Friday, November 28, 2008

Restful day

I'd have to say Rob had a pretty good day. He had surgery this morning. They did some more washouts on his legs. The right leg looks really good. The left leg had to be opened so they could take off some dead muscle tissue. They said it was not much though and was only a small step back. They will leave that leg open and hooked up to a wound vac until his next surgery on Monday. Then occupational and physical therapy worked with him. They said he has tone in his left arm instead of being flacid like it was a week or so ago. His right arm also has tone but it has what they call clonus. This means that there is a miscommunication between the spinal cord and brain causing the arm to "shake" a little as it is being brought down from being lifted up. He also did some more eye commands for them. He opened his eyes to his name. He was also told to close his eyes tight after they counted to 3 and hold them closed. He did this. However, he didn't do some of the other commands they asked like wrinkle his nose, raise his eyebrows, and follow fingers. So they are trying to work on more consistant responses. I asked them if they thought he was behind or where they expect him to be at this point. Right now they feel that with all the trauma his body has gone through that he is where they expect him to be. They said it will be day by day and the more they work with him, the better idea they will have. After the OT/PT, Rob was pretty exhausted and slept most of the afternoon. I came in and watched the Nebraska football game with him later this afternoon. He watched awhile of it and then would fall asleep for a few minutes. Then he fell into a deep sleep. This was right before Julia came in to see him. She did really well today. She was even holding his hand. I wish he had been awake to see this. Then Arnold Shwartzenegger (I have no idea how to spell that!!) came in. Poor Rob. I tried to wake him up but he was OUT!! So, he was out when President Bush came by and he was sleeping when The Terminator stopped by! I didn't know he was coming so I didn't have my camera but I at least got an autograph so Rob could see it when he wakes up. After he left I continued to watch the football game until visiting hours ended for change of shift. Rob was still sleeping quite soundly. He looked really comfortable and relaxed. He really needed that. They put the cooling blanket back on him this afternoon. His white blood cell count had come down which is really good and they didn't want his body working too hard so they put it on him. I think he felt a lot better. His heartrate and respirations weren't so high and you could tell he was having a good rest. So, I came back to the Fisher House and finished watching the game. Man, I hope Rob woke up to see the end of it because it was SO GOOD!!! We ended up winning at the very end. My brother had taped it so I'm sure Rob will like to watch it when he feels up to it. You know Rob's tired when he falls asleep to a nail-biting Nebraska game! :) Oh, and there is not an Alltel store in the state of Maryland (who knew?). I ended up calling them and having them overnight me a new phone (which the overnight will actually be Monday because of the holiday!). I lost all my phone contacts. Of course my phone had to break NOW!! *sigh* So, is life! :) Hopefully I can get most of the phone numbers again!


Jackie Fjell said...

Dena & Rob--THANKS BE TO GOD for a restful healing day! And a Husker win--GO BIG RED! Rob will enjoy that one when he sees it! It's so good to hear that he was resting peacefully--hopefully not in too much pain. I'm sure the process seems to you like it's at a snail's pace, but I'd say he's made such great progress! We continue to lift you BOTH up to the Lord for His healing in His time! He will keep you in His care! Love and prayers....Jackie and Joe.

Paige Tyler said... are going to have to get a little throw away camera to keep in Rob's room just in case! Apparently you never know who is going to show up without calling! Hopefully Rob's room was clean.=)

Maybe even a guest book would be a good idea so your peeps can sign it and leave Rob well wishes that he can enjoy later. I can only imagine that this scenario is going to happen many more times.

Thank God Rob had a restful and productive day.

Long-time RN said...

Sort of a status quo day for Rob. Amen. Good to read he was able to rest.
Sorry he missed the game and the Terminator!!
Keeping Rob in prayers.

Nancy said...

Get some sleep- we'll see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

A great game and a great day for Rob. Here to hopeing there are many more of then to come. Maybe Arnold ill be bock.

Philip Davis

andrea e isabella said...

Dena, i hope you really did have a wonderfull thanksgiving, Its so nice to hear your little child is with Rob, she would give him to many strengh and its so nice to hear too that Rob looked at her all the time, we can see how much he enjoy her visit.

Dena we would keep praying daily, as long as you need. and looking for all your updates, even though i dont know you i feel so much respect, admiration, and affection for you.. GOD BLES YOU!!!

Kim and Tim Decker said...

I agree with Nancy...go get some rest, Dena. Must have been exciting to have the Terminator stop by:)

Tell Rob we said hi and are thinking of him. We love you all!

Anonymous said...

We haven't forgotten you. We continue praying for Rob's healing. --Friends from Osceola

Anonymous said...

Hi Dena and Rob,

I continue to pray for your family. I hope that you had a great thanksgiving! Take care and look forward to seeing you soon.

Ryan Kort

Aunt Nancy said...

Hi sounds like it was a good day over all! Glad Rob will have the game was a good one! To bad you didn't have a camera when your visitor was there! How cool was THAT!!
Just keep remembering you can "eat" a whole elephant "one bite at a time" and, Rob is doing just that!
Keep the faith and believe that God is working behind the scenes. Keep a smile in your heart and stand in confidence of the daily progress he IS making. When all is said and done, you’re not just going to come out of this difficult time, but you’re coming out stronger, wiser, and better than you were before!
I love you guys and will continue to pray that the infections LEAVE his body and that the doctors hands are always guided, & for continuous steady progress in Robs healing...
xoxoxo Aunt Nancy & Uncle Steve

Maggie45 said...

Aha, the Governator was there. It was good to hear that Rob was having a sound and comfortable sleep. Still praying....

Maggie Goff
Bisbee, Az

Theresa O. said...


I'm glad to hear that he is resting more and starting to follow commands.. That's awesome. I'm so glad to know Julia gets to see him.

Now for your phone.. Verizon is merging with Alltel in January. Maybe you could take your phone to Verizon and have them upload you list and put it on your new phone when it gets there.

Have a great weekend with everyone. Thank you for doing all this blogging. Sending prayers your way.


Chaotic Mom said...

Sounds like Rob is in good hands with the help he's getting there.
It's good to hear he had such a restful day, too. ;)

Good luck with that phone! Man, that's frustrating.

We're praying for you guys EVERY DAY. I'm glad you've had a good visit with the girls, too. THANK YOU for all of these updates. God be with you guys.

The Bender's said...

We are so glad your girls are with you and know Rob felt Julia, as he feels you everytime you are with him no doubt. We are continuing to pray here in the Bender home, as well as many across our appreciative World. You are held close in the hearts of thousands...what a glorious and warming thought.
I just returned from my Grandmother's funeral late yesterday evening. I only got a chance to be on a computer once and felt so disconnected from your updates and you (I had no cell coverage in the bitty towns of PA). We have been thinking about Rob, you, the girls, and your families. My family from the East asked about you all and continues praying as well.

We love you very much and will see you in about two weeks!

We miss you all so much,
Karen, Craig, Logan and Zachary

Kathy said...

We are thankful Rob got the sleep his body needed. You remember to get your sleep too! Our prayers are continuing your way. I like the disposable camera idea...
The game was great...what I saw... we had a John Deere tractor video going on the laptop for grandson Luke to watch, below the TV screen!
Hugs, prayers, and love, Kathy Jo and Dean

Andy Boston said...

Dena & Rob - We continue to pray for your family during the holiday season. I hope to be able to stop by for a visit next time I am in DC.

Andy Boston

Liz said...

Glad he was comfortable yesterday. Sorry that he missed the game and his special visitors. What an honor!! I hope today is a good day. Praying for you both.

Trish said...

Hi, Dena - you are such an inspiration to all of us out here - and Rob will be SO proud of you when he's fully alert and watching that game that was taped for him!! God bless you both - we're still here and praying for you both, and those beautiful girls!!

God bless,
Trish Benefield
Rome, Georgia

Anonymous said...

Dena, Rob and family,
Good morning from Osceola! There is a little bit of snow on the ground this morning and a few flakes are falling as I write.
My computer is getting slower every day and I can't imagine going a day without reading your blog. We may have to go shopping for an early Christmas present.
Is there anything that we can send to you to make your days more comfortable? Please greet your mom and dad for us. Prayer, prayers and more prayers are being said each and every day, hour and minute for Rob's continued healing and your continued strength.
Blessings to all of you.
Charles and Jane

Joyce Winfield said...


We all know that the feeling of touch from a loved one is so special. Julia holding Rob's hand just added to the speed of his recovery. I will keep that precious moment in my memory and anticipate the moment when Rob is holding you, Julia and Eva in his arms. (Your dad's Uncle Lee and Aunt Darlene called me from Billings last night. They appreciated the update on Rob and want you to know they are holding all of you in their prayers.)

Much love,
Aunt Joyce and Uncle Doug

JihadGene said...

Rest is all important for Rob. God is good and is always only a prayer away. God alone has the power to watch over Rob and all of us, while simultaneously watchin' the Nebraska game with you. Our prayers continue as does our sincere thanks.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you! We are so thankful for your strengh, Rob's service to our country and that there are wonderful doctors and nurses monitering him. With all the people that love you and are praying for you, Rob will be watching ALL the Husker game in no time. Tell him to skip the beginning and just catch the end! It was the best part. Each day those baby steps will turn into bigger steps and with all the progress he's already made, there's no end to what he can do. Please hug EVERYONE there from the Willitses and we hope to see ALL of you soon! Carita and the Willits clan

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting ones know that God honored our specific petitions
for Rob to feel relief from pain.
That has particularly been my conversation with God, yesterday.
I praise God for that blessing to Rob. I somewhat relate to Rob's pain since I've been through surgery and chemo this fall. I praise God for how I am emerging victorious, and Rob will too.
Love in Christ,
Mary-Dell Lorenz, Mom of 1 Lt Chad