratitude are with you today and always. Words can never describe the amount of selfless service Rob and your family has given and appreciation from us, as Rob and your family receive the Purple Heart today.

God Bless You all and with our Freedom we send our love and admiration,
The Bender's

Anonymous said...

My name is Jessica and I'm a Navy Nurse formerly stationed at NNMC, Bethesda. Know that Rob is in great hands!
For what it's worth, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this challenging time!

Christy and Brian McGarry said...

Glad the unofficial report is good - anxiously awaiting the official report! :) Continued prayers!

Julie. Soldiers Angels said...

Encouraging news Dena! Thank you so much for sharing the unofficial report. You're right..we all are checking these updates and praying so hard for great news. God is good and he's looking after Rob. Al the little steps are continuing to happen towards recovery. Rob's working hard at this new battle. Taping the girls so he could hear was brilliant. Not only for Rob but for them too. You're such a magnificent partner for Rob and awesome mom. You're doing such a great job. Prayers continue and I'll look forward to the official MRI report confirming this positive outlook. Keep the faith we are all praying with you.

julie morelli
Soldiers' Angels

Dion said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time
Dion Franga, MD
126th Fwd Surg Team
FOB Bostick

Anonymous said...

God is ALWAYS at your side as He is with Rob. Glad he is recovering, Our God is amazing!

The Morrow Family said...

Dena, we continue to read your updates and pray for Rob. You are an amazing woman and we pray that God will continue to give you strength in the days ahead. The reports sound good so far and we pray that they continue to be good. It was so good to see that he has now started opening his eyes and hopefully he will soon recognize all those around. Keep the faith!

Cassie said...

Rob, Dena, and your beautiful girls,

I know Rob from a year spent in Guatemala in the early 90's, I attended IAS and spent a lot of time with them throughout the year we were there. His family was a very big part of our lives during that year, and I was lucky enough to be able to continue corresponding, as well as stay with them again in '95. My dad continues to do medical missions in Guatemala, so I found out about this through his friends in Xela. Please pass the word along to Barb that the entire Woodson family from Tennessee is on our knees in prayer for you all.

I have cried through many parts of what you have written and given God Praise for the wonderful news of his responses to you, Natalie, and others. I offer as many prayers and support as I can possibly offer for you all. God has a loving hand on everything you are going through, and He is the great Healer. I'm so happy to read about the support being offered to him medically as well as the tremendous support for you and your girls through this difficult time. Each little bit of progress is a step in the right direction of getting Rob back to your family. He is a true Hero and we owe him a lot for his sacrifices to our country. I will continue to check this blog daily. Thank you for taking the time to keep everyone updated through this blog!! Please take care of yourself because I know as a mother and wife, you are often the last in place, and your girls and husband need you strong and healthy! Prayers going out daily!

Cassie (Woodson) Jones, Jason, Ethan - 7, and Emma -5
Along with the entire Woodson Family (Woody, Jenny, Jessica, Gabe, & Gracie)

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray for you all.

Aunt Nancy said...

Just popping on to find out the News of a GREAT MRI! Which I have NO DOUBT that it WILL BE! Also...just wanting to THANK YOU again Rob & to all of those in the military for the many sacrifices that you do on a daily basis to PROTECT what we stand for and are blessed with here in the USA!
ROB....You SOOOO deserve your PURPLE HEART and, I wish I could be there in person as YOU ARE HONORED with this today!
xoxox Love, Aunt Nancy

Toby & Jeanne Osborn said...

Hey Dena,

I've finally been able to catch up on your blog, and have to say that I am nothing but impressed with the way you are handling this! Jeanne and I are checking it everyday and are keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers. If you guys EVER need anything, please don't hesitate to let us know.


Toby, Jeanne, and Ethan

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 11/10/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

Cindy Spors said...

Dena, you will both get through this together. My daugter Rachelle was severely injured in Iraq. She is back in Omaha teaching school. Please look beyond your wounded husbands body at his soul. It is still perfect the way God created it. To help him heal, look at him as if he has already gone above and beyond his accomplishments. You will bring him strength, not weakness.He will use the stength to heal. This will be a thing of the past, and you will come through it. Gods blessings to your family.

Andrea said...

Hi Dena, I am a family member of one of Rob's soldiers in Afghanistan. I want you to know that my entire family is keeping up with the blog and praying for Rob and all of his family. The power of prayer is an amazing thing and to think that people that don't even personally know your husband are sending those prayers on.
God Bless, Andrea Reed
Sister to Sgt. Kyle Reed

Anonymous said...

Hi Dena, I'm Melody (Craig Bender is my brother and Karen, my sister-in-law). Karen has kept us up-to-date on Rob since the beginning and I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you all daily. I truly don't think I've said this many prayers for a man or woman that I don't know but if it were my brother in Rob's shoes, I would want people to do the same:) I can't even begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster that you are on but we think about you all often and pray for Rob's recovery. From what I hear from Karen, you are going to be Rob's rock and my hat goes off to you. Be strong Dena!!!

Melody Hogue

Mike and Kevin Hagedorn said...

Hello Dena,

My name is Mike Hagedorn and my cousin Kevin and I grew up in West Point, Ne. We found your blog today and we can't stop reading. We are so glad Rob is getting better. And, Kevin and I have a talk radio show called 'Your Home 101' on Talk Radio 1370am Sunday afternoons from 3-4 in Austin, TX. Ironically, we do a segment called 'Giving Back' and we help the VFW Post 8787 in Austin promote inspirational stories like yours. If you need Kevin and I to help tell your story at anytime, please let us know. We are here to help in anyway we can. If you need anything please email me at Our thoughts and prayers are with ya'll. Mike and Kevin Hagedorn

Anonymous said...

Hi Dena,
I read about Rob's situation in the Omaha World Herald and have been following your blog ever since. I'm so happy to hear the MRI unofficial results are good. While I may never meet you or Rob, I am sending up prayers for you, the girls, all your family and friends. I also send up a prayer each day for the soldiers who put themselves in the line of duty to protect me every day. Give your husband a kiss for each of us out there who are safer because of his service.
Shay Burk
Hastings, Nebraska

roseanndoody said...

I'm glad you are OK with the abdomen feeding is so much better them the nose route and lets you see more of your hubby's face! I'm an ICU nurse, and it sounds like Rob is moving in the right direction. Keep your prayers going, your faith strong, and your hopes high! I pray for you all every day...especially your kids. Love, Roseann Doody

Anonymous said...

Dena, Rob and family
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are so happy Rob is doing better. We will keep praying, and reading your blog.
Jerry & Shirley Wright, Osceola